(I've decided to start posting my old Sonic fanfic from 3 years ago. Granted, I still may change some things to make it Mehr updated, but here is what I wrote back in 2016. Hope Du like this version.)

Book 1: Evil

Chapter 1: An Infamous Beginning, Part 1: Darkness

Whenever Du read a hero's story, it usually begins with the hero gaining powers and preventing a great Evil, along with saving those he loves and possibly ends in a huge sacrifice. Some of this may oder may NOT happen, but the beginning of our hero's journey isn't quite as Du would have expected. Believe it oder not, our hero begins his story as a villain. Shocking right? Well, let's get started. In 2011, a certain city on Mobius was loosing power--blackouts were happening all over the place and no one seemed to be able to do anything about it. The sun was setting on Freedom City, a city within the country of Doggeria. But as the sky darkened, so did the town. Shock, an 11 Jahr old, black furred chihuahua with white markings, was running through the cool, night air as he was determined to find the Weiter generator, trying to cause another blackout. But he wasn't alone--the police was on his tail, driving after him in their police cars, sirens blaring. Shock looked back and saw them, and growled.
"You fools will NEVER stop me!" he shouted.
He formed blood-red lightning around himself and shot off a massive blast at the cop cars. One was hit and exploded while two Mehr kept going after him. As the cops drove, one cop held a gun out the window and fired at him. Shock had ducked down and kept on going. He turned left around the corner near where his school was. He stopped for a moment and stared at the building, as if he was trying to remember why it looked familiar. He shook his head and moved on to avoid the police. The cops cars drove closer and closer to Shock until one car managed to swerve around him to get him to STOP. One cop popped his head out the window and yelled, "Stop! I order Du to stop right now!"
Shock looked at him and smirked, coming closer to the cops face. He formed electricity in his right hand and said, "Soon, Malice will be giving Du the orders..."
Then with all his strength, he shoved the cop car and caused it to flip. As this happened, he shot out several electrical blasts at the car and it also exploded. Shock laughed evilly at this but then he turned around and stopped suddenly. He saw the 3rd cop car in front of him and was about to attack but hesitated a moment. The cop--who was a doberman--got out of the car and aimed his gun, shouting, "Get your hands up!"
Shock just stood there, not listening to him and shoved his arms into the pockets of his black jacke that he wore. The cop still held the gun up and was getting annoyed at this.
"I sagte put your hands up NOW!" he shouted.
As Shock stood there, he formed electricity around him again. He looked at the cop and asked, "Do Du really believe a silly gun can stop two of the most evil beings in the universe?"
Then with his arms out, he came charging at the cop, firing multiple blasts of lightning. The cop tried the best he could to dodge each attack, while firing his gun at him. Shock dodged each bullet he shot, Von cartwheeling towards the left. Then he formed electricity around both his hands, and fired off a massive blast of lightning at him. The cop thought fast and jumped behind his car to avoid being hit. Within seconds, it got quiet. Du couldn't hear anything but the gentle night time breeze. The cop slowly got up and looked through the car window to see if he was gone. Then without warning, Shock jumped down onto the oben, nach oben of the car. He channeled electricity throughout his body and around the car and caused an explosion--sending the poor cop flying. The cop hit the concrete, but was still alive--burnt but alive nonetheless. He ran over to the cop and looked down at him, snickering at his defeat.
"See, Eric? I TOLD Du that going up against an electrical being as powerful as me was useless!" he shouted.
Eric was the cop's name, but hated when people called him that. He was badly hurt, and struggled to pull himself upward and say to him, "Don't call me that! Go to hell, whatever Du are..."
He aimed his gun at Shock and prepared to fire--just as someone came outta nowhere and tackled Shock down, away from the bullet just in time. It was old guy--a dog just like Shock but much older. He fell to the concrete road as he held onto Shock. Eric was angry at this and turned to the elderly dog.
"What are Du DOING?! I almost had that monster!" he screamed.
The dog sat up with Shock in his arms and replied, "That is my grandson, mister! He's an innocent child, not a criminal!"
Then he stood up and looked at Shock--who immediately jumped down out of his arms and backed away from him.
"Get your hands off me, Mobian!" he screamed.
"Duji, listen to me.... I know you're still in there, try and remember," he told him.
Shock's real name was "Duji" but preferred to be called "Shock". Shock was un-phased Von what he said. He stood there, still looking rather peeved. He formed electricity at was about to fire, when the cop stepped in, aiming his gun at him.
"Not so fast, freak!" Eric shouted at him.
Then Eric remember what the elderly dog called Shock and then looked towards him.
"Wait, you're his grandfather? Oh, well that's just fine, but it don't change crap!" Eric called out.
Then he looked at Shock and then to the darker parts of the city, and then back to the old guy. He walked up to him and asked, "Does all that look 'innocent'? Look at the crap-load of panic he has caused! Are Du gonna stand there and JUSTIFY this?"
The dog shook his head and added, "Look, I know it's bad, but Du have to listen to reason! This kid wasn't always like this, don't Du get that?"
Then he turned to Shock, saying, "Duji, I'm your grandfather, Jackson. I don't wanna see Du stuck like this!"
Shock didn't listen, he ran off as he fired the electrical blast at Jackson. He was heading for one of Freedom City's power generator, located nearby. Eric looked at Jackson and replied, "Whatever's happened to that 'kid', it ain't my problem!"
He ran off, heading in pursuit of Shock on foot--followed Von Shock's grandfather. As Shock flew off down the streets, he heard a voice... in his head. It was a male-sounding voice.
"Shock.... our plan is working perfectly as I had hoped. Hurry and get to the generators! Let no one stop you!" the voice called out.
Shock nodded, and went faster.
"Don't worry, Master.... everything will go as Du have planned....." he told the voice.
He then saw a manhole and stopped to open it up and jumped right into it. He landed on a metal platform--a "floor" I guess Du called say. It was dark. There wasn't much light other than that of one of the city's power generators several feet away from his current position. After landing, he formed some electricity to give him light to see. He then saw a small light ahead--the power generator. He ran after it just as a group of cops came in through the manhole, lead Von Eric. Eric looked around and saw Shock ahead.
"There! GET HIM!" he shouted.
They fired several bullets at him, which made Shock notice that he had been followed. He growled and fired an electrical blast at them and kept going. The blasts hit some of them, while others missed.
"What's he trying to do down here? Cut the power?" one cop asked.
"Precisely... we need stop that 'thing' now!" Eric added.
When Shock finally arrived at the generator, he grinned evilly and stared at it. The generator--like many others across the city--were basically a giant metal box, with wires and crap attached to it. He was about to drain he power from it when the cops arrived, aiming their Pistolen at him.
"Freeze! Now step away from the generator and we'll bring Du in unharmed..." a cop said.
Another cop stepped in and said, "Do Du understand what will happen once Du do this? Mehr people will be outta power! Don't Du even CARE?!"
Shock looked at them all and said, "The only thing I care about... is making sure Malice rules Mobius!"
He jumped upward and fired multiple blasts of lightning at them as the cops fired back at Shock with bullets--pretty much the only thing they COULD do against him. Shock ducked down below the bullets. Shock ran after one cop, and grabbed his arm, and flipped him into the floor. He then shot out some electricity at him to shock him. Suddenly, he saw Mehr bullets coming at him, so, in a matrix-like style, he flipped and swerved his body around the bullets in time to miss them. After that, Shock turned around to see none other than his grandfather, standing right between him and the generator. He quickly formed electricity around his arms and looked at him with anger.
"Shock, please! Don't do this! I can help Du figure out what's wrong with you--just stop this before it gets worse!" his grandfather said.
Now Shock has a choice to make: Will he murder his own grandfather to complete some evil plan ordered Von this "Malice" guy? And how far will Jackson go to regain the trust of Shock? Find out Weiter time.....