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that means tell about yourself. here's about me.
NAME: Curtis
AGE: 15
BIRTHDAY: 7/14/1995
FRIEND(S): Juliette, Joy, Julia, Daren, Brooke, Felix, Sariah, Mercedes, Greg, Duke, Alina, Andrew, Jonathan, Arino+
FAV COLOR(S): green, (dark) red, black, (dark) blue
Liebe INTEREST(S): none.
CELEB CRUSH(ES): Taylor Swift

(then y'all can add Mehr about yourselves in your comments)
 15blondCurtis posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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lloonny said:
friends:arba,ardit,erza,faton,behar...some of my Friends in Fanpop are briana1 and winxfairylove
fav color:blue (like sky)
Liebe interest(s):none
celeb crush(es):selena gomez
and height & weight = ???????(sorry i dont know that).
and in my free time i like watching movies
i Liebe horror movies,my Favoriten are:
final destination series
drag me to hell
and the uninvited
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
thank Du for answering.
15blondCurtis posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
cool, i'm a guy too. (you're on my fanlist)
15blondCurtis posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
your welcome
lloonny posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
CheekyCheese said:
Name: Amber
Age: Don't like to say
Birthday: 12th March
Friends: Leah, Danielle, Kathryn, Sophie, Miah, Olivia
Fav colours: Yellow, purple, orange
Celeb Crush: No-one
Height: 4'8
Weight: ?????
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
MelodyLaurel said:
Name: Alexandria aka Alex oder Lexie
Age: 15
Friends: Lola, Belle, Phoebe, Michelle, Jay,...
Fav colors: Light Green, blue, black,...
Liebe interest(s): an ex-boyfriend(guess that doesn't count)
Celeb crush(es): eichelhäher, jay Chou, Nick Carter and Taylor Lautner, but mostly eichelhäher, jay Chou.
Height: 5'2(man, I'm short. How embarassing)
Weight: 106 pounds, though I think I've Lost 7 pounds while studying for the final exam:)
Fave band: Backstreet Boys
Catchphrase: Oh my Jay!
Things I want to get rid of myself: Laziness and low self esteem
What I want the most right now: Make some good Friends and pass all the exams
Fave video game: The Sims series.
Fave movies: Too many can't count.
Okay that's all I need to say about myself. Hope that wasn't too detailed and boring. See ya:)

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
awesome, my birthday is two days before yours, and we're the same age!!! you're on my fanlist now.
15blondCurtis posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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