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Dear someone,

I saw your face today. And the way my hear did race today. And my loss of words to say. And no matter what it is Du say, it seems like it was just yesterday, when Du broke my herz that day. So now each and every night before bed, I lay and before I sleep and snore in bed, I fight with the words in my head, As they stumble around unlike the words thy head. The ones in mine haven't gotten over Du yet. I imagine you'll never read this, but my herz is what leads to this. And even if Du one Tag read this, now that my lips have freed this, would Du even now what it's about, who it's about? Because it is about the breaking of my heart, done Von thou.

Someone Du probably won't remember now that Du have Ashley.

P.S. Who ever Du are, who ever Du aren't, when Du read this, beware of my bleeding eyes and crying heart.
 cute20k posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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MileySelena982 said:
Aww :]
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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