1. Bewegen the refrigerator into the bathroom (preferably in the bath tub)

2. Hang outside from an upstairs window

3. Bewegen all of your furniture into their room and when they return home, insist that your imaginary friend needed some personal Weltraum so Du have to Bewegen into their room

4. Decorate the roof with glitter and ketchup.

5. Carve the lyrics of Elmo's song into every tree.

6. Mow the lawn in certain places to create the word 'pie'

7. Memorize pi, then illustrate it on a large sheet of paper insisting that your mother hangs it on the fridge.

8. Replace all 'grade A' papers hung up on the fridge with F's.

9. Lick jolly ranchers and stick them on windows. (When Du try to get them off they break xD)

10. Play SPK: Spit popcorn Kernels. All I can say is aim for people's heads. >=D

11. Decorate the house with streamers to celebrate your imaginary friend oder someone everyone hates like Hitler's birthday, even if its not today.

12. Video tape yourself dancing on the roof. (Side note: Don't sue me if Du hurt yourself)

13. Have a dance party. The required attire? Underwear, and nothing else.

14. Make a fake myspace oder Facebook and add/friend 357887948594 Zufällig people.

15. Set up a pyramid of your mom's Favorit vases and use your dad's signed baseball oder something to go bowling (:

16. Watch the Home shopping network and call in. Pretend to be an old lady.

17. Call their cell, say MOO, and then hang up.

18. Video tape yourself jumping off the roof and trying to fly while wearing fake wings.

19. Every time they call to check on you, oder just if any one calls in general, scream "LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then hang up.

20. Change the answering machine message to something weird like "You're growing tired. Your eyelids are getting heavy. Du feel very sleepy now. Du are gradually losing your willpower and your ability to resist suggestions. When Du hear the tone Du will feel helplessly compelled to leave your name, number, and a message."

21. Bark at and chase the mail man.

22. Superglue your finger to your nose.

23. Make popcorn without a lid.

24. Run with scissors.

25. Talk to strangers

26. Play ball in the house.

27. Order loads of packages, then don't sign for them, leaving your parents with the world's most heinous collection of 'pick this box up at the depo' slips imaginable!

28. Put on your parents clothes with Friends and have a not so fashionable fashion show.

29. Fill your house with as many Katzen as possible.

30. Beat all the Mario games while naked. (Side note: Oddly satisfying)

31. Set up elaborate booby traps for would-be burglars.

32. Sell the house and relocate to the North Pole, leaving a note saying Du were off to complain that Santa never gives Du what Du want.

33. Change the locks.

34. Change the backgrounds on their computers to a rubber ducky oder something disturbing.

35. Have sex on your parents bed.

36. Spray paint the cat purple.

37. Clean the house! It will be FUNNN! xD

38. Paint your dad's car pink.

39. Mess with the settings on your T.V. so that the Farben are way off.

40. Throw a party.

41. Have sex in a church yard. (Don't blame me if you're arrested oder fined for this, oder sent to Hell oder something xP)

42. Go to Walmart with Friends while drunk. See how long it takes Du to get kicked out.

43. Put fake spiderwebs in the bushes.

44. Torture children at the park.

45. Decorate your straße in chalk drawings of cartoon porn xD