Written Von Anne Robillard, our new Tolkien
Anne Robillard (the new Tolkien)
Original title: Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude

The Knights of smaragd is a book series in the heroic-fantasy style, translated from French, written Von the Québécoise Anne Robillard. The series numbers twelve books. Since their release, the Bücher have become beliebt inside Quebec Von the Éditions De Mortagne[1], selling up to one million copies. The first book has since been translated in English [2] and Polish. The book has also been edited in France, Von the Éditions Michel Lafon. The first two Bücher have sold 15000 copies there since June 2007.[3]

Five hundred years ago, Enkidiev, a continent populated Von humans, elves and fairies, is being attacked Von Amecareth, emperor of Irianeth and the insect empire. The threat of a new invasion looms over Enkidiev. The only hope for them to survive is to recreate the order of the Knights of smaragd Von the King smaragd 1st. These magic warriors are to protect the continent until the prophesized Light holder can destroy the threat.

Here is a Liste of the books:

•    Fire in the Sky
•    Dragons of the Dark Emperor
•    Kingdom of Shadows
•    A Rebellious Princess
•    Reptile Island
•    The Chronicles of Onyx
•    The Abduction
•    Fallengods
•    Danalieth's Legacy
•    Retaliation
•    Celestial Justice
•    Irianeth

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