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TMI:Who sagte it?~Round 1♥

Welcome to the #1 game of sentences and phrases from TMI♥
Rules:1)Just answer the following Fragen and get the price of 23 probs~just of the 1st round~♥
2)you can add Links
3)follow all the rules
4)the last and most important...HAVE FUN♥
Round 1st~1st place:23 probs
2nd place:13 probs
3rd place:5 probs
*and all the participants will get 1 prob for talking part
Who said:
a)you know when the most girls say they want a rock for their birthday,they don't exactly mean it
b)If Du see Alicante with it's beautiful demons towers,you'll Liebe them,is just Du born and grow up at Brooklyn
c)I'm pure at heart,that repels the dirt
d.2)No,just me,but some people say I look like him
e.1)what's your name?
f)You don't even want to meet me too your parents
g)If Du didn't KISS him at Mortal War I don't know if I could find out what I really am
 TMI:Who sagte it?~Round 1♥
 Annoula_S posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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