(Songs and commentary will be listed after the poem. Enjoy!)

1-Welcome to your life,
2-Burning red and honestly.
3-How pure the darkness,
4-If Du ignore the terminology.

5-Your toxic stare,
6-Up against the wall.
7-Now that you're gone forever,
8-You're just a know it all.

9-I used to roll the dice,
10-Like as not it's better so.
11-This is my curse,
12-I've many Mehr miles to go.

13-I don't want to live another moment,
14-But can Du see that I'm in real danger.
15-My legs are dangling off the edge,
16-Her eyes were eyes of a stranger.

17-So much for your promises,
18-The poison blume comes uncurled.
19-Now that I'm gone,
20-Let the banners be unfurled.

Song Index

1-link Von Tears For Fears
2-link Von Downplay
3-link Von Mark Patterson
4-link Von Million Dead

5-link Von Dear Agony
6-link Von Pistolen N' Roses
7-link Von Three Days Grace
8-link Von Fivefold

9-link Von Coldplay
10-link Von Bob Dylan
11-link Von Killswitch Engage
12-link Von Tom Waits

13-link Von Dark Signal
14-link Von Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band
15-link Von Hollywood Undead
16-link Von The Deele

17-link Von Johnny Hates Jazz
18-link Von Finger Eleven
19-link Von Cold Driven
20-link Von Rush


So even though this wasn't that long, only consisting of five stanzas, this took me about an Stunde and a half to work on, with editing, proofreading, and all. A website called RhymeZone came in very handy for finding some new lyrics, as well as some great songs I've never heard of before, but generally, I used songs that I already liked.

This was a very fun little project to work on, as it really brings out the creativity in you, I feel. Go ahead and try this out for yourself if Du want, it's really fun, albeit time-consuming.

Matter of fact, I would've made this a full-on challenge for all of the Zufällig club, but I got exhausted after five stanzas, and I feel that's not too much to brag about. Most of the time here went into the damn text formatting, but I digress. XD

Hope Du guys enjoyed, this was an avant-garde challenge. Again, feel free to do your own, I'd Liebe to see what others can do with this.

Deathding Out!