1) Lick your best friend's foot for 10 seconds
2) Rub glue on your face and stick various things on it.
3) Go up to a Zufällig strange and ask them for $50 dollars for a nose job
4) Go to a public bathroom and sit on the floor and when someone walks in yell this "GO AWAY! CAN'T Du SEE I'M CLEANING!"
5)Put on a strange outfit and stand on the side of the road and throw pretzels at passing cars
6) Go to Wal-mart and go to a worker and have a conversation that goes kinda like this
YOU-Excuse me. Do Du guys sell like everything? WALMART PERSON- Yeah. YOU-So where can I find the cars? My son wants a car. (NO MATTER HOW OLD Du ARE)
7)Go to a pizza resturant and go around high fiving everyone. Order a slice of pizza and then leave
8)Stand on the straße and purposly get in everyone's way
9) Make a "potion". Put strange things like Zufällig fruits, liquids and put in little cups and open a stand and ask people to try it.
10) I dare Du to make a video doing all of these dares

xox- IZABEl! (These are orginal dares...)