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i need new songs for my mp3 .....help???

 chawrash posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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VilleValoGirl said:
try listening to the bands...........

-The Beatles
-Pink Floyd
-The Sex Pistols
-Porcupine trees
-the white stripes
-the stooges
-type O negative
-Vains of Jenna
-the ramones
-the misfits
-the killers
-the doors
-tje 69 eyes
-marylin manson
-led zepplin
-death cab for cutie
-boxcar racer
-black sabbath
-bad brains
-angels & airways
& theres a lot more, but i cant think of it >.<

Idk if u would want to look any of these bands up oder not(:
but hope this helped a little >.<
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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