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how do i change my Icon ?

i keep seeing pictures that i what my Icon to be but i dont know how to change my old one HELP ME!!!!!
 lovecole posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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brandonaz said:
Save the picture Du want to your computer

Go to your Profil page

Click "view Mehr photos"

Click "upload new photo"

Choose Foto to upload

Check the "make this image my user icon" button


(Or, if there's an image already in your gallery Du want as Du icon, click the button below it that looks like a person.)

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
THANK Du SOOO MUCH P.S. GOOD LUCK ! girls can be a handfull
lovecole posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
LOL you're welcome and thanks? xD Don't I know it though. ._.
brandonaz posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
heu, hay nothing weird my boyfriend all was needs help :3 :)
lovecole posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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