So xD Fuck it.

-Raw Chicken
Evolves into Baked Chicken.
Alternate Evolution 1: Fried Chicken.
Alternate Evolution 2: Roasted Chicken
Ultimate Evolution: Gourmet Chicken

-Raw Fish
Alternate Evolutions Include But Not Limited Too The Following: Sushi, Fried Fish, Baked Fish, Grilled Fish, Steamed Fish,
Ultimate Evolution: Ginger-Crusted Onaga

Evolves into White Bread
Alternate Evolution 2: Brown Bread
Evolution after White brot is chosen: Loaf
Evolution after Brown brot is chosen: Biscuit
Ultimate Evolution: Croissant (In Carl's voice)
Ultimate Evolution 2: Nugget in a Biscuit

Alternate Evolutions: Green Apple, Yellow Apple
Evolution 2: Granny Smith apfel, apple
Evolution 2 Alternatives: Green Granny Smith, Yellow Granny Smith, Fuji Apple, Rome Apple, Jazz Apple
Evolution 3: Hokuto apfel, apple *same alternative evolutions*
Ultimate Evolution: Pineapple

Evolves into Purple Cauliflower
Ultimate Evolution: Brocoli

Aaaaaand that concludes it!