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Please read my article, it is VERYimportant! Thank Du so much!

It is called Please read, this a very important topic. It deals with bullying and suicide,so please read. Thank you.
 dbzdude1000 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Shadowmarioking said:
i've seen it, and i'll be frank. it sounds like something anyone would say at the problem, about not allowing it to happen and what not and seeking help. i agree its important, but what Du lack is enough key information. your words are hollow. Du state to get help, but never say how oder under what circumstances. someone being bullied may not easily seek help, whether from pride, fear, oder any other emotion. Du fail to use yourself as an example effectively, failing to provide information as to how Du solved your bullying problem. as for the suicide part of it, Du must consider the fact that thinking of consequences will not always work. sometimes people are Lost to their insecurities, and must seek psychological help in some cases.

i would like to point out also that one doesn't consider being a bully. it is an action performed, it doesn't necessarily pop into a think bubble like "HEY! I should be really mean to people today!"

i'm glad Du have strong feelings on the issue, but Weiter time present your case in a Mehr memorable way so that it doesn't feel like i'm Lesen one of those "LIKE DIS IF UR AGAINST BULLYING" posts i find every so often on the Zufällig wall.

if i've offended you, i'm terribly sorry, but this is what i think of your Artikel in all honesty.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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