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How do Du add Friends on Fanpop?

Hey, sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, I used to be on Fanpop for a short amount of time, and now I've rejoined with a new account. :-)

I have a few Friends that I actually know in person who are on here, but whenever I type their Nutzername in in the 'Search all of Fanpop' bar at the oben, nach oben right of the page, it won't come up with the person. :-(

Thanks in advance for answering ;-) Du rock.

 Pace2Paicegurl posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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RegisterAgain said:
Go to *link and then Du click the "add to Fan list" button.

* Note: The "_______" is the username.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Yay, thanks for answering and becoming a Fan of me B-)
Pace2Paicegurl posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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