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Please Help! I Need Ideas!

For school, we have to make a product to 'sell' to people. I'm making cards. I've already made a Design for 2 birthday cards, now I need 2 more. I don't want them to be birthday cards though. What can I make cards for, and can Du also give me some ideas for a design? If Du answer, I'll give Du a prop.
 xxXsk8trXxx posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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HaleyDewit said:
well,I would make something that would give me some benefit,other than the money Du get.Like,if Du have a band oder something,make a card about that.Or just think about what Du really like.Maybe Du like Musik oder Filme oder writing/books.Or just take a look around you,I'm sure there's something inspirating in the room you're in
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
thespikedturtle said:
Okay, Du could make congratulations, happy aniversary, oder baby dusche cards. Putting different balloons on a card is a good idea a lot of the time. oder put a cake on the cover, oder maybe some confetti. The aniversary one should probably be kühler colors, and just make the other ones any color you'd like. Hope I helped!
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
good idea spiky.hott and smart.lolzzz.
LizaIsARunner posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Aww, I feel so hot now! LOL
thespikedturtle posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
BabyBlud said:
^ ditto

However Du could also do normal cards like Du see in shops, congratulatory cards for wedding, new jobs, anniversaries, new Babys etc.
Get well soon cards, humour cards are always good.
Du could also try doing cards for celebrating religious holidays. One Du may not have seen is Ostara (easter in the Pagan religion), eggs representing fertility and hares representing swiftness etc. Pressed Blumen glues on cards are always nice. oder Du could make a card with a zodiac sign on it, leo, libra, lion, scales etc, oder the chinese zodiac, snake, rat, pig, cow etc.

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
XDRoseLuvsHP said:
Newborn Baby
Baby Shower
Valentine's Day
Fourth of July
Thank You
Get Well
Sweet 16
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Mother's Day
Father's Day

Hope I helped! :)
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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