1) The Hard man act - guys will put on an act of being hard for 2 reasons: a) They are with mates and having some banter. If ther is banter, there is Hard man acting. b) They fancy you. Some guys will try to give the impression that they are strong, athletic etc. But this is only one way of a guy trying to impress you. If a guy does not do this, it doesn't mean he doesn't fancy you. (see 2)

2) Guys will be sensitive. A guy will be mature and caring around Du if he fancies you. He wants to Zeigen he's not just thinking about sex, and is after a meaningful relationship. He wants to present himself as someone Du can trust and depend on.

3) For a gender that spends a lot of its time boasting about penis sizes, when it comes to asking Du out, it is rare that we have the balls. We like to have as much confirmation as we can that Du like us back so we don't make fools of ourselves, oder destroy a friendship. A mutual friend who gives Guter Rat to both sides is very effective in speeding the process of building up the courage. If a very close friend of yours has gegeben him reason to believe Du like him, he is a lot Mehr likely to ask Du out.

4) conversation tiptoes. A guy will become Mehr confident and act Mehr freely the mor he discovers about you. For instance, if he discovers Du have a dirty mind, only then will he crack open the massive stores innuendos, dirty jokes and double entendres that have been accumulated over the years. If we discover that Du like football, then that may become a common feature of conversation.

5) Guys will think about everything especially if what Du say could be interpreted in Mehr than one way. This is because girls torment guys everyday Von making it so difficult to work out what you're really thinking and if you're interested. To an extent it's fun - there's no describing that feelnig when Du think that a girl might like Du but you're not entirely sure. Instant adrenalin high.

6) We avoid packs. Girls are terrifying enough without having to deal with a large group. If a guy has not had any major conversations with Du for a while, it might not be that he isn't interested, he will just feel Mehr comfortable if he's not surrounded Von girls and "on his own" then a guy's confidence will evaporate in seconds. We're way Mehr comfortable if we can have a conversation with Du alone. We don't have to deal with every one of your Friends watching us and making judgements on us and worknig out we're into Du and telling you. We will play it safe, sicher if possible.

7) Look at what effort do we make to chat to you? Who's first to start a Facebook oder text chat? Will he approach Du when with your friends? Will he leave his group of Friends if he sees Du walking Von and talk to you? This shows he ranks your company above banter with friends, and means Du are important to him.

8) Like girls do this, it is also a common tactic amongst guys. A guy who often texts Du first may not start a conversation Von text for a while, to see if Du will. This gives him an idea of how well Du value his conversation, oder he may think Du need some Weltraum oder will be asleep. He won't want to seem too keen. If a guy Du fancy doesn't text Du for a while, text him.

9) Guys Liebe compliments. Doesn't matter if its part of an insult e.g. "Nah if i was in charge, I suppose i would kep Du around. I need SOMEONE who can make me laugh". This shows Du value a guy and makes him feel he's doing a good job.

10) The Chase. If a guy loves you, he will chase Du around the world. But Du tread a fine line. Nobody's going to wait around forever. Remember to drop some hints, give him some things to think about while he's gonig after you, uif you're playing hard to get, oder he may think you're not interested and let Du walk away.

11) a guy will often look at Du across a room oder from a distance if he likes you. If Du look at him, then don't take too much stock in if he turns away, maintains his stare, oder tries to look as if he's daydreaming. Each guy is different. And while some will be confident enough to maintain the loook, some will try to disguise it.

12) Sometimes a guy will go out of his way to help Du out. He wants to Zeigen he's kind. Look at if he does this to anybody else? If he does this to someone close to Du that he knows reasonably well, he may be trying to get some inside info on you. If he does this only to you, then he's Wird angezeigt an interest.

13) Manpoints - not exclusive to guys. If Du play COD, oder like football, oder horror films, then this will give Du a lot of respect from the guy. We know that girls like this aren't common and although it isn't the be all and end all, it certainly helps.

14) Help us out. Sometimes we want Du to make the first move. We might be too scared, oder unsure if Du like us, oder just plain confused. Sometimes, (but not always) a guy erally wants Du to clear things up, and help him to understand the situation. Doesn't have to be a massive spoiler, just give him a less subtle indicator every now and then.

15) Just like girls travel in groups and tell each other everything, guys often will give their close Friends regular updates, oder even include their close friend (especially if that friend is taken) in your conversations as backup, another person they trust who can advise them, notice different things. Even if Du start going out, if a guy is wise, he won't stop the updates. He will know that the chase isn't over, that Du are still keeping him on his toes.

16) If a guy doesn't pick up on signals, oder doesn't ask Du out even if Du think you've made your feelings obvious. Sometimes we're hopelessly oblivious, oder just need things spelled out for us so that we can build up the courage to ask Du out.

17) Confidant - A common idea among guys is that if Du become a girl's confidant, Du are as good as in there. A common method of attempting to reach this position is telling Du the really deep stuff in their lives - their biggest secrets, things they dont talk about often. Do they mantion problems at home? The theory is that if they open up and Zeigen they trust you, then Du are likely to do the same.

18) Guter Rat on other girls. If this ever comes your way, then be alert. this will tell Du for sure if the guy is into Du oder not. If he asks Guter Rat on getting with an anonymous girl, Du might be that girl. If he asks Guter Rat on how to let down gently a girl he doesn't fancy, but is single then think. Why is he letting Du know this? He trusts you. Is he keeping himself single for somebody? Is he making himself look desirable? Then there's a flipside. If he mentions a specific name, and wants Guter Rat on getting together with her, then he's not into you.

19) Hypothetical Fragen are sometimes used because its not subtle but the guy feels easier if he uses it because it's not saying "I Liebe Du do Du fancy me?" It's a way of telling Du he likes Du but it makes it easier to do so. Also, then it gives the impresion that if Du say no, then things may not be so awkward.

20) We think about the girl we fancy roughly 22 hours a day. However it is not just "she looks hot, i want her in my bed". He will be thinking of hints you've gegeben him, imagining Du two together, ways to ask Du out, oder just thinking about how much he likes Du and reflecting on good times spent with you.

21) A guy may slip things you've told him into a conversation regularly. This demonstrates he's a good listener and thinks about what Du say.