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posted by BlondLionEzel
Rant 2: Geewuners!

I'm baaack!

Here's something that annoys me: Geewuners!

If you're new to the concept, Geewuners are people who are Fans of Transformers G1 and think that everything is crap! Not all G1 Fans are Geewuners, as I like G1 myself. But the difference between me and Geewuners is that I like Armada, Beast Wars, Beast Wars 2, Beast Wars Neo, Beast Machines, Robots in Disguise, Cybertron, Energon, Bayformers, Prime, and Go!

I know that they want to keep their "Nostalgia", but come on, it's not just for you. Just ask the millions of people who watch and buy Micheal Bay's Transformers.

On a different note, people should open their minds to the Transformers 4 Dinobots. I know they're not G1 Dinobots, but their not supposed to be!

I just think that Geewuners should open their minds to other series.

I lay on the gras, grass in the clearing of the woods. Trees rise above our heads and I can hear the trickle of water nearby.
'If someone finds us we're going to be sent to Prison,' Liiel says.
'We're safe, sicher here,' I tell him. 'We'll here The Stalkers coming.'
We have to speak in code, one that The Stalkers don't know. Prison is actually just a camp we would go to. It has a school and a yard and two dorms; girl's dorm and boy's dorm. The Stalkers are the people who send Du there. Staff members of the prison. Stalker is a good name for them. They've been stalking me for seven oder eight years now,...
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posted by thetankmoment
 Cutie the Fennec fuchs
Cutie the Fennec Fox
I had a weird dream one of these nights. It was epic, too. So epic I had to make an Artikel of it. Mark my words: IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. Anyway. So I was Dixie from fuchs and the hound 2. G3 pinkie pie was there. She was transformed from G4 pinkie. She was telling us to complete these trials, because Cutie, my stuffed Fennec fox, told us the world was ending. First were these crabs. Blue one=easy, orange ones=medium, and Black ones=hard. Either I had to defeat 3 orange ones, oder my friend had to defeat 5 blue ones. My friend defeated 5 blue ones. It went on like that, until we saved the world! YAY!
 This pic of the dream
This pic of the dream
posted by ITF
Von Jami Sassone

The man with the metal rod returns today
He summons me in the most painful way
It burns. It stings. It's scorching hot.
I yell, "please stop!" He will not

To the rack; I brace for the worst
He violates me again; this time's not the first
Back to my cage, to wonder how long
Yearning for Antwort to what I've done wrong?

Nine months later the answer arrives
I now have someone for whom to survive
Three times I've felt love, one being today
Three times, as well, it's been taken away.

My milch is for you, not him all
You enjoy what Du eat, but remember my calls
When the cheese melts nicely...
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It's quite simple. Du spell out your name, only using song titles. It gives Du an interesting playlist! Du don't have to use different artists. It can be the same artist oder similar artists.

A creative way to do this is find some new artists and spell out your name with some of their songs. It's a good way to listen to different people and one awesome CD and/or playlist.

Example: My name is Kaitlyn

K - Kidnap The Sandy Claws Von Danny Elfman

A - Angel – Jäger der Finsternis of Musik Von Andrew Lloyd Webber

I - Inside My World Von Ramin Karimloo

T - Try To Believe Von Oingo Boingo

L - Little Razorblade Von The rosa Spiders

Y - Yes! I'm French Von Frenchy and the Punk

N - Nerd Alert! Von The Aquabats!
posted by nmdis
"Stop The World"

I don't know why, I don't know why I'm so afraid
I don't know how, I don't know how to fix the pain
We're livin' a lie, livin' a lie; this needs to change
We're out of time, we're out of time and its still the same

We can't stop the world, but there's so much Mehr that we could do
Du can't stop this girl from falling Mehr in Liebe with you
Du sagte 'nobody has to know',
Give us time to grow, and take it slow
But I'd stop the world, if it'd finally let us be alone
Let us be alone

I'm hearing the noise, hearing the noise from all around
I'm on the edge, I'm on the edge of breaking...
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posted by MineTurtle5
Pre-article note: This isn't mine. I found it in a copy of The Word For Today, and I thought that it would be good to re-post.

There's a story about a teacher who, to honour her students, gave each a ribbon that stated, 'Who I am makes a difference,' and asked them to pass it along to someone who'd made a difference in their lives. One kid gave his to a young executive who helped him plan his career. He in turn gave it to his boss, who was hard to get along with. He told him how much he'd been influenced Von his creativity, and asked him to give the ribbon to somebody he admired. That night the...
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posted by vampirer04
 Nepeta X Eridan
Nepeta X Eridan
:33< I Liebe a troll. I don't care if Du don't like me because I Liebe him!

He's the cutest SEA DWELLER!

No one can stop me from loving him!

Don't try to make me Liebe someone else!!

I choose who I wanna love, NOT YOU!!!!

His name is Eridan.

I call him Eri.

I want to be his matesprit!

Because, no one likes him :(

Plus I have a crush on him .

He has no one in his quadrents.

Nobody loves him. :(

BUT I DO! Hate me all Du want!

I Liebe him and that's FINAL!!!!

Hey guys!!! I made this just pelz fun!! I actually wrote this WHOLE thing on paper! XD XD!! Hope Du enjoyed!!
posted by talinabeadles
If Du are looking for a boy to prank call. Call your ex and tell him he got Du pregnant and that Du want child support. Then if he hangs up repeat the cycle again. hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then if Du want to be mean about it then do it at school and make a rumor and see what people say and then the Weiter Tag say that Du are the pregnant one and your not just kidding they fell for it and seeif Du get child support hope this helps like i sagte have not tried ths yet but we will i no this is very long i understand then stop Lesen and if Du are still Lesen thisthen i know Du Liebe me no joke i thought Du did not want to countinue Lesen Du llied what a big mistake not jk LOL this is so Zufällig ask your mom hows she doing for me kk yous till read bye now your still Lesen bye b7ye now stop Lesen this great now Du can read this now try a book would you!!!!!!!!!!Stop Lesen this bye!!!!!!!! Posteingang me i Liebe Du and hit me at Facebook at talina cyanne
posted by TheMyths
My opinion on what vegans say,"eating meat is disgusting." But that isn't really true.We're omnivores,that's what we do naturally,eating plant and animals.If Du want to force your beliefs on someone,do it to a tiger.
Then I thought,all life actually is sacred.But Humans were designed to eat meat.That is how God made us.Or if Du are atheist,it's scientifically true.Both ways.
But Du can believe what ever Du want.This is just my opinion.People believe different things.That's part of makes us all special.
posted by MutantGenius
I was sitting in class and this girl kept flipping her hair in my face. Von this time it was November, and she'd been doing it since August.

I finally decided to tell her, "Please stop flipping your hair in my face," as politely as I could.

"Excuse me, well, I'm sorry, but I'm stretching, I can't just stop!"

"Um, Du can stretch without flipping your hair," I said.

"No I can't," she said.

"Uh, yes Du can."

"Well Du didn't have to be so rude!"

"I wasn't rude,"

"Yes Du were, wasn't she?"

"I sagte please."

"No, Du were totally rude."

I grew a tiny bit of back bone just then, I sagte "Okay, sure, whatever...
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posted by flippy_fan210
-when Du ask someone for something and they try to annoy Du because they have it and Du don't

-school, you're there for 7 hours a day, they give Du work Du have to do at Home and Du have almost no freedom

-JB, 1D, big time rush

-when your Friends call saying they'll come over and never Zeigen up

-you like something your friend doesn't like so they HAVE to complain and say it sucks

-getting no freedom at your own Home and being controlled Von your parents

-crab cake

-girly things

-uptight people who can't stand jokes and practically spit in your face if Du make one "dirty" oder "wrong" joke

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posted by curtains4
My mom fell in Liebe with my dad. But he tricked her. My mom thought he was treating her like a princess. But it was all an act. (I'm going to use fake names in this article). My Mom, Anne, was my dad's hairdresser. My dad, Ron, had just got out of his last marriage. His past wife left him because he was a jerk. He tricked my mom into falling in Liebe with him. He succeeded. They then got married and the new family was made up of my mom, my half brother, and my dad.
A few years later, I was born. Everything was alright until I was three. My dad went on a business trip to New York with my mom....
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posted by batgirl910
I’m a lesbian so i must have a crush on every girl i see.?

I have alot of guy Friends so i must be fucking every single one of them.?

I smile alot, so i must have the perfect life.?

I listen to reggae, so I must be a stoner.?

My opinion matters, so I must be a bitch.?

I’m comfortable with my body, so I get around?

I’m Friends with a lot of guys, so I’ve must have hooked up with all of them.?

I like to help out, so I must be a suck up.?

I’m black, so I must be ghetto.?

I’m black, so I must be stupid.?

I’m Mexican, so I must be low class.?

I’m bisexual, so I must get around.?

I’m straight...
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posted by FlufflyHands
Pick what Monat Du were born on...
Jan- I shot...
Feb- I stabbed...
Mar: I disco danced with...
Apr: I sniffed...
May: I ran with...
Jun: I licked...
Jul: I ate...
Aug: I sat Weiter to...
Sep: I farted Weiter to...
Oct: I have a screenshot of...
Nov: I grabbed...
Dec: I spit on...

Pick what Tag Du were born on...
01: my girlfriend
02: my boyfriend
03: a nurse
04: Napoleon Dynamite
05: my crush
06: the gummy bears
07: an IPhone
08: a llama
09: a sandwich
10: a hobo
11: a gay guy
12: ET
13: Peter Pan
13: A T-Rex
14: a kitten
15: a puppy
16: a monkey
17: a cow
18: a Mexican
19: a sumo wrestler
20: a red-head
21: a polar bear
22: The...
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posted by Invincible321
I got this idea from Wanda5.

- Put your MP3 player/iPod/iTunes on shuffle.
- Post the first line from the first 30 songs that plays, no matter how embarrassing the song.
- Let anyone guess the Antwort (song Titel and artist) and bold the line when someone guesses correctly.

1. Do Du ever feel like a plastic bag... Firework-Katy Perry
2. In the night, I hear 'em talk... Heartless-Dia Frampton
3. Baby, be mine 'cause even God knows... Scream-Hedley
4. All this talkin' to you, I don't know what I'm to do... Stop Standing There-Avril Lavigne
5. When Du walk, Du don't leave tracks... KISS &...
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posted by E-Scope90
Historically, sweat has been an active ingredient in perfume and Liebe potions.g
In Bali, men believed a woman would fall in Liebe if her suitor fed her a certain kind of leaf incised with the image of a god who sported a very large penis.e
The Mexican chief Montezuma considered Schokolade a “love drug” and drank 50 cups of Schokolade a Tag before visiting his harem of 600 women.a
Scientists suggest that most people will fall in Liebe approximately seven times before marriage.h
Some individuals who claim never to have felt romantic Liebe suffer from hypopituitarism, a rare disease that doesn’t...
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posted by hetaliaitaly
My Name Is Zack
My Sister Is Lucy
I am 12
And she is 6

Our dads always mad
He screams and he yells
I don’t think he likes us
It's easy to tell

Mums only kind
When dad's not around
And when he is Home
She hardly makes a sound

Mums always out,
Never home
Dads always drunk,
And always alone

As soon as we hear
Those jingly keys
We run and hide
We run and plea

We find a place
And curl up tight
I hold her hand
And she holds mine

And soon enough
Dad then walks in
Don’t make a sound, don’t say a word
I pray inside, deep within

But Lucy she cannot help herself
For the pain is just too much
"O-God" she yells
"Why are...
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posted by australia-101
Du may be stupid if...

...you can't remember how to spell "IQ."

...you can't remember the number for 911.

...you just discovered your AM radio also works in the afternoon.

...you use correction fluid on your PC monitor.

...you fail Physical Education.

...you can not spell it.

...you try to turn the light on to find flashlight in a power outage!

...you put braille on a drive up teller machine.

...you think taco glocke is a Mexican phone company.

...you think a pigpen is something to write with!!!

...you think a cartoon is a song about automobiles.

...you use your CD-ROM unit as a drink holder.

...you frequently...
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Name something a blind person might use - A sword

Name a song with moon in the Titel - Blue suede moon

Name a bird with a long neck - Naomi Campbell

Name an occupation where Du need a torch - A burglar

Name a dangerous race - The Arabs

Name an item of clothing worn Von the 3 musketeers - A horse

Name something that floats in the bath - Water

Name something Du wear on the strand - A deckchair

Name something Red - My cardigan

Name a famous cowboy - Buck Rogers

A number Du have to memorize - 7

Something Du do before going to bett - Sleep

Something Du put on walls - Roofs

Something in the garden that's green...
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