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posted by randomgirl3000
How Du can tell if someone is lying:

1) Look the person straight in the eyes

•As in poker, your eyes dichtung the deal. It shows vulnerability. If looking at the eyes for a while and the person looks away, Du know he/ she is lying.
2) Eyes are situated to the right

•Demonstrates that the person is “creating” an event to cover up what he/she has done. The person is thinking on the spot so it is a good time to counter attack the lie with a kick!
3) Changing the topic right away

•If the person is trying to drag the conversation oder keeps diverting the topic towards something totally different, try and knock’em down Von repetitively bringing the topic back up. The person will have nowhere to run and hide.4) Temperature

•During the explanation part of the situation, if the person takes off their jacke oder shirt, granted it’s not a very hot day, the individual is very nervous. The person is using all his/her brain power to think of something, which releases a lot of Von products: heat. Another thing to notice is sweat. If the individual forehead is sweating, it’s a huge indication that he’s lying.
5)The longer the explanation, the bigger the lie.

•This is very true in many cases. This is what we call “bs”. Just pretend the person is Singen and ignore all the “bs” he/she says. Don’t take the explanation seriously and Bewegen on.
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My grandma told my dad to never let me go out because I've got everything inside of the house, then my dad disagreed, he sagte that children should be free to play with their friends... And once again they had a fight...I stopped both of them, I told them that they were Schauspielen like Tiere just because of me and I sagte that i'm gonna make a deal that I wouldn't go out of the house without a companion.... So they both agreed.
6 years later...
I am now a 14 Jahr old girl and my grandma kinda changed a little but at least there were no Mehr fights and shouting because they both ignored each other... So until now, our house remains peaceful...For now. We might not know If i would make a part 3 XD. Thank Du for those who took their time Lesen my story. Goodbye and I hope that Du could add me so we could chat... Cya! ;)
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If Du are easily offended don't watch :)
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