I was furious. My ship was gone. All gone! Burned to a bloody crisp Von that fox…Skalrag. I ranted and raved and threatened him. All the while, he just stood there with an expression of fear plastered across his goofy face. How would he like it if someone burned up his ship?

Skalrag was pleading for his life as I went to take another look at me poor ship. The fuchs was afraid and rightfully so. There were so many things I could do to punish him…I could easily impale my spear through his slender body. I was sure that I could find several of me shipmates who would jump at the chance to do it. But no…I decided not to hurt him. Skalrag told me that he would do anything.


That gave me an idea. I pulled the fuchs closer and whispered something in his ear. I needed someone to spy on Badrang the Tyrant for me. After all, the fuchs was mine – and mine to do with as I pleased.

Later that night, I was thinking about Skalrag as I lay in me bed. What would happen to him if Badrang found out that he had a spy in his mist? I couldn't get the troublesome vermin out of me brain. To pass the time, I got up and made myself a cup of wine. Then I decided to go see the prisoner.

I had the one-eared fuchs all chained up for the night. He was curled up on the ground, using his mantel as a blanket. His scarlet pelz glistened beautifully in the moonlight. His eyes were closed and his face looked pinched and worried.

I took a swig of wine and knelt down beside the slight creature. Then I gently poked his shoulder just to see if he was asleep – he was. I leaned closer to his face and dipped my nose into his fur. It was soft and slightly damp from sweat. He stirred a bit in his sleep, driving me to Bewegen back a few inches.

When he was laying still again, I leaned in and sniffed his pelz – it smelled like sweat and fruits and even a little spicy. He smelled better than me ex-wife did…wait a minute! What was I thinking? This is the vile vermin who sent me ship up in flames! I gulped down the rest of my wine and tossed the cup.

The loud thump from the cup jarred Skalrag awake. He gasped a little and cringed away from me.

I smirked at him and cupped his chin in my paw. "Now remember, fox…tomorrow we go back to Badrang."

Skalrag whimpered and just gazed up at me with those humbled amber eyes.

"With foxy-loxy's help ol' Clogg will finally get the big, bad wolf!"

"Big, bad wolf?" Skalrag looked confused. "But Captain Clogg, I thought Lord Badrang was a sloat!"

"He is…er, I mean, it was merely a figure of speech…Never mind!" I stood up and casually scratched me bloated paunch. "Are you…are ya worried, fox?"

Skalrag nodded his head in a fast motion.

"There's no need to be."

Skalrag flinched away when I reached out to touch him. He just shook and huddled in the corner like a frightened young pup.

I sighed and turned me back on him. I can't feel bad about this! It's my own decision and the fuchs goes through with it! Perhaps everything will turn out alright.

The End