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To name all the pets Du ever had.

I'll use mine as an example:

Missy, Mini Missy, Freckles (dog)Twiggy (Hamster) Tiger, Rusty, Button, Gray, Ninja, Patches (his name was changed to Sterling) Spot, Sapphire (her name was changed to Snowy) Teddy.Jr, Roley, Lucky, Kira, Luna, Spike, and Savanna.

I'm pretty sure that i had a helluva lot Mehr hamsters (who all died) but i can't remember their names. And we had a bunny, but i can't recall his name. We had fishes too, but i don't think they had names.
maggie, pie, pebbles, zach cnt think of anymore
Wobblesmm3 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
MasterOfFear posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 MasterOfFear posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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LinaHarrow said:
That's impossible. We've had so many Katzen that have died oder run away... gawsh.

But our dog's name is Nicki!
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
That sounded bad... WE'RE NOT BAD OWNERS! Our Katzen just get old, and like the highway...
LinaHarrow posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Three of my Katzen have run away, the other Kätzchen we first had died, and so did the fisch and hampsters. It sucks when that happens.
MasterOfFear posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Awww. It does. My cat, Crookshanks, ran away, and it's so sad. Even my friend, who only met him once misses him. He used to climb on our faces... and once he was in our house when we were bug bombing it to get rid of fleas, and he lived! He was so sweet.... But first there was Guido.. and I should shut up now.
LinaHarrow posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
zombiestars said:
1st. Was a parkeet choco
2nd. Another parkeet Maria
3rd. Another bird Johnny
4th. Another Tia
5th. Another bird Nia
Years later:
A dog Rocky
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Duncan-superfan said:
Toby (Dog, gegeben to my grandma)
Marshmellow (Hamster)
Caramell (Hamster)
Smokey (Cat, still have)
Skittles (Cat)
Buster (Dog)
bulette, fleischklöschen, frikadelle (Dog)
Sammy (Cat)
Thor (Dog)
jasmin (Dog)
Trixie (Dog)
Hermy (Hermit krabbe x3)

I also had another hamster, lots of fish, a seahorse, and two birds. I forgot their names though.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
My grandma's German shepard's name was Buster. It's a cute name.
MasterOfFear posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
lolibarbie said:
I'll name them in order of when I got them and their statuses..
Jake - Dog - Gone...not dead...just gone
Boo-boo - Cat - Happily living in my garage<3
Feefers - Cat - Sitting on me...soo...yeah...
Swimmy - fisch - Dead. ):
Chevy - fisch - Dead. He was a class pet though, and we tried to kill him, then he WOULD. NOT. DIE. Three months later, after we've done nothing to it for those 3 months, it randomly dies.
Leroy - Guinea Pig - We sold him. Long story...
Sam - Cat - Well, he's my neighbor's cat, but we kinda share him.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Why would Du try to kill a pet?!
LinaHarrow posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
LunaShay said:
DX I wanted a pokemon battle!-sigh-Oh well..

Jordan(Alive :D)
Midus(Alive :D)
Little Guy(alive :D)
Floyd(Alive :D)
Blackie(Unown,my dad threw it out in the middle of nowhere TT.TT)

Fergie(Alive :D)
Zeus(Alive :D)
I had aother one,forgot the name though.It was a golden retriever.><(R.I.P)

Mickey(Alive :D)
Lilly(Alive :D)
Ash(Alive :D)
Buzz(Alive :D)


I think that's all...X3
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Gosh that's alot
zombiestars posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Poor Blackie. ='(
x-menobsessed26 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
@zombiestars I know XD.I think I had Mehr in my life,I just can't remember them.>< @x-meno It was 2 years Vor D:.I hope he's okay,he was even a kitten.><
LunaShay posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
ipukerainbows said:
Tasha(dog), Neptune(fish), Tiger(cat, Kiki(cat)
Oh, and I had an ant farm once.
That's it ;P
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
CourtneyFan17 said:

Dogs- Scratchy, Mimi, Dog, Nerf, Bronkers, Mr. Dog, Jelly, Peanutbutter, Blue, and Pink

Cats- Harry, Tiger, Orange, Mr. Frumpers

Fish- Goldilocks

Ehh, I don't feel like putting the rest...
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
x-menobsessed26 said:
Hamsters: Tiger Jewel (T.J. for short, Jubilation Lee (Jubilee), Taz
Fish: Swimmer and Betta Blue
Dogs: Arsen, Trapper, and Shadow
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
DxCFan123 said:
Mushu (dead)
martini (alive)
Blue Jeans (alive)
Fishy (dead)
And 3 Mehr (I forgot their names, dead)
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
HunnyBunni93 said:
Didn't have many pets growing up,but..
Lulu (Cat), Rocky (Dog), C.C (Cat), Izzy (Lizard), Kitty (Cat..I know, very unoriginal name,but I was small when I had her. lol), Mini (Dog) Blacky and Goldy (Black goldfish and..Gold fish)
Those are/were all my pets.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Penguinangel said:
star, sterne (dog)
Fishy, Swimy, and Glow (fish)

And I am so proud of myself because I've had my fisch for a Jahr now and haven't killed them yet! :D
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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