Theme Song

Kevin: *Plays piano*
David: *Playing bass*
Liam: *Playing drums*
Liz: *Plays guitar*
Mr. Nut: *Sings* Welcome everybody to The Nut House. Thankfully this is not in Laos. Come on everybody into The Nut House. Du can wear anything except for a blouse. Come on everybody, step into The Nut House.
Everyone: The Nut House!

Episode 4: No Talking

The Nut House is full tonight, and all eight of our main characters are here.

Parker: *Finishes his ribs, and cleans his hands with a napkin* Time for my message. *Stands up with a spoon, and glass. He hits the glass with the spoon five times*
Everyone: *Staring at Parker*
Parker: Attention everyone, I have a special announcement to make.
Kevin: You've gegeben up on trying to beat my high score on Dig-Dug.
Everyone: *Laughing*
Parker: *Angry* That's not it! I am the new owner of our public library.
Liam: What happened to the Zurück owner?
Parker: She.....uhh......


Police Officers: *Examining a rosa square laying down on a table*
Police Triangle: The krankenwagen is on it's way.
Police Circle: *Holding the noose* What caused her to do this?
Police Triangle: We are about to find out Deputy.

End flashback

Parker: They never did find out.
David: That's great. Can I get back to work now?
Parker: No Du may not! I have one Mehr thing to tell you. Though I will be spending less time with Du guys in this lovely establishment... *Sheds a tear*
Kevin: Oh great.
Parker: I will finally fulfill my dream of sitting behind a schreibtisch telling others to be quiet!

As he continued crying, others gave him weird looks.

David: Can I get back into the küche now?
Parker: Yes Du may.
David: Finally. *Walks into the kitchen*

At the front of the library, Wayne met up with Liz.

Wayne: Hey, Du work at the Nut House, don't you?
Liz: Right. I'm one of the cooks. Are Du going into the library?
Wayne: Yeah. What about you?
Liz: Yeah, I'm also going in. I just hope it's not the one-
Wayne: Parker's in there.
Liz: Oh. Well, it can't be that bad.
Wayne: He's the only shape inside.
Liz: It could still be worse. I don't know about you, but I'm going in.
Wayne: *Watches Liz walk inside, and follows her*
Liz: Morning Parker.
Parker: No talking!!!!
Wayne: *Walks in* Du broke your own rule.
Parker: I sagte no talking!!!! The Weiter person to talk gets kicked out of here!
Liz: It's not worth it. *Leaving*
Parker: That's it! Either Du leave, oder I'll...*Watches Liz leave, then looks at Wayne* Would Du like a book?
Wayne: Yes please.
Wayne: Whatever. *Leaves*

Later that night.

Wayne: *Sits down at Kevin, and Liam's table*
Kevin: Du look nervous.
Liam: And you're sweating bullets.
Wayne: I don't even have a gun. Which is a shame, because I need to kill Parker.
Kevin: What did he do to you?
Wayne: He's running the bibliothek like a concentration camp. Du know that no talking rule? He's going overboard with it.
Kevin: Like he does with everything else.
Wayne: Miss. herz wants to buy the bibliothek from him, but we doubt Parker will want to sell it to us.
Kevin: Not willingly.
Liam: We need to do some gambling. Bring him to us tomorrow evening. We'll both be here.
Wayne: What will Du do?
Kevin: Help Du out. We won't say how though. Du need to trust us. Just like we trust you. Can Du do it?
Wayne: Yes. We'll both be here tomorrow with Parker.
Kevin: Looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to it.
Wayne: Thanks Du two. *Walks away*
Liam: What are we going to do?
Kevin: What Parker can't. *Points at the Dig Dug game in the arcade*

The Weiter night, Wayne, and Miss. herz brought Parker to the Nut House.

Wayne: Where are those two?
Kevin: *Sneaking up from behind*
Miss. Heart: Who are Du talking about?
Wayne: I had to schlucken my pride to-
Kevin: *Taps Wayne's shoulder*
Wayne: AH!! *Turns around, and sees Kevin*
Everyone: *Staring at Wayne*
Kevin: Now Du can schlucken your pride.
Wayne: Where's Liam?
Liam: *Walks in from the front entrance, and claps twice*
Wayne: *Sees Liam*
Parker: What's all this about?
Kevin: Parker, you've been doing a terrible job running the library.
Parker: I have not!
Liam: Ladies, and gentlemen, *Points at Parker* This week's liar.
Kevin: Hooray. *Clapping his hands* Our Friends Wayne, and Miss. Heart-
Wayne: We're not friends. We just came to Du for your help.
Kevin: Du sure Du don't wanna be friends? Miss. herz wanted to be Mehr than Friends when we first met.
Miss. Heart: *Blushing*
Liam: They came to us to make a deal with you. Du beat Kevin's high score in Dig Dug, and Du get to keep the library. If not, Du have to sell it to Miss. Heart.
Parker: What if I don't want to sell it to Miss. Heart?
Kevin: Du have to beat me if Du want to keep the library.
Parker: That'll be easy.
Kevin: Okay, let's do it. *Walks with Parker to the Dig Dug game*
Liam: While they're playing, why don't we order dinner?
Wayne: Since your friend is helping us stop Parker, abendessen is on us.

Twenty Minuten passed, and lots of empty plates were on the table.

Liam: Wayne, I appreciate all of the burgers Du bought for me, but last time I checked, I didn't want 65 quarter pounders that really weigh half a pound.
Wayne: I'm sorry. Du should have sagte something.
Parker: *Arrives with Kevin*
Kevin: My high score has been beaten.
Wayne: Oh no.
Kevin: Von me. It's 23,860.
Liam: What did Parker get?
Parker: *Sad* 12,000. *Crying* The bibliothek is all yours.
Miss. Heart: Thank you. I will run the bibliothek like a decent person, and let others talk.
Parker: But there's not supposed to be any talking in a library!

Ending Theme:

Everyone left Parker to cry Von himself.

End Credits

Mr. Nut: *Turns on the closed sign* Closing time.
Parker: Just one Mehr minute!
Mr. Nut: No Parker, it's time to go.
Kevin: *Helps Parker to the door* Come on Parker.
Parker: No!!!!
David: *Shakes his head no*
Mr. Nut: See Du later fellas.
Kevin: *Jumps, and his name appears below him*
David: *Confused, he also jumps, but his name does not appear* Huh, weird. *His name falls on the ground Weiter to him* Oh cool. *Grabs his name, but it goes up very quickly, taking him along the way*
Liam: *Looks up at David* Where's he going? *His name appears from the bottom, and gets under Liam's feet, also taking him up to the sky* Whoa. Cool!!
Liz: *Looking up at Liam* Have fun not being able to breath. *Gets hit in the head Von her name*
Wayne: *Looks at Liz, and laughs, but he gets hit from the front Von his name*
Miss. Heart: Uh oh. *Also gets hit Von her name*
Parker: Everyone's either gone, oder beaten up Von floating names. I can go in. *Sees his name on the door* When did that get there?.. Maybe I can wait until tomorrow to come back. *Leaves*
Mr. Nut: *Goes upstairs to his room, and gets into his bed. He turns off the lights*

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