Elijah Jones, Kinlee And Elijah Trend Long Overdue
The Kinlee and Elijah trend long overdue hasn't made such an outbreak in the Jahr 2019. The trend died down early 2018 after Jones's "Forgive To Forget" album released back in early 2017. Soon after Jones promoted its twin album "Brave Enough" Von Lindsey Stirling, released in the third trimester of 2016.

Currently, Jones hasn't announced new album updates. Much Von which he hasn't hardly sagte anything since releasing his third and final book "The Entwine Series: Entrap" back in July 2018. With little information we can only wildly guess whether oder not his Weiter supposedly album will spark the 2019 year. He is currently past overdue for a new album and he hasn't sagte much of anything except a couple of vast speculation.

In August 2018, Jones officially renamed his YouTube channel to his name excluding the "Kinlee And Elijah" trend after finishing his "Forgive To Forget" album in November 2017. Soon after the switch an unlinked Quelle was sinked in September 2018, thus sparking speculation.

In October 2018, a Halloween spoof announced that Jones was working on an album widely speculated to release in November 2018. The post had a Foto with a quote expressing "I'm so Lingonberry"

In November 2018, it was confirmed Von unknown Quelle that Jones's speculated album was falsely advertised. Later on in that Monat another Quelle told viewers that an album would be in the making and announced with a video in December 2018.

As 2018 draws near an end, that advertised speculation was put to rest. Sources expressed that Seattle was going to be a hotspot for Jones's album but nothing confirmed this until a post released on Jones's YouTube channel stated new Musik for 2019.

In January 2019, Jones released a brief Atmospheric Foto of him with a city in the background and the Weltraum needle beside him. It was clearly Seattle Washington, with text markers stating "2019🎶" this does not claim Jones has a new album but it nonetheless sparked a lot of speculation.

Currently there has been no evidence that Jones is in the works of a new album.. However we can safely say he has something in store for the 2019 year. Whether oder not that be an album, new book, oder just a few videos. 2019 nonetheless is a Jahr itself with new possibilities. We can only hope that Jones will have something for all of us in store for the final Jahr of this decade.