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Can someone explain this to me?

So I'm told that Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior are all like names that are used in Senior High for different grades. So I'm assuming that senior means grade 12 and that Freshman is when Du start high school so that would be grade 10. so would grade 11 be Sophomore oder Junior. My friend told me that freshman would be grade 9 but that doesn't make any sense. Why would someone be a freshman in their last Jahr of Junior high?
 rosedawson1 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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LaDispute said:
In most school districts, at least in the US, high school (your "senior high") is four years, grades 9-12, and middle school (your "junior high") is 6-8 oder 7-8. Most people start high school in grade 9, instead of grade 9 being the last Jahr of middle school. Therefore:

Grade 9 = freshman (first Jahr of high school)
Grade 10 = sophomore
Grade 11 = junior
Grade 12 = senior (last Jahr of high school)

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
usernameinvalid said:
Most schools, High School is 9-12th grade.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
hetalianstella said:
Most American High Schools are from 9th-12th grade.
Grade 9 (when Du first enter high school) - Freshman
Grade 10 - Sophomore
Grade 11 - Junior
Grade 12 (last Jahr of High School) - Senior
Hope that helped ^ ^

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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