I can't stand the sight of blood. Which is why I sat there like a crackhead in an akward silence. But then we were on hte Bewegen after it all though. This was when I stopped playing games.
"Any Luck?" I asked looking around for the keys.
"No, but We still have a few Mehr places to check." Leon answered wandering around a bit.
"Well can't we just teilt, split up?" I asked.
"Never teilt, split up if Du want the whole group to stay alive. And Du might want to look for something to use as a weapon, If something happens then..."
"It's pretty obvious that some jerk already screwed everything up. So what if we need to make it out alive, He could be wandering around anywhere around this hell hole city. I just wnat to finish my job." I interrupted.
"You just can't hold your sister and I back like that. Du can get either one of us killed!" Leon argued.
"Well apparently, I'm only trying to take my job seriouly here. This is the biggest case I have ever had. Just imagine what would happen if we don't catch this guy."
"I'm trying to take my job seriouly also. Quit thinking of yourself for a change, My job is to protect the citizens of Blank City." Leon said.
"I can protect myself!" I debated.
"Well the way Du were almost trapped back there I don't think Du can..." Leon said.
Everything got a little silent. I tried not to argue any longer because I knew it was true but, I still needed to find that guy oder else we'll be hosed. If I don't, then the whole world can be in danger.
"I think I found something!" shouted Nickole from down the hallway. We followed her voice and we found her in the copy room. THere was a blueprint left on a schreibtisch right Von the door. It had a map of the building and the ways to escape from it. It was probley a link to the person who caused all of this. But then the escape way leaded us to the the science lab about a few miles away. This guy must be a real retard for thinking his stupid blueprint was going to burst in flames just like the remains of the building.
"Wow, that was easy." Nikole sagte folding her arms. "What now? Should we do now? Should we get Mehr ammunition, oder look for Mehr clues or..."
"It would be best if we get Mehr ammunition, work on a plan just in case if one of us gets hurt oder lost, then find the lab. But we might need a map of the lab itself. It's huge there." Leon sagte organizing the plan as he went.
"Okay, should we start now oder look for Mehr clues?" I asked.
"We shouldn't look for clues but something to use as a weopon. We have quite a long way there on foot, plus with all what's going it would be even longer." Leon answered looking around the copy room.
So far any close evidence we have is the blue print, where the bomb was place and what time the the remains of the science meuseum. I knew I thought that I didn't need anyone's help. But I guess I now I realize that in the position I'm in I do not only need Leon, but I need my sister as well. She gave me somewhere to live in a big city such as Blank city. She also made me feel welcome even though in our childhood we didn't get along so well, since our older brother died at war things went from bad to worse. But now she put it all aside and helped me out when I needed her, but I don't need her for dending reasons it's because I Liebe her too much to see her get hurt. Even back then I still had a gut for Nickole.
When we made it outside, there was Mehr infectees and Mehr trouble awaiting us ahead. I was scared at first but I started to remeber who I was doing this for; Broken peice of my family I had left, My friends, and everyone who didn't have anything who have the possibility of losing who they Liebe too. I might even be doing this for Leon, even though he pretty much went beyond my bad side today. I mean he put me in hand cuffs, which should be my job, and speaking of job I mostly think he's just keeping me from doing my job, but he still needs our help too. AS we were trying to marveling at our hazardous surroundings, I marveled at him. I sat there in a emotion as if I had a million Fragen I wanted to ask and one is why couldn't he just leave me for dead at the hospital, though he questioned me about being infected even until we found Nickole, but I don't think it's because he thinks I'm 'usefull'.
"Is there anything wrong?" He asked turning around.
"No... but..." I just studdered with the same exact expression on my face. "But, ummm..."
"What?" he just wanted me to spit it out.
"Nothing... I just thought I saw something that's all." I responded as I finished observing the destroyed city.
"Oh. Just keep a good eye out for anything that can be a danger." He commanded.
I just couldn't put my finger on what was wrong with this situation here. I don't think it had anything to do with the deal. But I really do think something bad is going to happen if I find out at the last minute.
"What is that?!" Nickole shreiked pointing down the street. It was a zombie trudging with a sort of limp down the straße and he was on fire.
"What the? Would he be dead now?" I asked.
Then there was a gunshot straght through the chest and another to the back of the head. It was a woman with dark red hair who aimed her gun at us and walked to us.
"Put your hands where i can see them!" She said.
"Okay there is now way in firey hell I am putting my hands up! I had a gun pointed up at me twice at me twice today including I almost got my hand blown off Von this dude right here.!" I argued.
"Put your hands up oder else!" She yelled.
"Katherine, don't argue oder else she might kill you..." Leon whispered out the side of his mouth.
"Wait I think I've met Du before..." sagte the woman as I saw her gun at her die from a distance.
"I'm Leon S. Kennedy. I'm an agent under cover for Umbrella inc." Leon admitted.
He neve rtold me he was a agent for Umbrella oder whatever that meaningless name is. I wonder if that's the reason why he stuck around...
"L-Leon? Oh my God I haven't heard rom Du in a while! Oh I've missed Du so much!" She sagte Excitedly.
"Oh Lord..." I murmured to myself. I never knew that being reunited in a city full of zombies, Where thousands people, Where there is a mad man out there who could kill the very little remainder of us. I mean it may sound dramatic but I personally think it's just corny. I mean now Du want to be all lovey dovey here but we have Mehr important bussiness to handle here, just man up oder screw off.
"Claire? I didn't know Du was assigned here!" Leon sagte Hugging her.
"Okay can we Bewegen on now?" I asked.
I can't really say I'm mad, I don't know the girl. I guess we basically have a new member of the family. But I think it might mean trouble.