Zufällig if u have a celeb crush, which do u like best outa these? its hard coz u actually dnt NO them bt still. in Kommentare put y

Pick one:
Taylor Lautner
Justin Bieber
Billy strahl, strahl, ray Cyrus
Brad Pitt
Kellen Lutz
Daniel Radcliffe
Dylan Sprouse
Aaron Johnson
David Henre
Logan Lerman
Zac Efron
Cam Gigandet
Lucas Cruikshank
simon cowell
Chace Crawford
piers brosnan
Prince Jackson
Jack Barakat :D
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Hayley williams!
Hayley williams!
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Tom Felton <3
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Ian Somerhalder
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Jackson Rathbone
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Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom
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David spaten <3 <3 <3
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