I was awake it was a cold stormy night i was wondering what i was doing in a prison cell it was dark i couldint see when someone lit a candle it was a man he said"Your a prisoner dont try to escape Du will be eaten Von are sicurity zombies HAHAHAHA!!!"I asked "Where am I?"he said"Where does it look like this is a umbrella prison island your are prisoner along with someone else."I said"Thats it only 2 people for a whole island?"he sagte "Yes Du and the other one in your cell."I looked and i couldnt believe my eyes "WESKER Du YOUR WITH UMBRELLA WHY WOULD THEY LOCK Du UP WITH ME!!!?"He said"yes Chris they didnt like what i was doing with the company so they made a sample and took my powers and created super soldiers and there crawling all over this place ready to kill us.""well im ready to take them all out my sister and leon will brake us out like i did for her."yah but this time super soldiers who are still zombies bot 100 times better shell die.me and Du will have to team up it makes me sick too i know how Du feel"i had to face facts i had to team up with Wesker