One of my fav movies.Great Chemistry and nice film
I am a hopeless romantic as I Liebe watching a movie with great chemistry and great scenes that will leave Du glued to your TV sets. Anyway here are my oben, nach oben 10 favourite moments for my favourite movies. NOTE THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS SO IF Du NEVER WATCHED ANY OF THESE FILMS LISTED BELOW THEN DON’T READ.

#10: Pocahontas: I know I have 3 kids flicks that I truly like on this Artikel but Hey some kids flicks contain characters who Liebe each other. This was 100% better than its sequel that was released in 1998. I loved the chemistry between John Smith & Pocahontas as there Liebe is so romantic and part of Du would want to relive it again and again. I loved their chemistry in this movie and my favourite John Smith/Pocahontas moment is the If I never knew Du scene which can be seen in the special edition of the movie(not the TV version that Du can watch on Disney Cinemagic).

#9 Beauty & the Beast: Now don’t go saying why can’t Du put this at no 1 but I have another movie to fill that spot. I loved this film as a kid despite the fact I never got the VHS of this film but anyway I loved the chemistry between Belle & the Beast and their Liebe for one another was fantastic and possibly why it has been know as the greatest Liebe stories of our time and nominated for best picture.

#8 The Little Mermaid: Sure it’s a kids movie but I found it so adorable where Eric dances with Ariel and they are on the boot when Sebastian is Singen KISS the Girl.

#7 Walk the line: The only scene I found adorable was when Johnny asks June to marry him and she says ok and he lifts her in the air and kiss. I loved this biopic about Johnny Cash’s life and Joaquin Phoenix was brilliant.

#6 Spiderman: Not a romantic film but I loved the Küssen in the rain scene. It was cute and adorable.

#5 13 going on 30: I have loved this movie since I was 13 and I like the chemistry between Jenna & Matt its so sweet and they are so adorable together. The movie tells the story of a 13 yr old who hates her life as a teen and wishes to be older and Mehr popular, she wakes up the Weiter morning as a high flying magazine editor as her doll house had magic dust in the closet and when she knocked the dust off the house she turns 30 overnight in NYC. I loved the story behind this film as it tells us that being something Du want to be isn’t as great as Du would have thought. I like the whole 80’s vibe to this film as well although I was born in 1991 but still I enjoyed this film. My favourite part would be when Jenna and Matt spend some quality time together and they are on the swings and they kiss. I also Liebe the ending as it is so sweet.

#4 A Aschenputtel Story: Ok I have been so obsessed with this film back in 2004 as I used to get on my mom’s nerves when I wanted her to buy me the DVD of it. The film is loosely based on the classic Aschenputtel film only its set in high school and it has teenagers. Sam Montgomery(Hilary Duff) lives with her stepmother (who’s like a Barbie doll as she likes getting plastic surgery) and her two sisters Brianna and Gabriella and wants to go to Princeton. She meets a guy online who goes to her school(aka Austin Ames) who wants her to go to the dance with her. The only part of the film I Liebe is the dance scene oder the raining KISS in the end of the movie. Now that was so……………….cute.

#3 27 Dresses: I like this movie because you’ve got a girl who was never a bride falling for her boss who likes her sister Tess while meanwhile a cynical reporter wants to write an Artikel on her and he falls for her along the way. Starring Katherine Heigl who used to be in Greys Anatomy and James [‘Prince Edward from Enchanted’ Marsden] I enjoyed watching it. I like the bennie and the jets scene which was hilarious but I Liebe the wedding scene in the end of the movie. Not so many moments that are considered romantic but still it was a great chick flick to watch.

#2 Maid in Manhattan: Ok I admit it I loved this film since my mom wanted to see it in the theatres back in 2002. I like the story in this movie where you’ve got a single mom who works in a posh hotel in Manhattan, tries on someone else’s clothes ,gets caught Von a politician who mistakes her as a guest and Du can probably guess the rest of the movie for yourselves. I loved the Maddox scene and the part where Chris gives her a Sekunde chance . Now that was such a cute film.

[drum roll please………….dum,dum]

#1 Enchanted: OMG I Liebe THIS FILM SO GODAMN MUCH. Packed with great music, a great cast (Amy Adams to Patrick Dempsey),animation/live action combined together, romance and much Mehr Verzaubert has the best romantic moments. Here let me give Du an insider of the best scenes that make my herz skip a beat.

#1 The ballroom scene: Now this was such a romantic scene. I must have watched that scene on Du Tube a billion times already. I Liebe it because Robert(aka Dempsey) dances with Giselle(aka Adams) to a song called So Close(brilliant song choice for this movie) and he sagte to her earlier on that he doesn’t dance oder sing, but in this scene he does BOTH. (Yes guys Du get to hear Patrick Singen to Adams now I am jealous LOL). I Liebe the choreography (done Von John O Connell who did the choreography for Shall we dance back in 2004) and the camera movements going in and out and confetti falling from the sky and the place is in darkness with spotlights shaped like Mickey Mouses’ head, it has to be the BEST SCENE IN THIS MOVIE.

#2 The Küssen scenes between Dempsey & Adams: Now this is what I call great chemistry too. I loved how the Küssen scenes were so realistic and they weren’t faking it like in most rom coms where they don’t touch their lips and they are forced to KISS the person they are Küssen whereas in this movie Du can see Patrick Küssen Amy as the camera is zooming in on them. I loved their chemistry in this movie and they were so cute together.

One of Disney’s most romantic films
Not a rom com but Liebe this moment
27 Dresses,girl fancies boss but ends up with Kevin.
I was obsessed with this film as a teenager.
Verzaubert is the best romantic film I have seen in years.
Adams falls for Dempsey in this cute yet silly rom com
Now that’s what I call a brilliant chemistry too. WOOOOOOOOO