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a little help plzzz!

im making this friendship bracelet...u know the type thats all v shaped with thread n stuff n its tangled...........ive gotten like a quarter down and its tangled....badly.....er....wat do i do??? a little help plzzz....maybe an artcile oder smething!!!? thnks 4 ur help guyz! ;)
 cuteypuffgirl posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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lily15o01 said:
well,it's actually pretty simple. First,you try your best to untie it. If that doesn't work,then ask your mom for help. If THAT doesn't work,then ask your dad for help. IF THAT DOESN'T WORK,try,but carefully cut it. Hope it helped you. :)
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
thnx!! got it untangled Von poking it vigoursly with a safety pin ;D
cuteypuffgirl posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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