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These are just some of the daily activities of males and insgesamt the male gender

Retarded bier drinkers, beer-drinking retards.
Retarded sport watchers, sport-watching retards.
Retarded gamers, gaming retards.
Retarded nose-pickers, nose-picking retards.
Retarded butt-scratchers, butt-scratching retards.
Retarded crotch-scratchers, crotch-scratching retards.
Pervy and horny retarded subhumans, pervy and horny subhuman retards.
Retarded trödel, schrott, junk-e- Essen addicts, trödel, schrott, junk-e- food-addicted retards.
Retarded troublemakers, troublemaking retards.
Lawbreaking retards, retarded lawbreakers.
Retarded polluters, polluting retards.

oder should I say rather SEVERAL daily activities of males and the insgesamt gender: Retarded heartbreaker, heartbreaking retards. Retarded cheaters, cheating retards. Retarded cheapskates, stingy retards.
Mike88Al27 posted vor 2 Monaten
 Mike88Al27 posted vor 2 Monaten
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CokeTheUmbreon said:
Sir, this is a KFC, not Debatte session
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posted vor 2 Monaten 
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