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Halloween Questions?

I know it is early to ask ,but come on it is fun and I prefer to plan ahead to get the best costume ,plus various Halloween parties are lined up for me before Halloween itself.

What should I dress up as?
.I am 14 and want a freaky costume nothing boring.
.I am female.
.I will be going to parties NOT trick oder treating.
.I will be with 5 others (4 females and 1 male)
.It is a possibility that it may be a group outfit.(a coven of witches,a pack of Werwölfe etc)

What are some scary stories?
.I want some really creepy stories what will really scare people.

What is the legend of Bloody Mary?
.Bloody Mary is one idea I thought of and I found an awesome costume.
.Online I can't find the legend oder how to do it.

What are Du going as?
.Just curious.

Do Du Liebe halloween?
.I wanna know.I do.

Have Du got a plan for halloween?I have.
.Spooky World(a creepy horror field with professional actors pretending to be like Freddy Kreugor,Chucky,Pin Head etc)
.Halloween pool party
.Haunted house.

Thank Du for answering any of my questions. The first one to answer at least 1 of the oben, nach oben 3 questions,I will give 10 props.

I would ask this in the Halloween club,but it is not very active.
 zikkiforever posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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BabyBlud said:
What should Du dress up as in a group? How about zombies? There a good tutorials on Youtube on how to make a really authentic looking and gross zombie skin using tissue paper.

I'll send Du a PM about scary stories as i have tons and i only get a bit of room here.

The legend of Bloody Mary is quite easy. Mary Tudor was the first daughter of King Henry the 8th, the illegitimate child of his first wife. King Henry was known for beheading people so Mary saw a lot of bloodshed in her childhood. When she became Queen of England at 37 she followed her fathers' footsteps and put loads of people to death Von burning them at the stake for not following her religion. She caused countless civil wars and put thousands of people to death over her reign. It is sagte (though disproven) that Bloody Mary bathed in the blood of virgins to keep herself young.
To play the game Bloody Mary, Du need to light a red candle in front of your bathroom mirror and chant her name loudly 3 times. It's sagte that Du can see her face in the mirror afterwards and that she will forever haunt you, making your bathroom walls "bleed".

I'm not going as anything yet, i only have one costume and that's my Gothic victorian punk outfit. My son however has decided to go as a pirate.

I Liebe Halloween! Halloween is my new Jahr so we celebrate it in style, lots of parties, food, rituals and dancing!

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
zikkiforever posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Spottedpool said:
Im going as a dark angel.

Yes i Liebe Halloween its one of the few times that i can dress in a costume

im going to a party and hoping that the school throws a hslloween dance.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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