Knuckles saving Rouge (SONIC ADVENTURE 2)
Rouge the Bat...a beautiful young bat ho is smart talented and a perfect gymnist. Here are her relationships with all the Sonic boys! At the end I want Du to say which boy she Suits to go with!

Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic likes Rouge a lot. He is nice towards her and will help her if she wants it. Rouge is nice towrads Sonic but she takes no paticular interest in him.

Miles "Tails" Prower - Tails likes Rouge and is nice towards her. Rouge, on the other hand, hates him and teases him.

Knuckles the Echidna - After Julie was taken away from SEGA, Knuckles has a crush on Rouge as Rouge has a crush on him. Here is proof from Sonic Rivals 2-
Rouge: Thanks Knuckie....
Knuckles: Errr...No problem
Rouge: I though Du were very Merida - Legende der Highlands out there Du know.
Knuckles: What? Awww It was nothing. Type it in on youtube!

Jet the Hawk - In Sonic Free Riders Jet showed off to Rouge but Rouge hates Jet and his team.

Storm the Albatross - Storm hates Rouge and Rouge hates Storm.

Dr.Eggman - Eggman likes Rouge and is ALWAYS nice towards her in games and in TV series. Rouge, however, is never happy to see him.

Shadow the Hedgehog - Shadow is Rouge's best friend. I know some people say "SHADOW HATES ROUGE!" Well then how comes he always saves her!? See watch what Du say people. Rouge likes Shadow and the both of them have been Friends from the start!

Silver the Hedgehog - Silver likes Rouge as seen in Sonic Rivals 2 but Rouge takes no interest in him.

Charmy Bee - The two dont know eachother that well

Espio the Chameleon - Surprisingly Espio takes a liking in Rouge. He strangely seems to be interested because she is a bat...SONIC RIVALS 2 FOR YA!

Vector the krokodil - They both hate eachother

E123 - Omega - They are best Friends and the two would do anything for eachother.

Metal Sonic - The two dont know eachother that well.
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