Repo! The Genetic Opera Who's your fav character?

Repo-girl posted on Feb 14, 2009 at 09:13PM
Hi everyone! I was just wondering who's your fav character? Minor characters included.My fav characters are:
Blind Mag
Single Mom
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr RepoWoman said…
Mine are: Nathan/Repo man, Graverobber, Shilo, Luigi, Amber, Blind Mag, Vanity and Vein News Reporter
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Capng said…
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Graverobber (of course), Nathan/Repo Man, Pavi, Luigi...I like most of the characters.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Lunaste said…
I love pretty much all of them D:

I think I love GraveRobber and the Pavi most, but Amber is lolarious and heartbreaking, Shilo and Nathan are just heartbreaking, Rotti is a magnificent bastard and his voice always gives me goosebumps (in a good way!)...

Basically, like every Repo! fan I guess, I only REALLY dislike Single Mom :'D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Jehan_the_Sitar said…
It's between Nathan and Blind Mag.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Capng said…
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I love love love Graverobber. In MA, we're starting a Repo! Shadow Cast and I get to play Graverobber. :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr giddyseizures said…
In order: Nathan/Repo Man (absolute favorite), Graverobber, Blind Mag, Shilo, GeneCo's Bandleader, Amber Sweet, Luigi, Rotti, and Pavi.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr designer_heart said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr twilight0girl said…
Nathan/Repo Man
Blind Mag
and Rotti
Vor mehr als einem Jahr redbud said…
blind meg
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SailorNova said…
NATHAN!!! HE's hot!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr KowalskiTheLich said…
1. Blind Mag
2. Rotti
3. Nathan
4. Graverobber
5. Shilo
Vor mehr als einem Jahr duncanxgwen4evr said…
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Mine would be.. Nathan,Graverobber,Luigi,Shilo, and Blind Mag. They are in no particular order. >8D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr MudHut94 said…
Definetly Graverobber, he is always calm in sticky situations, and he's the only one closest to normal in the movie(besides Shilo).
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ambersweet said…
i loved them all but it will have to be blind mag
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DustyForgotten said…
Nathan, Luigi, GraveRobber, Pavi, Rotti, Amber, Shilo, Mag, Band Leader. Somewhere near that order.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TooBadForU said…
Absolute favorite? Blind Mag. I love the others too, but she's the best.
Also, Repo-girl, I find it funy that Single Mom is one of your picks. What I've heard she's very much hated among most Repo!-fans. Myself I've never understood why though. She's in the movie for, what, 30 seconds? Less?
Oh, that reminds me, DJ Granny is awesome!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Bellatrix_bb said…
blind mag without a second thought. She ripped out her eyes man! The grave robber is amazing too. But he's just sexy.