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gypsypiecons9 sagte …
Roseanne, Du are still awesome. Du made a mistake, who hasn't? Nasty Kommentare about another person are never acceptable but in this case, the punishment did not fit the "crime." Liberals should suffer the same consequences for their hate-filled remarks about conservatives. ABC is run Von liberals and that is why I never watched it except for your show. I will boycott their Sponsoren whenever possible. Good Luck, girl! Most of us are still fans. gepostet vor einem Monat
Spewder sagte …
I stand with Rosanne! gepostet vor einem Monat
gypsypiecons9 Kommentiert…
The Kommentar was highly inappropriate but no Mehr so than the Kommentare I hear every Tag from liberal "comics." vor einem Monat
nikki8green6 sagte …
Liebe the new spot banner! Major Requisiten to whomever made it!!! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr