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If Du are,wanna be,or have been in Zeigen Chior,read this!

Okk i ussally HATE Fragen that say stuff like "Omgeezzzzz liK Mitmachen my spot like pleeazze omgz!"..but i guess i'm sorta being a hypocript(spell?)..becuase i'm sorta asking the same question.My Zeigen chior club has NO FANS(well except for me lol)and I KNOW there are Zeigen chior people out on this website,but since its barley noticibe,i guess i'm going to have to Werben it:(
sooo yea..bottom line..if Du are,wanna be,or have been in Zeigen chior...join my Zeigen chior club!!its on my page if Du can't find it,or Du can just type in Zeigen Choir in the little Suchen thingy:P
 RAWR_im_a_taco posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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awesum-o said:
No thank you:)
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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