Renesmee Carlie Cullen what species is renesmee and jacob's kids?

elisesmith917 posted on Jun 02, 2011 at 04:18PM
A shapeshifting vampire would not be able to
bite (Renesmee can't), would have a special ability (like a Block, or thought
projectile, like Renesmee), would have superhuman, strength and speed
from both parents, extreme senses (from shapeshifters), free running
abilitiees (from shapeshifters), transformative abilities (from
immunity, telepathical ability (from shapeshifters), have
regenenative abilities (from shapeshifters), have ultra hard skin (from both parents), would not have to hide from the light if from shapeshifters and be warm blooded (from
both parents). That is one dangerous enemy! Meyer, get writing that

Because shapeshifters can transform in to shapes and other animals too, as well as, according to Legends, command nature (according to Wikipedia), there may be a chance that their chidlren could revive the "magic" of the Tribe, transforming in to shadows etc. Plus, they wouldn't actually need t talk. They would be able to talk telephatihically, at least to other shapeshifters, and use thought projectile for the rest. What do you thik Sodaheads?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr twilightluver4 said…
There is definitely no way a vampire can possibly have kids with a shapeshifter or a werewolf. Even if the vampire doesn't have venom, it can still be highly dangerous.