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Superpower battle!!!!!!!

1: choose your abilities( maximum of 5)
2: choose your weakness( minimum of 1 weakness)
3: choose your opponent( must choose another participant)
4: no cheating!!! ( power switching in the middle of combat is prohibited unless that's one of your powers)
5: alliances are allowed( teams of 3 maximum limit)
Have fun!!!!
 kingcesar67 posted vor 7 Monaten
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legend_of_roxas said:
My superpower: Super strength and the ability to control fire.
My weakness: Hot guys
Opponent: Uuh I dunno yet XD

I hope this is all alright.
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posted vor 7 Monaten 
It's definitely okay!! That means im your weakness LOL
kingcesar67 posted vor 7 Monaten
Maybe. Maybe not. Du shall never know.
legend_of_roxas posted vor 7 Monaten
That's not what your reaction to my picture implied xD.
kingcesar67 posted vor 7 Monaten
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