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Do u know...?

The name of this song??
Who wrote it?
10 Requisiten for the first correct answerer
I'm gunna give u tha Sekunde chorus Kay?

"sixteen, blue jeans , Abercrombie T-shirt,shoes geldbörse hair tied back and Du should see her, she's got her magic floating through the air. Peace, love, one thing leads into another dream big, aim small, man Du gotta Liebe her. she's got her hopes up got em way up there wondering what to wear.

Sorry if this annoyed u LOL I was just bored and listening to this song.XD
 AaaaaGirlygirl posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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spunkyonyx said:
What To Wear Von Taylor Swift
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Yup! :)
AaaaaGirlygirl posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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