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1. Call themselves ugly.
-You're beautiful. So what if Du don't look like a movie star, sterne because there's always someone prettier than that movie star.
-Be yourself.

2. Call themselves fat.
-Just because Du Liebe to eat doesn't necessarily mean your fat. I eat so much Essen in one Tag you'd think I'm gonna go feed an army.
-If Du want to eat, eat. If people don't like it then Du throw whatever you're eating at them.

3. Twerk.
-Stop twerking! Especially if Du don't have no ass.

4. Care what people think of them.
-Fuck those people because you're worrying about someone Du may never see again oder someone you'll probably never even talk to.
-If Du do talk to them then Du look them in the eye and be like, "Hey, haters gonna hate."

5. Judge people.
-People like to judge a book Von its cover and pisses me off. Du look at person with glasses and think 'nerd' oder someone wears black and think 'emo'
-That nerd and that Emo could be the coolest people on the planet but no one would know cause they judged them to quickly.

6. Cry over someone who doesn't care.
-If they don't care about Du then Du shouldn't give two fucks about them. Don't let them walk all over Du and give them the satisfaction of seeing Du cry.
-You walk with your head held high, your cheeks dry and say fuck Du everytime they walk Von (you like my rhyme? I made it up!)

7. Get mad when they don't get what they want.
-If Du have a damn computer, tv, bed, house then don't come crying to me because Du can't get that new hemd, shirt Du want.
-Lots of people don't have houses, tvs, beds, computers and are lucky if they can get a piece of gum. Just sit down in a corner and shut it up!

8. Talk crap about other people.
-You know what if you're calling some one ugly oder dumb then Du have an ugly personality and you're dumb for saying it.
-Don't talk about someone like you're better than them. I don't care what they did to you. No one is ever better than some one else. It's impossible.

9. Go around Schauspielen like their perfect.
-It's okay to mess up sometimes. You're going to make mistakes and you're going to fail sometimes in life but that's alright because everyone goes through that experience.
-Except your failures and stop trying to be something that doesn't exist. (that something is perfection.)

10. Be mean to somebody for no damn reason.
-If you're going to be mean to someone at least have a good reason. "That girl slept with my boyfriend" , "that guy slept with my boyfriend" and yes I meant what I just said.
-You're a cruel, evil person if you're hurting someone just for fun and you're getting a one way ticket to hell. Go see a therapist, cry out your anger, play monopoly but stop being so mean.

That's all folks!
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