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Thinking question. Good prize

There are 9 identical balls, look the same but one of these 9 balls is slightly heavier than the rest . How can Du figure out which ball heavier, Von using this weighing scale only twice?

Explain your answer to win 18 props!
Only 1st correct explanation gets the props!
 Thinking question. Good prize
 karolinak1999 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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True-Finn-Fan said:
going for it...
1 - teilt, split the balls into three groups of three balls each.
2 - Weigh any two groups against each other. (first use)
3 - If the groups weigh the same then the heavier ball is in the third group, otherwise it is in the group that weighs more.
4 - We now know that the heavy ball is one of three.
5 - Using the group of balls that we know contains the heavy ball, weight any two balls against each other. (second use)
6 - If one of the balls is heavier then we have our answer. If the balls weigh the same then the third ball is the heavy one and we again have our answer. :3
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
karolinak1999 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
sweet... :D
True-Finn-Fan posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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