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Opinion by jarellano1992 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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I Liebe the color red. It is my Favorit of the colors. Here goes why. It symbolizes love. It symbolizes energy, and I can get energetic. Passion is what I feel good about, and red is passion, too. I am pretty sensitive to the cold, so red symbolizes heat, and the warm to hot weather does not get me sensitive like the cold. I don't get bothered either with the warmer weather, and I also Liebe summer. However, since leaves turn red in the fall together with yellow, orange, and brown, I also Liebe fall. Red is associated with the fall season, too. I've been passionate about red as my Favorit color for about ten years now. The negative is that red symbolizes anger. There are people who may take advantage of red in a bad way because it means anger, too. Red is just what I love. I write in red so much. I wear red things. I Liebe red cars. I like red apples. I may write in red pen, pencil, oder marker. I may get obsessed with red. It's my most preferred color!
Article by deedeeflower posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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here is three different ways to say red.

after each word is the pronunciation.

i looked these up in:

Baron's french at a glance.

Baron's italian at a glance.

Baron's spanish at a glance.

Sekunde edition language dictionaries.

published in 1992.

notice the similarities between the 3 languages.

FRENCH: rouge; roozh

ITALIAN: rosso; rOHs-soh

SPANISH: rojo; ROH-hoh

here are some phrases Wird angezeigt the use of these 3 words.

red shoelaces
FRENCH: les lacets rouge; lay lah-sseh roozh

ITALIAN: lacci per le scarpe rosso; lAH-chee pehr leh skAHr-pheh rOHs-soh

SPANISH: los cordones de zapato rojo; kohr-DOH-nehs deh sah-PAH-toh ROH-hoh

red coat
FRENCH: le manteau rouge; luh mahn-toh roozh

ITALIAN: cappotto rosso; kahp-pOH-toh rOHs-soh

SPANISH: el saco rojo; SAH-koh ROH-hoh