A green 1970 Ford mustang was going through Watkins Glen

Commander Kane: *Standing Weiter to two men* Thanks for letting us rent your track. Johnny wanted to test out his new set of wheels.
Man 53: Anytime.
Man 95: If he used that mustang in Nascar, he'd probably win. He set some good times so far.
Johnny: *Stops at the finish line*
Commander Kane: Du done?!
Johnny: Yeah! Let's go home!
Commander Kane: Everything's already been paid for?
Man 53: Yeah. Du two have a good one.

Back in Langley, Johnny had an idea.

Johnny: *Has his watch connected to a computer*
Commander Kane: *Walks into the room* What are Du up to?
Johnny: If I can get new cars for my watch Von scanning them, I can also get some Von typing in codes into the watch.
Commander Kane: And that's why it's plugged into the computer.
Johnny: Yeah. It's a ten digit code. I'm going to try 2188561673. It'll take a few Minuten to load, so I thought we'd go into the cafe and grab a quick bite.
Commander Kane: Sure.
Johnny: *Walks with Commander Kane*

When they returned, the code was done loading.

Johnny: *Unplugs his watch* Okay, let's see what we got.

Down at the parking garage, Johnny tested it out.

Johnny: *Pushes the red button, and looks at the Liste of cars* 58PB, 70FM, hm, 68VK? Let's see what that is. *Runs as he selects the new car. He jumps, and out comes a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia*
Commander Kane: Oh. Haven't seen one of those in a while.
Johnny: *Looks at the speedometer* It says that the oben, nach oben speed is 120.
Commander Kane: Du better start making it lighter so it can go faster.
Johnny: It should be okay for now. I was planning to use the mustang Mehr often anyway.

Opening Credits Song: link

Johnny: *Sits down looking at a screen. He sees a wanted sign on it for a bad guy. He nods and gets up*


Johnny: *Looks at his watch, and presses a red button activating it*

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Johnny Lightning

Johnny: *In a parking garage. He starts to run as he selects the 1958 Plymouth Belvedere. Once he selects it, he jumps into mid-air making the car automatically appear with him in it. He drifts left out of the parking garage*


ISIS Members: *Walking together with AK47's*
Johnny: *Runs out from a building behind them, and bashes their heads together*


Johnny: *Jumps out of a helicopter with a parachute. After a few seconds, he deploys it, and slowly goes down towards a rooftop*


Johnny: *Slides down towards a gravestone with an M14, and fires five bullets*


Johnny: *Combing his hair, and then cleans the lenses of his glasses*


Johnny: *Running on a boxcar. He jumps on a gondola, doing a front roll once he lands. He grabs a guy in a black coat, and punches him three times, then throws him off*


Commander Kane: *Sitting behind his schreibtisch with his feet on them*

Jack Nicholson as Commander Kane

Johnny: *Drives back into the parking garage. He stops the car, gets out, and hits the red button. His Plymouth Belvedere disappears, going back into the watch*

At a gas station, a lincoln was pulling up to one of the pumps when it was cut off Von a Jeep going 30 miles an hour. The driver was a 19 Jahr old girl.

Episode 4: Vengeance

Girl: *Opens her window*
Attendant: Hi.
Girl: Hello. Fill it regular. *Holds out her card*
Attendant: Of course.

Special Guest Stars

Richard Jenkins as Sal Salvadore
Sir Topham Hatt as Ted Esler
Marie Schunemann as Mabel Exla

Sal: *Steps out of his car*
Attendant: Do Du want anything?
Sal: *Gives the attendant thirty dollars* Thirty regular. *Walks over to the Jeep*
Girl: *Enjoying the breeze with the open window*
Sal: *Looking at the girl* Excuse me.
Girl: *Looks at Sal*
Sal: Du could have caused an accident back there. Du should be Mehr careful.
Girl: *Closes her window*
Sal: *Grabs a gun, and breaks the window*
Girl: *Looks at Sal*
Sal: *Shoots the girl three times*
Attendant: *Running over to Sal*
Sal: *Shoots the attendant twice*

Song (Start at 1:06): link

Sal: *Takes the girl's credit card, then walks over to the attendant, taking back his thirty dollars. He stops the pump, puts the nozzle back, closes his gas tank, then gets back in his car to drive away*

Stop the song

Johnny: *Walking out the main exit*
Commander Kane: *Walking towards Johnny* Johnny, thank goodness I found you.
Johnny: What's wrong?
Commander Kane: Get one of your cars, and I'll explain everything.

Off of Interstate 395, just south of Langley was the gas station where the girl was murdered. Johnny went over with Commander Kane in his Plymouth.

Johnny: *Gets out with Commander Kane*
Commander Kane: *Walks with Johnny to the crime scene* One of our agents Lost his daughter. She was killed Von a man just because she beat him here to the gas station.
Johnny: Talk about losing your temper.
Commander Kane: We believe he also stahl, stola her credit card. One of the attendants was also killed.
Ted: Hello Commander, and Johnny.
Johnny: What are Du doing here Esler?
Ted: Helping with this crime scene. We've been getting a little trouble with the feds though. Here comes one of their guys.
FBI Agent: Well, looks like the CIA got Mehr guys on this.
Johnny: Heard you've been giving Ted here a problem.
FBI Agent: He's interfering with our business.
Ted: Your business?
Commander Kane: The daughter of one of our agents was murdered.
FBI Agent: On our turf.
Johnny: Oh please. Since when did Du care about people getting killed?
FBI Agent: Watch yourself Johnny. Du were once with us. Remember?
Johnny: That was before I knew Du bastards worked against our country. Ever since 9/11, you've slowly been killing this country, making things worse for the good people that live here.
FBI Agent: Heh. 9/11, huh? I hate when people bring that up.
Johnny: Because Du know it's true.
FBI Agent: We're keeping an eye on Du guys. Don't step out of line. *Walks away*
Johnny: I never should have joined the bureau.
Commander Kane: How much progress did we get so far?
Ted: The security cameras got footage of our murderer. Anybody know a man named Sal Salvadore?
Johnny: Wasn't he responsible for part of that jewel heist in New England?
Ted: That's right. No one was ever able to find him since, but I think we got a chance now. Johnny, come with me.
Johnny: *Nods, following Ted*

Ted and Johnny were watching security footage of their suspect driving away.

Ted: The license plate is DRD-6764.
Johnny: Contact Mabel, and see if Du can get her to track down that car.
Ted: Way ahead of you. *Gets on his phone, and calls Mabel*
Mabel: *Picks up her phone* Exla.
Ted: Mabel, it's Ted. I need Du to track a lincoln Towncar with the license plate, DRD-6764.
Mabel: *On her laptop* I'm on it. Oh Von the way, how's Johnny doing?
Ted: He's here with me, but Du can't talk to him until Du find that car.
Mabel: I'm already on it. *Searching* He's at Peking Gourmet Inn on Leesburg Pike.
Johnny: I know where that is. *Runs towards his Plymouth*
Ted: Wait, don't Du want to talk to Mabel?
Johnny: *Gets into his car, and drives away*
FBI Agent: *Puts a finger on his ear piece* Understood. He won't be a problem. *Gets into a black Camaro*
Johnny: *Turns right onto Seminary Road*
FBI Agent: *Starts his Camaro, and drives*
Johnny: *On a bridge, crossing over Interstate 395. He looks back, and sees a black Camaro*

Sal was getting into his car, and driving away.

Johnny: *Hears his phone ringing, and Antwort it* Lightning.
Mabel: Johnny, your target is moving. He's heading for Bailey's Crossroads. I'll let Du know where he goes from there.
Johnny: Okay. Von the way, can Du Suchen up another car for me?
Mabel: What for?
Johnny: I think I'm being tailed. It's a black 2016 Camaro with Maryland license plates. DCD-474.
Mabel: Wait for it. *Gets her info* That car is owned Von the FBI.
Johnny: Alright, call Commander Kane. I think I'll need his help.
Mabel: Okay babe. Be careful.
Johnny: I'll do anything for Du sweetheart. I gotta go. *Hangs up*

After entering the town of Bailey's Crossroads, Sal started heading west on 244. Johnny and the FBI agent were still following him, but Sal was not aware of this.

Johnny: *Looking back at the FBI agent*
FBI Agent: *Lowers his window*

Song: link

Johnny: *Pulls out his 45, and shoots the FBI Agent in the arm*
Sal: *Looks back at the two cars, and floors it*
Johnny: *Following Sal*
FBI Agent: *Following Johnny* I need backup! This is urgent!!
FBI: 10-4. We have your location.
Johnny: Mabel, where's Kane? Sal's making a run for it, and the FBI are still on my ass!! *Watches a bullet hit his door*
Mabel: Kane, and several others are on their way Von car, and helicopter.

Mehr helicopters were on the way, from the FBI.

FBI Agent: It's the red, white, and blue Plymouth! Take him down first!!!
Johnny: *Looks at the FBI Choppers* Are Du serious?
Sal: What the hell is even going on?!
Johnny: *Shoots three bullets at one of the pilots*

One of the FBI's choppers started going down. It crash landed into a fuel truck.

Johnny: Have a good Tag in hell.
Sal: *Passes a Subaru, and a Mitsubishi*
FBI Agent: *Fires two bullets at Johnny. One hits his back window, but the other hits one of Sal's tires*
Johnny: That was too close.
Sal: *Losing control, and stops on the side of the road*
Johnny: *Pulls over, and gets out of his car. He hits a red button, making his car go back into the watch*
Sal: *Turns the key in his car, but it won't start* Oh no!!!! *Turns the key again*
Johnny: *Grabs Sal* You're in trouble, but I'll help you.
Sal: How?!
FBI Agent: *Backing his car up towards Johnny*
Johnny: Follow me!

They started running towards Lake Barcroft. The CIA, and FBI started engaging each other in their helicopters.

Commander Kane: *In a black Mustang* Keep those choppers at bay. The rest of us will get that agent hunting down Johnny, and Sal.

Stop the song. Johnny and Sal were getting towards Lake Balcroft, but their troubles weren't over just yet.

FBI Agent: Hold it!!
Johnny: *Stops with Sal*
Commander Kane: *Shoots the FBI's gun*
FBI Agent: *Turns around*
Commander Kane: Don't make any sudden movements. You're under arrest.
FBI Agent: Says who?

An FBI chopper gets shot down Von a CIA chopper immediately after he asks that question.

Johnny: Your organization is losing.
Commander Kane: Sal's coming with us.
Johnny: And so are you.
FBI Agent: Goddammit.

Weiter day, back at CIA Headquarters.

Johnny: *Arrives at HQ in his Karmann Ghia*
Commander Kane: Hey. Did Du make the car lighter?
Johnny: *Gets out* Yeah, I modified the code used to make this car appear, and not only is it lighter, but it's also Mehr powerful.
Commander Kane: Wanna go to Watkins Glen again?
Johnny: Du bet. Let's get some rope, and throw that FBI agent out in the middle of the track.
Commander Kane: *Laughing*

Song (Start at 1:04): link

The End

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