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Opinion by LisaForde posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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One of my fav movies.Great Chemistry and nice film
I am a hopeless romantic as I Liebe watching a movie with great chemistry and great scenes that will leave Du glued to your TV sets. Anyway here are my oben, nach oben 10 favourite moments for my favourite movies. NOTE THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS SO IF Du NEVER WATCHED ANY OF THESE FILMS LISTED BELOW THEN DON’T READ.

#10: Pocahontas: I know I have 3 kids flicks that I truly like on this Artikel but Hey some kids flicks contain characters who Liebe each other. This was 100% better than its sequel that was released in 1998. I loved the chemistry between John Smith & Pocahontas as there Liebe is so romantic and part of Du would want to relive it again and again. I loved their chemistry in this movie and my favourite John Smith/Pocahontas moment is the If I never knew Du scene which can be seen in the special edition of the movie(not the TV version that Du can watch on Disney Cinemagic).

#9 Beauty & the Beast: Now don’t go saying why can’t Du put this at no 1 but I have another movie to fill that spot. I loved this film as a kid despite the fact I never got the VHS of this film but anyway I loved the chemistry between Belle & the Beast and their...
Opinion by EclecticFan posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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So I'm one of those people that will sit through a 2 and a half Stunde movie and come out thinking and talking of just one teilt, split second. It's usually something other's find completely insignificant but I just see the whole movie summed up in that small section, like in Pride and Prejudice when Darcy helps Elizabeth into the carriage, (if Du don't know what i'm talking about I've added a clip: link)It's the most simple flex of the hand but it expresses everything that he and the audience are going through. It's beautiful.

Why? Probably coz I'm a hopeless romantic and I Liebe how they can produce such a great emotion oder feeling in such a small amount of time.

It's that one moment that gives Du the hope and feeling that Du leave the cinema, couch oder chair with, and carry around all day, and that's why we all have such a passion for the film's we love.