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Good Titel for a western manga?

I know, I'm posting this on Zufällig and not manga, but normally the Antwort come Mehr quickly here than anywhere else. I think anyone who's asked a Frage here will understand.

Anyway, I'm creating a slightly Mehr western-style Manga (as I'm from the US), and I can't think of a title. It's about a teenage girl who can talk to animals. Her name is Yoshikawa Natsumi, and she travels with three other people her age. Since she talks to animals, she's constantly visiting forests, caves, etc....

The antagonist is a person known only as Noboru, and his ultimate plot is to tear down all animal habitats and replace each one with something for him (a castle, a mansion, skyscrapers, etc.). Natsumi's goal is to protect the herz of all animal habitats, a gigantic forest (I might use the Titel for the name of the habitat, depending on the suggestions), while fighting to restore the rest of the habitats as well.

I may oder may not use any of these suggestions, and might post a promo chapter on Fanpop eventually. Any ideas?
 EmilyMJFan910 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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AndreaHoran said:
Maybe "Animal heart"
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Thanks, and nice suggestion :)
EmilyMJFan910 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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