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Ill try to make it longer.

Leah pov: I'm concerned(A/N: im skipping this to Friday and spring vacation) Niyah is not talking to anyone kyle is hidding her
feelings I don't know. I just took a dusche and watch a little T.V oh did I mention I got that boy number his name is strahl, ray right now I don't know where I relationship stands but he's coming over so yeah.

Bree pov: hi I'm bree I'm 16 I'm a vampire because my family is I'm in a relationship his name is diggy he's a vampire too ok I changed so yeah.

(A/N: there is a lot of vampire and going to be vampire in this so ima use Mehr were wolf in this)...
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Hey Hey hey, I was bored so I decided to do another part to this.
Ok anyway this is a vampire and were(spell check)wolf story.
I'm soon going to have Mehr people in this so yeah let start.~~~

Niyah Pov: while leah was talking she got cut off Von this FIIIINNNEEE boy coming in the. And let me admit I never drilled(spell check) but for this dude I did I looked away and wiped some off. I hoped he didn't see. Any im already in a a relationship Liebe he actually a 'new born' vampire I need to ask him Mehr about this ill admit but I was scared as shit!!!! But I just relax I just need to tell leah...
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posted by JailynnLuv
Rayray:YN let's go
Rayray:wow babe
At the party they get drunk
Rayray:Hey Lexi
Lexi:let's go to the other room
Then they make out then the Weiter Tag Lexi calls
Lexi: Rayray I'm preggo
Rayray:Hell naw
Rayray:yesterday I got drunk and me and Lexi had sex now she preggo
YN:Get out
YN:get out
Cut Kommentar if Du want to be in a Story
Free Boys:Prodigy,Princeton and Roc
Plz Kommentar now bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by badgirljojo143
well I was gonna visit my unkle walter he was the manger of MB
Walter: helo u must be mu-jo boy have u grown
Me; *laughs and smiles*
Walter; well jojo come in
Me; thanks
walter: well meet da boyz
Prince: hello im princeton
Prod; im prodigy
Roc; im roc royal
Ray; and im strahl, ray strahl, ray wait why do i always introduce myself last?
Me; *laughs* u must be da stupid one i mean the funny one
Prince; ohhhhhhhh strahl, ray u gonna take dat
Ray; take what her body 4 sure
Me; *look at him wierd*
Prince; u see why his da dumb one
Walter; aye yo boyz what did i say bout u calling eachother dumb?
Prince; imma Zeigen u ur room
Me; ok thanks...
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I walked into the building heading straight to my locker. Still kinda p'ed. When I got to my locker I pulled out the things I needed and put in the things I didn't. Then I heard someone call my name. It was Prince.

Prince: Hey Nikol *smiles*

Me: Hey Princey Poo. *they started walking*

Prince: Du know you're the only person I let call me that. I don't even let my mom.

Me: * laugh* Well Du are my Princey Poo. *smile*

Prince: *blush*

To be honest I do have a little crush on Prince. He's just my adorable and cute little nerdy guy. I actually have a crush on Roc and Prod...
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okay so strahl, ray went on tour n victoria was at Home one day. lets a=say...a week b4 he came back
*knock on door*
me-*gets up 2 get it n opens it* wat r u doing here mickie?! *annoyed*
mickie-ur bf was a fake
me-*fake laugh* LOL okay!
mickie-no look really! *hands me fone in a rush looking back ovr he shoulder tapping her foot gttng impasionte Von the half a second*
me-*reads txt tht says,(frm ray) Hey mickie. im so freakn bored wudda bout u? n wat about victoria? LOL she really thght i likd her! she's stupid. im surprised she's evn an honer roll student. crazy rite. anyway i got 2 go work on #1 girl....
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posted by rayrayrox
Its been atleast 2 weeks after Du helped strahl, ray get his new girlfriend and he hasnt talked to Du since then. Du cried yourself to sleep almost every night because Du couldnt stand the fact that strahl, ray was happy with another girl but Du knew he had every right to be. Du missed seeing him and talking to him but Du knew that all of that would change after he got a GF but Du didnt want it to just stop. Tonight, strahl, ray promised that he would go see a movie with Du and to catch up on some things since he hasnt talked to Du for awhile.
You were at the movie theatre waiting for strahl, ray but Du didnt see...
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