Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.

A ship was seen flying into Geonosis. Once it landed, a man on a speeder bike drove out.

Song: link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A star, sterne Wars Fan Fiction

The Bounty Hunter


Sean Bodine as Logan
Amanda Licciardi as Meghan
Joshua Nilsen as Major Delgado
Craig Sheffer as Jeremy Perrash
Rob Paulsen as Alain Melvoin
Bruce Penhall as Serran Konhella
Larry Storch as Cignal Kine
Tabby Rutowski as Ess R' Tee

Logan: *Riding the speeder bike up a hill, making a big trail of dust*

Based off of the 1969 film, Two Mules For Sister Sara

The following takes place 44 years before The Phantom Menace. Back then, Naboo was the planet to fear. Cignal Kine, ruler of the planet for ten years, has been ruthless, and took control of many other planets. All he needed now was Geonosis. One man, a bounty hunter, was called to this desert planet to help the Geonosians fight off the army from Naboo, and save it's people.

Logan: *Stops his speeder bike, and looks at four men pointing blasters at a woman*

Logan has two weapons. A blaster: link

And a lightsaber: link

How a bounty hunter got a lightsaber will be explained later on in the story.

Man 3: Just give us your credits, and we'll take off.
Man 4: We promise we'll leave Du alone.
Meghan: I don't have any credits.
Man 3: Stop lying to us!
Man 2: Take her clothes off.
Meghan: No!!
Logan: *Activates his lightsaber* Party's over. Let her go.
Man 4: A Jedi.
Man 2: Hey, why don't Du turn off that laser sword, and come have some fun?
Logan: I guess I didn't make myself clear.
Man 1: Boys, shoot that son of a bitch.
Men: *Shooting at Logan*
Logan: *Blocking their shots with his lightsaber*

Three of the men got hit.

Logan: *Turns off his lightsaber, then uses his KH70 blaster to shoot the other man*
Meghan: *Looking at the four men, now dead* Du just saved my life.
Logan: Don't mention it. Are Du hungry?
Meghan: I am now that Du mention it.
Logan: Let's take some of their food.
Meghan: No. That wouldn't be right.
Logan: After the way they treated you? Come on. I say we take it.
Meghan: I guess I can't stop you. I have my own food, but some of my things were stolen. I'll get them from one of their speeder bikes.
Logan: Du do that. *Grabs two boxes of food, and a bottle of water*

He looked at Meghan walking back to him, but wasn't expecting what he saw.

Logan: Jesus christ.
Meghan: *Dressed as a nun, and is wearing a cross* Now I'm ready to have some of their food.
Logan: What the hell is a nun doing all the way out here?
Meghan: I'm on a mission to help the Geonosians push Naboo's army out of this planet.
Logan: Did somebody drop Du off here? I see the men's speeder bikes, but I don't see anything else.
Meghan: I was dropped off a few miles back. Started walking from there.
Logan: Did Du bring anything else with you?
Meghan: No.
Logan: How do Du plan to survive on this planet with nothing but your clothing?
Meghan: My prayers were answered when I got you. Now, let's eat.

They sat down, and had some food, stolen from the men that attempted to rob Meghan.

Logan and Meghan were sitting down Weiter to each other, still eating some of the Essen stolen from the men that tried to rob Meghan.

Meghan: Von the way, I never got your name.
Logan: Name's Logan. Yours?
Meghan: Meghan.
Logan: Nice name.
Meghan: Thanks. Nice meal.
Logan: Helps when Du steal it from dead people. A lot of things I have are stolen.
Meghan: Excuse me brother Logan. *Picks up her water bottle, and goes towards one of the dead men*
Logan: *Watching Meghan*
Meghan: *Opens the bottle, and pours some of the water onto the man's forehead*
Logan: Whoa. *Runs towards Meghan, and snatches the water from her* If Du don't want it, just let me have it! Du don't have to waste any!
Meghan: I wasn't. I was honoring the dead.

A blast from a tank was heard.

Song: link

Logan: We'll be dead too if we don't head out of here. *Runs to the speeder bike* Hurry up!
Meghan: I can't run fast.
Logan: *Starts the speeder bike, and waits for Meghan*
Meghan: *Gets on behind Logan*
Logan: About time. If Du weren't a nun, I'd leave Du behind. *Takes off*

The tanks were getting close, and fired three Mehr shots. Each shot missed, landing behind Logan's speeder bike.

Meghan: Ah!
Logan: *Looks back* We're leaving a trail. We have to find a way to lose them without leaving a trace. *Goes right*
Naboo Trooper 53: Nous les perdons. Envoyez cinq vélos speeder pour les intercepter. (We are losing them. Send five speeder bikes to intercept them)
Logan: *Sees a stream, and slows down as he goes left, against the current*
Meghan: Why are we slowing down?
Logan: Don't worry, those rocks will give us cover. We have to take it slow, otherwise they'll hear us. Plus we don't want to slow down the current. That could also give away our position.

But behind them, were five speeder bikes. Each being driven Von a Naboo Trooper.

Meghan: Looks like your plan didn't work.
Logan: *Speeds up*
Meghan: What if they shoot us?
Logan: Don't worry, their bikes have no blasters, and their rifles are too big to carry while riding. At least we Lost the tanks.
Meghan: True.
Logan: *Goes right, heading away from the stream*
Naboo Troopers: *Following Logan*
Logan: *Holding his KH70* Take my blaster, and knock one of them off, will you?
Meghan: But I can't use a blaster!
Logan: Our lives depend on it Meghan!
Meghan: *Points back, and shoots the first rider*
Naboo Trooper: *Falls off his speeder bike*

The Sekunde one crashed, causing an explosion. He killed himself along with the third one.

Naboo Trooper 64: *Stops* Go after him, I'm putting out the fire!
Naboo Tooper 75: On it. *Passes the wreck* But I can't find them.
Logan: *Stops in an abandoned castle* Go inside one of those rooms, will you?
Meghan: *Goes into the room Weiter to the speeder bike*
Logan: *Covering up the speeder bike with vines, then opens up one of the cabinets* In case Du get too close. *Takes out a detpack, and activates it. He places it in front of the speeder bike*
Naboo Trooper 75: *Riding towards the castle*
Logan: *Walks up Weiter to Meghan* Hey.
Meghan: Ah! *Turns around, and sees Logan* Oh it's you.
Logan: Now stay silent. I hear one of them coming.
Naboo Trooper 75: *Passes the castle, then starts to ride around it*
Logan: *Listening to the engine* He's circling around. Stay down. *Lays on the floor with Meghan*
Naboo Trooper 75: *Looking into the schloss through the windows, then talks on a walkie talkie* Je les ai perdues. Revenant pour se regrouper. (I Lost them. Heading back to regroup.)
Logan: *Gets up, watching the trooper ride away* Okay, you're safe. Get up.
Meghan: *Stands up* Now what?
Logan: *Walks to his detpack* Well.
Meghan: *Following Logan*
Logan: *Deactivates the detpack, putting it back into the cabinet* We won't be needing that. *Walks with Meghan outside of the castle* The sun is starting to go down. We'll make a fire, and have ourselves a cook out.

The feuer was inside the castle, in one of the abandoned rooms. Logan and Meghan sat down, enjoying the warmth, and light it was providing. They were also enjoying hot dogs.

Logan: Where are Du heading?
Meghan: I have to meet a Geonosian in Beebee.
Logan: Beebee? That's not far from where I'm heading. I need to get to Soudera within.. *Checks his watch* 45 hours.
Meghan: Really? What for?
Logan: For a job. I'm a bounty hunter.
Meghan: I guess that explains why Du stahl, stola some things like Du told me earlier.
Logan: I'm just making my way through life, like everybody else in this galaxy.
Meghan: How about that lightsaber?
Logan: What about it?
Meghan: Did Du steal that from a jedi?
Logan: No, I never even encountered one. It's funny how I have a weapon used Von them, even though I never met one.
Meghan: Do Du know how to use the force?
Logan: Never learned. Never had the interest, but I think it's important to have a weapon that gives Du an advantage over a blaster.
Meghan: How did Du get the lightsaber?
Logan: I built it. I found a kyber crystal in Jedha five years ago, which gave me the idea to start building one. It wasn't easy, but I found all the parts I needed on wolke City, along with the drill.
Meghan: A drill?
Logan: In case I need to dig.
Meghan: Do Du mind if I ask what your job is on this planet?
Logan: To help push Naboo out of this planet. Is that why you're going to meet your friend in Beebee?
Meghan: Yes. I need to help save some prisoners before they're killed.
Logan: Well I'll be glad to help Du out, as long as it doesn't hold us up for long.
Meghan: Thank Du brother Logan.
Logan: Du don't have to call me brother, but we could get some Mehr firewood. Du mind getting Mehr for us?
Meghan: Sure. *Walks away to get Mehr wood*

But as Meghan was out of the schloss collecting Mehr wood, she took out a bottle of whisky, and began to drink it.

Logan: *Laying down, relaxing. He watches Meghan walk over with Mehr wood* Excellent. Put it down Weiter to the fire, I'll take care of it.
Meghan: *Puts the five pieces of wood Weiter to the fire*
Logan: *Takes two pieces, and puts it in the fire*
Meghan: Were Du always a bounty hunter?
Logan: Not always. When I was 17 I fought for Yavin 4 in a civil war against the southern sector of the planet. I left a Jahr later, and that's when I became a bounty hunter. stahl, stola some army supplies, and sold them to get my ship, and speeder bike. I don't like that planet. I don't want anything to do with Yavin 4, oder anyone from that planet.
Meghan: Why did Du fight in the war then?
Logan: *Opens his water canteen* Everybody has the right to be a sucker at least once. *Drinks his water* Let's get some shut eye. We should leave early tomorrow morning. *Grabs a few blankets from another cabinet on his speeder bike* That floor is uncomfortable without one of these. Take one.
Meghan: *Grabs a blanket* Thank you. *Lays down, and falls asleep
Logan: *Gives Meghan a Sekunde blanket, leaving himself with two more*

It was dawn when Meghan woke up to see Logan's foot on her stomach.

Logan: Good morning. *Takes his foot off of her* We gotta get going.
Meghan: *Yawns as she gets up* First time I ever had a man wake me up.
Logan: *Picks up his blankets* Probably because being a nun and all, you're not allowed to datum men.
Meghan: That is true. *Watches Logan walk back to his speeder* Are Du married Logan?
Logan: Nope. *Puts his blankets back in the cabinet*
Meghan: *Throws her blankets to Logan* Ever dated anyone?
Logan: *Catches the blankets, and puts them back too* Nope.
Meghan: Ever wanted to?
Logan: *Stares at Meghan* Nope.
Meghan: *Walks to Logan* Why not?
Logan: What for? So I could have someone tell me what to do, oder when to do it? Tell me to stop spending my credits? Nag non-stop about other shit? No thanks. Not interested. *Gets on the speeder bike* Hurry up and get on board.

On the way to Beebee, Logan and Meghan stopped in another town.

Meghan: This will be a good place to look for a blaster.
Logan: Aren't Du forbidden to use blasters?
Meghan: I already used yours once. I might as well have my own.
Logan: Alright, Du find yourself a blaster. I gotta get two Mehr detpacks. We'll meet back at the speeder bike.
Geonosians: *Flying past, carrying Geonosian Carbines*
Logan: *Looks up at the Geonosians*
Meghan: *Looks at a wooden blaster rifle*
Dealer: I stahl, stola this from one of Naboo's soldiers after I killed him. Take it.
Meghan: What do I owe you?
Dealer: Nothing. Take it, please. Anything for a nun such as yourself is free.
Meghan: *Takes the rifle* Much obliged.
Geonosian: Bloo bloo tokai!
Logan: Alright thanks. We'll clear out once I get my detpacks.

Meghan was waiting for Logan. She saw him walking back with the detpacks he wanted.

Logan: Good, Du got your blaster. Get on.
Meghan: What now?
Logan: We gotta go south. Enemy soldiers are coming towards us in tanks. *Gets on the speeder bike with Meghan, and rides away*
Meghan: But Beebee is north.
Logan: We won't make it there if Naboo's soldiers spot us. We'll make our way west, and give ourselves enough distance from them to start making our way back to Beebee. Tell me Mehr about the Geonosian you're meeting.
Meghan: Aside from saving prisoners, we spoke about sabotaging one of their convoys on a river.
Logan: So this convoy has boats.
Meghan: Yeah, but I need Mehr information.
Logan: Alright.

It was night. Meghan was sleeping.

Logan: *Pokes Meghan with his foot*
Meghan: *Wakes up, and looks at Logan*
Logan: I want Du up in that tree.
Meghan: Why?
Logan: I heard something growling.

Song: link

Meghan: *Goes to the tree, but can't climb up*
Logan: Go on, I'll help you. *Puts his hands on Meghan's butt, and pushes her up*
Meghan: Oh! *Makes it up onto a thick branch*
Logan: *Turns on his lightsaber*
Geonosians: *Flying towards Logan*

Stop the song

Logan: *Turns off his lightsaber*
Geonosian: Floo, ka floo floo!
Logan: Good to know. Thank you.
Geonosians: *Flying away*
Logan: Alright, Du can come down. *Helps Meghan down from the tree*
Meghan: What happened?
Logan: Our Geonosian Friends saw the monster before we did. They didn't say what it was, but it's gone now. It's time to get back to sleep.
Meghan: *Lays down with Logan*
Logan: Anyway, I hope Du don't mind where I put my hands to help Du up the tree.
Meghan: Oh that's okay Logan. I've had many people touch my arsch before.
Logan: *Sits up, giving Meghan a shocked look* Where'd Du learn that word?
Meghan: What word?
Logan: Ass.
Meghan: Oh, another nun. Met her once in Wayland. She was teaching me, and a few other nuns different words for parts of the human body. Was a little drunk, and sagte a few words she shouldn't have.
Logan: I'd sure like to know what she did before becoming a nun. Heck, it might not even hurt to check out that planet.

Song (Start at 0:05): link

On their way to Soudera, Logan and Meghan stopped at the town of Beebee. Soldier's from Naboo's army were all over the town.

Logan: *Stops behind a rock*

Stop the song

Logan: I'll stay out of sight here while Du go save the prisoners, and get Mehr info about that convoy.
Meghan: Okay.
Logan: Remember, if Du need my help, transmit two green lights on your wrist communicator.
Meghan: I got it. *Walks down the mountain*
Logan: *Sits down, and smokes a cigarette*
Meghan: *Reaches a Geonosian wearing a halskette with a dreieck made out of carbonite* I'm here.
Geonosian: Where have Du been? They're going to execute the prisoners.

Seven Geonosians were leaning on a wall. Naboo soldiers were pointing blasters at them.

Naboo Captain: Prêt!
Naboo Soldiers: *Grabbing their blasters*
Naboo Captain: Objectif!
Naboo Soldiers: *Pointing them at the prisoners*
Geonosian: I'm afraid we can't do anything.
Naboo Captain: Feu!
Naboo Soldiers: *Shooting the Geonosians*
Meghan: At least we have Mehr information about the convoy.
Geonosian: Quite. Du must go to the bridge outside of Soudera. It goes over the river that the convoy is using to bring reinforcements & supplies into the town.
Meghan: My friend has a couple of detpacks. They'll come in handy.
Geonosian: Good. Go now.
Meghan: *Running to Logan*

But before she could even make it up the hill, someone grabbed her shoulder.

Meghan: *Turns around, and looks at two men*
Jeremy: Are Du a nurse?
Meghan: Yes.
Alain: Du must come with us.
Jeremy: *Pulling Meghan into the building*
Alain: One of our officers was wounded while fighting Geonosians.
Jeremy: Wait here. *Walks to a Major, laying in a bed* Excusez-moi monsieur. Nous avons trouvé une infirmière pour vous aider. (Excuse me sir. We found a nurse to help you.)
Naboo Major: Apportez-la ici.
Meghan: *Walks over to the Major*
Naboo Major: *Sees Meghan, and becomes angry* Non! Qu'est-ce que cette chienne fait ici? Elle aide les Géonosiens! *Dies*
Meghan: *Scared* I don't understand. I've never seen him before!
Alain: I'm sorry. We gave him a lot of champagne yesterday. He was probably still drunk.
Jeremy: Du are free to go.
Meghan: *Walks out of the building*

Song (Start at 0:05): link

But when she got to the oben, nach oben of the hill, Meghan was running frantically towards Logan.

Logan: *Watching Meghan*
Meghan: *Grabs a bottle of whiskey, and starts drinking all of it*

Stop the song

Logan: Whoa, whoa there! Settle down!!!
Meghan: They saw me. I nearly got caught.
Logan: What the hell are Du on about?!
Meghan: A Major, saw me.
Logan: What did he do about it?
Meghan: Nothing. He's dead.
Logan: Alright, so what are Du worried about?
Meghan: There was Mehr of them. When he told them I was helping the Geonosians, they thought he was drunk. I didn't know what to do!
Logan: Alright, look. Du made it out of there in one piece. Did Du get any info about that convoy?
Meghan: They're heading for Soudera. We can use the bridge just out of town to stop them.
Logan: Alright. I know what to do. *Gets on his speeder bike* Come on Meghan. *Starts up the bike* Let's send those bastards from Naboo to hell.
Meghan: *Climbs on behind Logan* Sounds interesting.
Logan: *Starts to ride*
Meghan: I have never seen people get sent to hell before.

A few miles out of town

Logan: *Riding his speeder bike up a mountain*
Meghan: *Looking at Mehr mountains to the right*

Song: link

Suddenly, a bullet hit Logan's shoulder.

Logan: Ah! *Falls off the speeder bike*
Meghan: *Gets down Weiter to Logan, then looks up* Sand people.
Logan: What are Du talking about?
Meghan: They're not like the sand people in Tatooine.
Logan: Yeah, well I can tell that they don't use sticks, but what else is different about these sand people?
Meghan: Besides using antique blasters, *Holds out her cross* They are superstitious.
Logan: *Holding his KH70 blaster* That's not going to help sister.
Meghan: Put your blaster away brother Logan. I know what I'm doing.
Sand People: *Looking at the cross*
Sand Person 43: *Pointing his gun at Meghan*
Sand Person 56: *Pushes the gun* Let them pass. They do no harm. Pala leekee tarma!!!!!! *Leaves with the other Geonosian sand people*

Stop the song

Meghan: Can Du get up?
Logan: If Du give me a hand, sure.
Meghan: *Helps Logan stand up* See how powerful the lord is brother Logan?
Logan: *Gets on the speeder bike* Yeah, sure. Stop calling me brother.
Meghan: *Gets on behind Logan, angry* Sorry.

They rode towards a small abandoned shed. A big pile of wood was outside. Logan was leaning on it while Meghan was inside, trying to find a way to get the bullet out of her friend.

Logan: *Singing a song while carrying a bottle of whiskey* I've been to Aargonar, Abafar, Abednedo, Abhean, Abregado-Rae, Absanz, Adumar, Aeten, Affa, Agamar, Agaris, Agarian, Ahakista, Ahch-To, Ai'ken Prime, Akiva, Akuria, Alderaan, Aleen, Algarian, Alpheridies, and Alpinn. See what I mean? Yeah.
Meghan: *Walks outside, listening to Logan's song*
Logan: I've been everywhere man, I crossed the outer rim man, I breathed the mountain air man, I traveled & done my share man. I've been everywhere.
Meghan: There's no way you've been to all those planets.
Logan: No, it's just a song. It's a long one too, but it doesn't feature every single planet. That would be a pain in the arsch to sing about.
Meghan: Well, I found something that might help us with your bullet. *Holding a small magnetic pole* Stick this into your wound, and pull out the bullet.
Logan: Then get to it. *Drinking Mehr whiskey*
Meghan: Du shouldn't drink all that. Du could get drunk.
Logan: Too late. I'm drunk. *Continues his song* I've been to Balamak, Balmorra, Balosar, Balnab, Bamayar, Bardotta, Bastatha, Basteel, Bastion, Bavva, what the hell is that other planet?
Meghan: *Pulls out the bullet*
Logan: Ooh. *Looks at the bullet on Meghan's magnetic pole* Good work sister.
Meghan: Thank Du Logan.
Logan: Du know. You're really beautiful. *Hugs Meghan* Du smell like bantha fodder, but you're still fun to be with.
Meghan: I'm sure if Du weren't drunk, Du wouldn't say things like that. I'm going to forgive you, and pretend it never happened.
Logan: No no. *Leans his head on her shoulder* It did happen. Take your clothes off sister. Take your- *Falls down*

Logan woke up, only to find himself sitting Weiter to the speeder bike.

Logan: *Looks at the wood pile he was leaning on* What the?
Meghan: Du passed out. I thought I'd take Du over to your speeder bike.
Logan: How much time passed since Du took out the bullet?
Meghan: An hour.
Logan: An hour?! The convoy probably already passed under the bridge. We need to go now!
Meghan: Are Du still feeling drunk?
Logan: Yeah, Du need to drive. I'll hold onto Du until we reach the bridge.
Meghan: *Starts the speeder bike*
Logan: *Holding onto Meghan*
Meghan: *Moves forward*

They reached the bridge that went over the river to Soudera.

Logan: Oh joy. That's a beautiful bridge. It would be a shame if it fell, and took down a boat. oder two.
Meghan: Should Du even handle those explosives while you're intoxicated?
Logan: You're going to. I'll help Du out, and then Du walk across, and set up the 2nd detpack yourself.
Meghan: We're setting up two detpacks at the same time?
Logan: Yeah.
Meghan: That's not even possible. The detonator will only allow one detpack to explode.
Logan: That's where you're wrong. I got another detonator for that Sekunde detpack. Your rifle.
Meghan: You're going to shoot the 2nd detpack?
Logan: Not until Du set it up. Let's get to it. *Walks with Meghan*

They reached the first part of the bridge, and Logan set up the first detpack.

Logan: We're also going to cut off some of the supports to make it weaker. *Turns on his lightsaber. He can barely hold it steady as he cuts off one of the support beams on the side*
Meghan: It's a miracle Du haven't cut off your legs.
Logan: *Turns off his lightsaber* Okay, now Du do it. *Gives Meghan his lightsaber* Get out there, and get the 2nd detpack set up, and cut off one of the supports.
Meghan: *Grabs the lightsaber, and a 2nd detpack. She goes to the other end of the bridge*

Meghan felt nervous as she walked to the other end of the bridge, but she placed the 2nd detpack on the ground, and cut off a support beam on the side.

Logan: *Watching Meghan use his lightsaber*
Meghan: *Turns off the lightsaber, and runs to Logan*
Logan: Alright, good. *Grabs Meghan's gewehr from the speeder bike*
Meghan: Du can't shoot that detpack.
Logan: What are Du talking about?
Meghan: Du could barely keep your hand steady while Du were using the lightsaber.
Logan: Look, I don't need Du telling me what I can, and cannot do. I'm the man. I know what I can, and cannot do.
Meghan: Alright, let's see if Du can hit something similar to the size of that detpack.
Logan: Like what?
Meghan: *Looks at a rock on oben, nach oben of a boulder* Like that rock over there. Can Du hit that rock?
Logan: *Holding up the rifle* That'll be easy. *Pointing it at the rock, but he can barely keep it still. He fires once, shooting the ground to the right*
Meghan: Ooh!!
Logan: Let me try again. *Pointing the gewehr too high, and shoots a tree*
Meghan: Ooh! With your wound, it makes things even worse! You'll never get sober in time!
Logan: Don't worry. Just set us up some hot coffee, and I'll be ready.

But then, Meghan looked at a group of five boats, moving up the river to reach Soudera.

Meghan: *Making a fist* I'll fix Du up some hot coffee alright!!!
Logan: *Falls down again, and is fast asleep*
Meghan: *Punching Logan* Sober up Du drunk son of a bitch!! *Watching the convoy get closer to the bridge. She grabs the rifle, and shoots the detpack on the far side of the bridge. Once it explodes, she grabs the detonator, and sets off the other detpack*

The bridge fell towards the river, demolishing the first two boats. The explosion caused the other three boats to be destroyed.

Logan: *Wakes up*
Meghan: Look Logan! I did it!
Logan: Great. Now let me ask Du something. Did I, oder did I not hear Du call me a son of a bitch?
Meghan: Du must have imagined it when Du were drunk.

Song: link

Logan & Meghan found another way to kreuz the stream, and arrived in the town of Soudera.

Logan: *Stops in front of a cantina*
Meghan: What are we doing here?
Logan: Meeting my client. *Gets off of the speeder bike* Let's go.
Meghan: *Walks with Logan to the cantina*

Stop the song, and play this one: link

Logan & Meghan were the only humans inside the cantina. Everyone else was a Geonosian.

Logan: *Sits down with Meghan*
Geonosian Waiter: *Walks over to the table*
Logan: Hi. I'd like a bottle of 78 Jahr old champagne imported from Naboo.
Geonosian Waiter: Hm?
Logan: I sagte I'd like a bottle of 78 Jahr old champagne imported from Naboo.
Geonosian Waiter: Un momento. *Walks away*
Logan: Great. I'm gegeben a code, and I can't get the damn Geonosian to speak Basic. How am I supposed to use the code?

A Geonosian youngling returned with the waiter.

Logan: *Looks at the youngling*
Geonosian Waiter: He speak Basic.
Logan: Du speak Basic?
Geonosian Youngling: Yes, but I don't know many words.
Logan: Do Du know any other Geonosians that are fluent in Basic?
Geonosian Youngling: My father. Follow. *Walks outside*
Logan: *Walks with Meghan as he follows the youngling*

Stop the song. Behind the cantina was a small house. The youngling's parents were inside.

Geonosian Father: *Laying down in a bed*
Geonosian Mother: Para too flooooow!
Logan: What did she say?
Geonosian Youngling: My father is sick. He has a fever.
Logan: Is he awake?
Geonosian Father: Yes. You're early.
Logan: Only Von a couple of hours.
Geonosian Father: True. I cannot go with you. Du will meet a Major Delgado. He is in the Geonosian army, but is human.
Logan: I haven't seen Delgado in a long time. Where do I find him?
Geonosian Father: Travel three miles north, to a cave on a hill. Du can't miss it.
Logan: I don't plan to. Thanks for your help old friend.
Geonosian Father: *Chuckles* In 30 years, you'll be old too. Take care Logan.
Logan: Du too. *Walks out of the house*
Meghan: Du two know each other?
Logan: He's one of my oldest clients.

Logan & Meghan were riding the speeder bike up a hill, passing a rock. Suddenly, a net popped up, stopping the two.

Logan: Whoa.
Men: *Climbing down from the rock. They point blasters at Logan & Meghan*
Man 53: Are Du with Naboo's army?
Logan: No, I'm here to see Major Delgado.
Man 56: Du mean Colonel Delgado!
Logan: I don't care what rank he is, I just want to see him!
Man 56: Get off the bike. Any funny business, and Du both die.

Song: link

Man 53: Get off!! Now!
Logan: *Gets off the speeder bike with Meghan*
Man 56: Up the hill. Get moving!
Logan & Meghan: *Walking together up the hill*
Man 53: And put your hands up!
Logan & Meghan: *Putting their hands up*

When they reached the oben, nach oben of the hill, dozens of Geonosians were watching them. The Geonosians were unloading weapons & supplies from boxes, and putting them in speeders, and ships.

Man 56: Stop here.
Logan & Meghan: *Stop walking*
Man 53: Sargent, get Delgado.
Man 75: Right sir. *Walks into a cave to get Delgado*
Meghan: What's Delgado like?
Logan: You'll see soon.
Meghan: Are Du Friends with him?
Logan: Let's put it this way. If I didn't leave Yavin's Civil war, we'd get along just fine.

Stop the song

Major Delgado: *Walks out of the cave*
Logan: Wait, I thought Du sagte he was a Colonel.
Major Delgado: It's a disguise. Naboo will execute anyone over the rank of Major.
Logan: How did Du get to be a Colonel so quickly?
Major Delgado: Never mind that. What are Du doing here?
Logan: I was told to find you. A Geonosian sagte Du could help me end Naboo's raid on this planet.
Major Delgado: At the moment, we're a bit short of supplies.
Logan: What do Du need?
Major Delgado: A couple of rifles, thermal detonators, and a few rockets wouldn't hurt anybody.
Logan: When do Du need them?
Major Delgado: In 48 hours. We start our attack then.
Logan: Why?
Meghan: It's because of a holiday. Naboo celebrates the anniversary of Cignal Kine's leadership.
Major Delgado: What's more, their Sekunde in command, Serran Konhella, has his birthday. Von the time we stroll up to their fortress, they'll be asleep from drinking too much champagne.
Logan: And Du catch them off-guard. Smart plan.
Major Delgado: And that's how I became a Colonel. Don't tell anyone though. I don't feel like losing my brains.
Logan: Understood. Let's get some credits to buy your weapons.

When nightfall arrived at the cave, several Geonosians returned with a bag full of credits.

Major Delgado: *Looking at the credits* This isn't enough.
Logan: What are Du talking about?
Major Delgado: We need 15,000 Mehr credits! We have 45,000, but we need 60,000.
Logan: Did Du sell all the things Du didn't need?
Major Delgado: Yes.
Logan: What about your men?
Major Delgado: Of course they did.
Logan: How the hell are we going to get the rest of the credits that we need?
Meghan: *Takes off her cross* This is worth 64,000 credits. Take it.
Logan: Are Du allowed to do that?
Meghan: I want to. To help you, and your cause.
Major Delgado: Most generous of Du sister.

Song: link

Weiter morning, Logan was riding his speeder bike towards another abandoned castle. Meghan was riding another speeder bike towards him. They stopped Weiter to each other, and both got off.

Logan: Mornin' Meghan.
Meghan: Good morning Logan.
Meghan: *Takes out a bag of blasters*

Stop the song

Logan: I see Du got the weapons for Delgado, and his soldiers.
Meghan: What were Du just doing earlier?
Logan: I was on my way to buy a few Mehr detpacks.
Meghan: Already taken care of.
Logan: How many did Du get?
Meghan: Four.
Logan: That's wonderful. Thank you. Let's go back to the camp.

Song (Start at 0:40): link

Logan, Meghan, Major Delgado and the others were at another castle. This one was not abandoned, and it provided a good view to the enemy fortress they were planning to raid. The group of humans, and Geonosians walked up a flight of stairs, then walked alongside a cliff. They stopped after walking a few feet, and looked at the enemy fortress.

Stop the song

Major Delgado: *Looking at a lot of Naboo soldiers*
Logan: They're not sleeping!
Human 63: They're the complete opposite of drunk.
Logan: Maybe Du got your calendar mixed up Meghan.
Meghan: I swear, today is the Tag that they celebrate Cignal Kine's anniversary as the leader of Naboo.
Major Delgado: It was those boats Du destroyed. Your sabotage must have put them on full alert.
Logan: Alright, so we find another way to sneak in.
Major Delgado: Forget it. The attack is being called off.
Logan: Du can't call off the attack. We're this close to killing their leader!
Meghan: Gentlemen!

They stopped arguing, and looked at Meghan.

Meghan: I know someone who can help us.

A lady Von the name of Ess R' Tee was with other women. They were in a house when they heard a knock on the door.

Ess R' Tee: I'll get it. *Goes to the door, and opens it. He sees Meghan with Logan, Major Delgado, and his army* This is a nice surprise. Everyone, come in.
Meghan: *Walks in with his friends*
Ess R' Tee: *Hugs Meghan, putting her hands on Meghan's butt*
Logan: *Looks at Ess R' Tee grabbing Meghan's butt, and takes a step back*
Meghan: *Takes off her nun outfit*
Major Delgado: What kind of nun are you?
Meghan: Oh I'm not a nun. In fact I live here. This is a whore house.
Logan: *Angry, he pushes Meghan away from the others* Day, and night? Night, and day?! Du made a sucker out of me?!
Meghan: I'm sorry. Du left me no choice.
Logan: What do Du mean I left Du no choice?
Meghan: When Du first met me after killing those bandits, Du sagte you'd leave me behind if I wasn't a nun.
Logan: Son of a bitch.
Ess R' Tee: Look, it doesn't matter. We need to get you, and your squad into the fortress in order to kill Cignal Kine.
Meghan: We have a secret passage from here to the fortress where Kine, and some others are held up. This building used to belong to Naboo's army.
Ess R' Tee: Until one day, they sold it to me. Your attacks caused that.

Ess R' Tee opened the secret door after moving a carpet, and the whole squadron started walking through the tunnel.

Geonosians: *Holding torches*
Logan: Did Du lie about your name too?
Meghan: No. My name is Meghan.
Major Delgado: How much further until we reach the entrance to their main building?
Ess R' Tee: Not far now.

When they got close however, a fence was blocking their path.

Logan: When did this get put here?
Ess R' Tee: I don't understand.
Major Delgado: Boats. Sabotage.
Logan: Alright, Du don't have to bring that up.
Meghan: They must have put this up recently.
Ess R' Tee: I don't have a key to open this.
Logan: It's safe, sicher to say that the rest of us don't have a key either.
Meghan: Use a detpack to blast it open then.
Logan: Are Du stupid? They'll hear us.
Major Delgado: We need to keep a low Profil in order to enter the base.
Meghan: Then I have another idea. Logan, you're a bounty hunter, right?
Logan: Right.
Meghan: Take me inside with you.
Logan: That's worse than the first plan.
Meghan: It's okay.
Logan: I won't risk your life like that. We gotta come up with another plan.
Meghan: Listen Logan. Everyone has the right to be a sucker at least once. *Hugs Logan as he kisses him*
Logan: Alright, let's do it.

Jeremy, and Alain were in the main building with Serran Konhella, and Cignal Kine. All four of them heard five knocks on the front door.

Serran: I'll get it. *Opens the door, and sees Logan pointing his pistol at Meghan's head* May I help you?
Logan: *Speaking in an Irish accent* Du want this girl, don't you?
Serran: Yes. Come in, please.
Logan: *Pushes Meghan into the building*
Serran: Cignal, we have a bounty hunter with an enemy from the Geonosian army.
Cignal: *Looks at Logan, and Meghan* Ah, nice. Come sit down Du two.
Logan: *Sits down at the tabelle with Meghan*
Meghan: Du bastards won't get away with this. The Geonosians, and it's army will defeat Du all.
Jeremy: *Looking at Meghan*
Alain: *Looking at Logan*
Logan: That's enough out of you.
Alain: Du are a bounty hunter?
Logan: Yes.
Alain: Where are Du from?
Logan: Coruscant. Right in the middle of it's south pole.
Jeremy: That would explain your accent.
Alain: Du ever been to Geonosis before?
Logan: No.

Suddenly, they heard some Geonosians Singen a song. They were Singen in their own language, and were carrying a piñata. On the sides, it sagte A Gift From Geonosis. Little did they know, that there were two detpacks in the piñata.

Cignal: Ah, looks like the Geonosians are bringing us a gift. Have Du ever heard of a piñata?
Logan: *Shakes his head* What's that?
Cignal: It's a little animal made out of cardboard, and paper. They usually hang it on a tree, and hide Süßigkeiten inside.
Logan: Sounds like fun.
Waiter: *Arrives with a karte, warenkorb of food* abendessen is served.
Cignal: Thank you. Let the guests eat first.
Meghan: How considerate of you.
Logan: Charmed.

The Geonosians placed the piñata in front of the main entrance, and began to walk away, still Singen the song.

Ess R' Tee: *Watching through the scope of a rifle* Wait for it.
Major Delgado: *Behind the fence in the secret tunnel, placing another detpack onto the lock*
Geonosians: *Getting behind a building*
Ess R' Tee: *Aims at the piñata* Now. *Shoots the detpacks in the piñata, causing a big explosion*
Major Delgado: *Sets off his detpack, opening the gate*
Cignal: What was that?
Logan: *Shoots Cignal in the forehead, then turns on his lightsaber*
Serran: *Shoots at Logan*
Logan: *Blocks the shot, reflecting it back to Serran*
Serran: *Gets hit in the chest, and falls down*
Logan: *Shoots Alain with his pistol, then hits Jeremy in the stomach with his lightsaber*
Naboo Soldier 63: There's an ambush going on!!
Naboo Soldiers: *Running out of a building with rifles*
Geonosians: *Run into the building, taking some of their rifles*
Logan: *Helps Major Delgado up out of the tunnel* Come on.
Ess R' Tee: *Shoots one of Naboo's soldiers*
Naboo Soldier 95: *Looks to the left, spotting Ess R' Tee* Up there! Sniper!
Ess R' Tee: *Shoots another soldier*
Naboo Soldier 95: *Holding his wound as he falls down*
Geonosians: *Running out of a building with the stolen rifles, shooting at Naboo Soldiers*
Naboo Soldiers: *Returning feuer at the Geonosians*
Logan: *Stops as he looks at the crossfire* Through the back. *Turns around with Major Delgado, Meghan, several humans, and ten Mehr Geonosians* Meghan, take this. *Gives her his pistol*
Meghan: Won't Du need it?
Logan: I have a lightsaber.
Major Delgado: With a drill.

They ran out the back, but Mehr enemy soldiers were waiting, firing their rifles at them.

Logan: *Backs up with the others, and closes the door*
Meghan: That was close.

Mehr Geonosians arrived to help out the squad of other Geonosians, fighting Naboo's soldiers at the front of the main building.

Geonosian 30: *Firing his carbine*
Naboo Soldiers: *Get hit Von the blast from the carbine, and Bewegen back*
Logan: *Opens the door*
Naboo Soldiers: *Firing their rifles*
Logan: *Uses his lightsaber to block a few of the shots, making them go back*

Only two of them hit one of the soldiers. Not far away, behind the Naboo soldiers, was another building. They had reinforcements, and one of their soldiers was using a heavy machine gun. It was an old belt-fed machine gun that used bullets instead of lasers.

Geonosians: *Running out of the building*
Major Delgado: Wait!
Geonosians: *Flying up, towards the machine gun*
Naboo Soldier 28: *Using the machine gun to shoot the Geonosians*
Logan: It's up to me. The rest of Du stay here. *Runs out of the building*
Meghan: *Watching Logan*
Naboo Soldier 28: *Shooting at Logan*
Logan: *Blocking the bullets. He runs to the door, and is under the other soldiers*
Naboo Soldier 28: Get down there and kill him!
Naboo Soldiers: *Running towards the stairs*
Logan: *Moves the doorknob* It's locked. I gotta use the drill. *Turns off his lightsaber, and activates the drill. Since the door is made out of wood, he quickly makes a hole*
Naboo Soldiers: *Looks at the hole, and spots Logan. They feuer at him*
Logan: *Moves to the right, and turns his lightsaber back on while deactivating the drill*
Naboo Soldiers: *Moving closer to the door*
Logan: *Moves in front of them, and hits one of them with his lightsaber*
Naboo Soldier 16: *Fires at Logan*
Logan: *Blocks the blast, which goes back and passes through the soldier's head, going through the other two soldiers in the process, also through the head*

After that, he ran upstairs.

Naboo Soldier 28: *Turns around with his machine gun, placing it on the floor as he lays down, firing at Logan*
Logan: *Throws his lightsaber, watching it hit the soldier in his face. He walks over to the soldier, and takes his lightsaber, turning off the blade*
Naboo Soldiers: *Running out of another room*
Logan: *Gets down, and uses the machine gun to kill them. Some bullets hit a door, making it fall down. Once it does, Logan finds a small safe*

Logan dragged the safe, sicher into the house, and walked towards a door.

Logan: *Knocks on the door*
Meghan: Just a second.
Logan: This can't wait.
Meghan: Yes it can.
Logan: No it can't! *Hits the door with the safe, and knocks it down. He sees Meghan laying in a bathtub with warm water, and plenty of bubbles*
Meghan: *Looks at Logan* The least Du can do is take off your glasses.
Logan: *Puts the safe, sicher on the ground, and gets into the bathtub*
Meghan: *Hugs Logan as she pulls him towards her*

Song (Start at 3:31): link

Water splashed out of the tub, landing on the floor as Meghan moaned in pleasure.

Weiter day, Logan was riding his speeder bike back to his ship. He stopped behind the ship, and turned around to look behind him.

Meghan: *Riding her own speeder bike, and is wearing a red and black dress* An orange lightsaber, new clothes, and a speeder bike. What will Du buy me next?
Logan: Help me on my Weiter job in Dathomir, and we'll figure it out from there.


Sean Bodine as Logan
Amanda Licciardi as Meghan
Joshua Nilsen as Major Delgado
Craig Sheffer as Jeremy Perrash
Rob Paulsen as Alain Melvoin
Bruce Penhall as Serran Konhella
Larry Storch as Cignal Kine
Tabby Rutowski as Ess R' Tee

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog Production from July 27, 2017.
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