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Do Du think Scrabble is Mehr a game of luck oder a game of skill?

I got into an argument with my brother about this, what do Du guys think?
 KateKicksAss posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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r-pattz said:
Skill. Having a good vocabulary and a sharp eye.

I always get the best letters, and lose anyway. Whenever we play, my uncle will get a lot of shitty letters and end up with like, 300 points, totally creaming the rest of us. >_<

(But bad players can get lucky once in a while, and have all right letters and the perfect board set up. Good players can be unlucky once in a while as well. But overall, it's skill.)
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
partypony said:
Depends on how good u r.
If ur good, but still loose, then it's luck.
If ur bad, but still win, then it's also luck.

Vice versa, then skill.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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