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BlackBerry Users! Please help, i cannot creat an E-Mail account on my brombeere, blackberry

I have a Blckberry Bold 9700. i dont know how to set up my email, which means i also cannot get me instant messaging working properly. i have a few problems:
1. i want to create a personal email, but theres only the enterprise option

2. to activate, it says " To activate your user account, enter details provided Von your system administrator in the fields below", so i enter my yahoo email, then i have to enter an activation code... what is that, anyway?

3. lets say i enter my yahoo id password, i press activate, then after a few seconds, a message comes up and says, "Activation failed. an error was encounterd when sending the transmission."

Do i contact my provider oder download somekind of software? Please help, i have looked in the manuals, but they provided no help! :)

 Guste_LT posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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