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How would Du react to your parent arranging a datum for Du behind your back?

Would Du be upset and would Du go through with it?

A couple weeks ago, I met a guy. I'm 21 and he's 25. I went to school with his brother so our parents know each other pretty well. We talked a little, and he's alright, but I'm not interested at all. Maybe as a friend to talk to whenever I happen to see him.. (I don't know if that's horrible oder not)
Anyways, he called me a couple days Vor (My mother gave him my phone number. I didn't give it to him for a reason..) saying him mom was going to call me then hung up. I didn't get to say much.

So his mother just called me saying she's coming over in 3 hours to pick me up so he and I could see a movie together.

How would Du react to something like that?
 cassie-1-2-3 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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demonthief said:
i wouldn't go, i'd yell "i moved 2 Norway, leave me alone" then get away 4 a while
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
taismo723 said:
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
EchoTelsa123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
LinaHarrow said:
If my mom arranged a datum for me behind my back I would literally roll on the floor laughing. Because, I just can't picture that happening and because it seems so ridiculous. But yeah, I'd go through with it if he seemed nice and I liked him.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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