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TAIKAMODO posted on Jul 15, 2015 at 10:21AM
I basically threw Norse Mythology and Midieval culture in a blender with my own imagination, so excuse any inconsistencies from either side.

PLOT: 10,000 years ago, the world was erased from existence. The titans, revived and led by the traitorous god Loki, ravaged both Midguard and Asgard, decimating the human population, and managing to kill many of the gods as well before Loki's eventual death by the hands of Thor and Odin. On top of the earth destroying war between the titans and the gods, Loki's sons-Fenrir and Serpent, join in the fight as well, killing both Odin and thor, though they sequentially die themselves.

In the midst of this war, the servant of the demon god Ragnarok, Tälwark, managed to attain all of the required items to summon the great beast(Thor's hammer Mjonir, Odin's Eye and spear, and Loki's staff). Ragnarok, the great terror, began devouring world after world, pushing the entirety of the universe to extinction. However, the remaining Gods managed to draw on the power of the Universal tree Yggdrasil, creating the sealing box Pandora, locking away the demon after it had devoured seven of the nine worlds. However, they were unaware of the consequences that followed drawing on Yggdrasil's power.

In order to seal Ragnarok away, it's power had to be divided into it's seven purest forms so that it's soul was left too weak to break out of Pandora, the seven deadly sins of humanity. These seven forms, since they contained too much power to seal, were imbued(once more with Yggdrasil's power) into the surviving humans, but because of Yggdrasil's curse, humanity was given the burden on reincarnating the seven sins every generation, along with the fallen gods being reincarnated as well. In the present day, the tales of the war, Ragnarok's destruction, and Pandora's curse have been reduced to nothing but myth. However, there is one man, who goes by the name 'Prophet', who is-along with his ten 'disciples'-attempting to find Pandora, and all of the items to ressurect Ragnarok once again, which were scattered across the earth(with the exception of Odin's eye, which was inherited by Odin's reincarnation).

SETTING: A midieval, Knights and Wizards type setting for earth. There are seven large kingdoms, one for each continent on earth. Knights are the equivelant of 'ninja' in Naruto, and while Combat magic is pretty common among Knights, it's usually the responsibility of Mages to use healing/support magic. A Kingdom is ruled by three major figures(thought he king has the final word). The Wizard, who represents the Mage Population, the Paladin, who represents the Knights, and of course, the king that rules the civilian side, and basically everything else. I'll go into more detail later. As Yggrasil's destroyed worlds were rebuilt, the races of those worlds(Elves, Trolls, Leprachauns, fairies, dragons, cyclopses, etc.) returned as well, so other races besided humans and gods exist, just on other worlds.

The story will primarily take place in the kingdom of Baoill(bay-ole), the kingdom of the third continent.

Pandora' seven Sins:



Sloth: (BanetteGhosneir)





Reincarnated Gods:

Loki: (killer24)

Thor: (mcterra)


The prophet:

The ten disciples:

The hierarchy of the kingdom(if nobody wants to be any of them, their npc's and free to be controlled by anyone).



Prince/Princess: (TAIKAMODO)

Wizard: (killer24)


Character Template








Extra(Sin, God, Disciple, etc.):
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He paused, he thought that saying friend would make her understand without going into that much detail. "Umm......Well you see, you're right it does go the the child, and you're right friends can be like blood." He paused and sighed, he needs to clear things up quickly, it could only lead to more misunderstandings.

"In order to have a child to continue his bloodline, King's require a Queen, the female equivalent. She is both a friend and wife to the King, though some friendships are different compared to others." He tried his best to explain without confusing her, she had only just learn't the language so he wasn't sure how much she really knew.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"oh! so it is the same then! bloodline, not kingshipping, kingship is passed by Fron.... uhm...."
she tilted her head with a finger on her temple, trying to find the mun translation.
"Child Making?"
she thought aloud.
"Fahliil pass Magic Leader to next Fahliil with most Magic Power, Anim excluded, Female not allowed to be Magic Leader."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"Yeah, you get it now." He sighed. At first he thought it would be simple to teach her around the average child's level, but she seems to understand some things better than others and ask questions about things he thought she wouldn't know yet or should already know........ She's just as confusing as try to simplify the many cultures of his world.

"With the most magic? Doesn't that seem illogical, wouldn't someone lust for power only then to become the leader?" Her world seemed like it was similar to his, but at the same time very different. This just posed even more questions.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim tilted her head for a moment, before returning to normal seating
"for Fahliil, Magic Power is Knowledge, Knowledge is Wisdom, so Magic Leader always wise, Power Lust for Fahliil not wrong, since Fahliil have power from Knowledge, is Power Lust bad for Muns?"
she quized.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"It's a little different here I'm afraid, though it may seem simple from certain stand points it's rather complicated." He sighed, though he didn't want to get into the conversation with her he had to admit he was curious as to what the Elves really were like, if this sort of thing seemed acceptable.
"Wouldn't the lust for power end up hurting people?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim wondered on that for a moment, her ears visibly moving up and down.
"Anim is sure Lust Power kill many Fahliil in past, Anim taught that, it ok if benefit larger number of Fahliil....
but Anim think it wrong... Fahliil know death, Tablets teach us... Tablets tell Death is natural, but Fahliil kill Fahliil... feel wrong
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"Death is a natural part of everything, but it's shunned upon to take another life. Having said that, people still do." He sighed and shook his head, nothing can escape violence, just like nothing can escape death.
"You know of death from tablets? Wouldn't you have just knew it anyway? But either way, you're right killing is wrong."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"Tablets teach Fahliil, but not like Mun Books, Fahliil tablets a single touch and all knowledge in Tablet goes to mind, like a tablet teaching how a Fireball hurts, Tablet will teach you spell, and how Fireball hurts when getting hit. does same with Death Tablet, Fahliil Children learn Death first. everything else come after"

she explained
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"That's seems quite helpful, but what happened to trial and error?" He looked at her confused. Sure her way was way more interesting and efficient, but sounded kind of boring. "Wouldn't one know when getting hit by a fireball, that it hurts. Or that when something dies, you know from that?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim shook her head.
"Fahliil not learn from 'trial and error', Fahliil learn from Tablets, Anim knows more than other Fahliil, cause Anim lived in forest, Anim learned by r-r-repitishon, repeating? trying things over and over, Anim learned much from it."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
That was insane, there would be no progress, no new discoveries, just repeating what they already knew generation after generation. Ike didn't like the sound of that one bit, his whole character is about the search for knowledge, nothing like the search for power, but instead to make new discoveries and test one's own intellect.
"That's not the way you learn anything, by using the same knowledge over and over again. You are the only Elf I have heard of that has some common sense right now, though I haven't heard about many, nor do I know anything apart from what you're telling me." He shook his head, how could it be a whole race not only thought this was acceptable, but that one in the thousands of millions knew better. Just who, or what is Anim?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim thought for a moment.
"there are other Fahliil like Anim, but they get killed. Executed, Fahliil can't execute Anim, Anim easily wins, so they banish Anim to forest,, Anim learn things in forest."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"Elves are sounding more and more idiotic, present company excluded. If I ever do get to visit your world, I don't think I'd like it there much." He shook his head and sighed, the Elves certainly seemed stupid to him, but even they must have their reasons.

"Your world certainly is different, I'm lucky you aren't so narrow minded."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"Anim should be"
she mumbled out.
"Magic is... dangerous, Fahliil fear and respect Magic, that why Fahliil no like Fahliil that explore, or learn more. Anim alone is proof, Anim was able to break worlds, from Anim world to Ike World, and if Anim got angry, Anim fears what happens."

Anims power was immense, even for an Elf.

"Does Ike world have interesting things for Anim to learn more of? Anim wants to see Mun King"
she had a gleaming sparkle in her eye.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
What she said was true, magic certainly is dangerous which explains why she was deemed a threat. However wouldn't that make Anim a threat to everyone and everything? Just how is she so powerful, why is she? Ike thought for a bit, she seemed normal in personality, but is just burdened by the immense power she has, poor girl.

"Okay then, how about this. When ever you're angry, or about to get angry, I sort you out. Nice and simple eh?" He wasn't sure what he could do if she did get angry, but he'll do his best to keep her from getting there in the first place. He'll just make it up when he gets to that point.

"I'm sure you'll see the King eventually. There is still a lot more you have to learn, but don't go thinking you can learn everything my world has to over in one day."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim tilted her head in a bit of confusion. she noticed Ike seemed... droggy? maybe tired.
"Ike? is Ike ok? is Ike tired?"
it had become late at night already, Anim didn't seem tired at all.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike laughed a little. "Only a bit, I had a little sleep earlier in the library remember." It was true, that rest he had early on in the day had helped, he'd be out cold by now if he hadn't of done it.
Though today certainly was exhausting for him, not just on his body but also his mind. Finding out that other worlds existed was a major thing, then actually meeting an Elf, that was just wonderful.

"If I fell asleep now, what kind of host would I be? And I wouldn't be able to tell you anything more about this world." He smiled reassuring her that he wasn't at all tired.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim nodded, she then wondered what the human day-night cycle was compared to the Elven one.
"What is Mun Sul and Vulon?"
she asked, then realized she needed to translate
"Mun Day and Night? how long is Mun Day and Night?"

the Elven day and night are 2.3 times longer than the human ones, so from a human's ability to tell time, the Elf's full day and night are 55 hours and 11 minutes.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(So within one Elf day, two human days are spent? Damn, that's crazy.)

"Day and Night? There are twenty-four hours within a day, so around twelve plus of those hours are waking hours when everything is awake. Around the time it gets dark, people often go to sleep." Does he seem 'that' tired to her? Sure he was tired a bit, but surely not enough to make him seem sleepy right?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim tilted her a little, a human night... there wasn't any windows in this house, considering it was a different space, so Anim couldn't see outside.
"Anim wonders what does a Mun night look like."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"It's rather hard to explain, it's just something everyone knows I guess. Why don't I just show you?" He stretched and got up. "It's not like it's hard to just walk outside you know, look up or around. I'm sure it's nothing different from your world but I've been wrong before."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim stood, and went over to the door, she opened it, after watching how Ike did it she knew how, and went outside, they were still inside a building but it was dark, as if all the lights had turned off.

she walked outside of that building, and looked up... a single moon shone in the human sky, and stars twinkled above.
"Mun night, is almost same"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He followed her out as well, it made him wonder what her worlds nights are like. What would be different? No stars, another moon? He'll have to ask her later.
"So, how different is it from your world?" He was of course curious but he was getting a little too tired to fully pressure her.

He looked up into the sky and sighed. He didn't really look up into the sky any more, he was either too busy studying or working, it was mostly what he did in the past. What if her would had the same sky, but just in a different location, like on of those stars.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"Fahliil have 2 more ball, 1 same size as other, and last one smaller, go around other ball in sky, Muns call it 'moon'?... Fahliil have 3 moon. little dot are 'star'? Mun have star too, but star are not colour same. some blue, some green, some red, some purple... Anim not know if Ike can see, but Mun sky has no magic essence in it. it empty... something else is there... thick, dark?.... feel..... bad. but calm."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Well there goes the idea that he was thinking of, she completely blew him out the water with what she was saying. "Erm......." He wasn't sure what to say, he had accepted other beings, he was okay with a lot more knowledge on magic, but for some reason this wasn't going down too smoothly.
"What? I'm not sure, huh?" Perhaps he had taken all the new knowledge he could in for today, and was burnt out like a flame right now. "Okay. Sure. Let's go with that."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim turned to him with a confused expression.
but she thought it might've been a human thing.
"Ike seems tired... where does Muns sleep? Fahliil sleep floating, but Anim likes to sleep in trees."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He continued to look into the sky before catching a yawn in his hand and casting his gaze back down to Earth. "Yeah, I'm a little tired sorry. You guys have longer days than here, I'm afraid if I was to go there I'd burn out really quick." He laughed sleepily and walked back inside. "Well we humans can't float, except on water, so we just use beds." He looked around and sat back on the couch, before falling on his side yawning again.
"They're comfy and good to sleep in, so since it's your first time here, I'll let you sleep in my room until I can.....[a]dd.....roo[m]....[To]morrow...&­quo­t; His sentences were falling a part due to yawning, but he thought he was making sense as he pointed at a closed door, before ultimately meeting his fate of slipping into sleep and snoring lightly as his breathing slowed to a calm pace he.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim looked to the closed door, Ike's room? Anim didn't know what a bed was, but she entered the room, looking around. there was a large thing in the middle of this room, it was soft, and squishy... had the humans put something here?... there was a drawer, but Anim didn't know that. she looked around the room, not knowing what a bed was, but she thought it might've been the soft thing in the middle... humans might sleep apon this, Anim sat down on the side of the bed, but she wouldn't fall asleep yet, whilst an Elf's day was twice as long, their nights were too... she would need to sleep when her time is, but then she'd be asleep for quite a while in human times.

"sleep well Ike"

Anim quietly said, but she wouldn't sleep yet... she stared at the door, whilst she thought of all the information she had recieved today.....

much more fun than learning from Tablets.

much more fun.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(So, should we do a time skip? So she's going to sleep for what like two days when she falls asleep?)

Ike got more comfortable on the couch, rolling over on his back. He was used to sleeping where ever he could, not just from studying to hard some days but also from his past.
He never really talked about his past much, he didn't like to think about it too much it wasn't important to anything there for it didn't interest him.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
(Yeah, do a Timeskip)

Anim had begun moving around again at about 5AM in the morning, it had gotten quite bright, wondering when humans would wake up, so she had decided to go watch Ike sleep, observe how a Mun sleeps. so she sat on the ground about a meter from the Couch, throughout the morning Ike had rolled around in his sleep, and continued to watch him for a few hours. it was now 9AM
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(Okay. I just thought for a moment, when she does go to sleep would that mean she's going to sleep for like a whole human day?)

Ike finally awoke from his sleep, he felt well rested and ready for the day ahead. He sat up and looked around wiping the sleep out of his eyes, until he finally noticed Anim. "Morning, what are you doing?" His brain wasn't fully awake to realise that she had been watching him, he would have been slightly disturbed.
"How did you sleep? Did you sleep?"
BanetteGhosneir commented…
oh, with her sleeping she'll sleep for about twice a human's sleeping hours, since humans need only 8 to 10 hours of sleep, she'll sleep for about 16 to 20 hours. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
killer24 commented…
Meh, I can easily oben, nach oben that..... I shouldn't but I have the ability. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
BanetteGhosneir commented…
i can't sleep for Mehr than a few hours(longest i've been able to sleep is 5 hours), i'm an insomniac, i can, however, at longest time possible, i've stayed awake for 13 days 22 hours, but i collapsed from exhaustion... that wasn't fun. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
killer24 commented…
That's rather sad, I'm sorry to hear that. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim shook her head,
"Anim not slept yet, Anim's not tired. what is 'morning'? and Anim was observing Ike whilst Ike slept. Mun's move about in Mun's sleep?" Anim stood up from sitting on her knees on the ground.
"Mun's not sleep for Long."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He nodded at her before sitting up, and stretching. "No, not all humans move in their sleep, some even talk in their sleep." He looked at her, it was obvious why she was looking at her, even though it sounded creepy he'd have done the same...... Though not for long, and only for science.
"Morning is when the sun rises, it's when humans wake after sleeping. You Elves don't have that? Do you even go to sleep, or are you awake all the time?" He shook his head and stood. "Sorry, I should go wash up and cook breakfast. If you've been awake this whole time aren't you hungry? What have you been doing this whole time?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"Anim is not hungry, Anim won't need to eat again for a while, Fahliil have 'morning' Anim thinks, Anim thinks Fahliil's 'morning' is Krein Alok, Rise Sun. Anim has been watching Ike all night... Ike is safe with Anim"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"Your Elf biology is certainly different from a humans." He yawned and vanished into another room for a few minutes before returning looking more awake. "You've been watching me all night, and I'm safe with you? Going to need to ask what that's about, but later it's not that important." He smiled and walked into his own room. "I'll help you create your own room later as well, well at the end of the day it's your style that matters, all I can do is create the room for you."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim wondered why Ike would ask about him being safe with her.
"Ike is Safe without keeping watch?... Anim sleeps only half sleep, Anim need to wake quickly, sometimes Fahliil try to kill Anim in sleep... Anim has room? Anim has not had own room for long... Anim lost home, and room when Anim was 5 in Mun age."

Anim gave Ike a confused look
"Muns aren't bad to other Muns?"
BanetteGhosneir commented…
speaking of sleep, it's time for me to sleep Vor mehr als einem Jahr
killer24 commented…
Ah yes time zones are annoying, later then. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"Yeah, the only people who can enter are the ones who have the key." He pops his head out for a second to look at her. "I see, well don't worry your safe here. I'm sorry for your loss, Elves are sounding more and more horrible by the minute." He disappeared back into his own room again. "Humans are often bad towards other humans, but they do try to give reason to it. All it takes is to not give them a reason and they wont bother you, plus there are laws against that sort of thing."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"Laws? Muns have Laws too? what kind Laws? Fahliil use Laws to bind servants or Deals. with Fahliil, once Law is set, Law must be followed. impossible to break Law, unless law has punishment"

Anim made a ball from thin air.
"Anim will show."

Anim touches the ball with the tip of her finger, the ball begins to have various runes engraved on it, the runes fade, and the ball looks normal, then Anim lets go of the ball, and the ball falls..... UP? the ball falls to the roof, and bounces, then drops onto the roof.

"Anim set Law on ball, that Ball MUST go up, not down, Ball cannot break Law, as Law has no punishment."

Anim claps her hands, the ball glows again, then falls to the ground, then melts, then turns into air again.

"Anim now change Law, so if Law is broken, Ball has Punishment, Punishment is that Ball returns to original form, nothing, Ball did not go Up, so ball gets punished. this is Fahliil Law"

Anim seemed happy and a little proud that she managed to teach Ike something.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
While impressed by her trick he was thinking of the best way to explain to her, what she was talking about was laws of the world not laws of a nation. "Well, while that certainly does seem like laws, I think you're talking about a slightly different set of laws to what I am. Laws here are rules, they guide us to not doing bad things, in hopes that people can live peacefully......Erm.......not harm one another." He sat back down on the couch while thinking in a fresh set of clothes. "The laws you're talking about are, well, they're the laws of the world. What goes up must come down, people die, etc. They're unchangeable, irrefutable laws." He wasn't sure how to explain them, it's just what happened.
"And yet you defy them so easily." He went silent thinking again, he was sure it was impossible, yet again she created something out of nothing, and then changed it's laws with ease. "Are you sure you aren't some Goddess?" He smiled up at her fainting a joke again, but this girl in front of him however odd, was more powerful than anything in his world...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim giggled a little.
"Anim is Fahliil, strong Fahliil, but Fahliil still. Ike said Law are not changeable. but to Fahliil, Fahliil live close to world, Anim thinks Fahliil live closer to World than Muns do. Fahliil live magic, Fahliil bleed magic, Fahliil is Magic, Anim came to Mun World, but Muns seem away from Magic, Fahliil air is thin, fresh, live with Magic, but Mun air is thick, feels.... wrong?.... Anim thinks Muns can do same as Fahliil, but Muns went away from Magic."

Anim moved her hair to cover her ears, and wondered for a moment.
"Anim thinks Muns have power to match Fahliil, if Muns only came closer to Magic. Fahliil see Magic as law, as food, water, shelter, friend and family. Magic is world, and World follows Magic. does Ike understand?"

Anim tilted her head with a questioning look.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He shook his head at her. "I don't think so, humans are certainly different from Elves it seems. Even if we could, I fear what would become of the world in the aftermath." At first it was caution that made him want to keep her a secret, for her sake, if she was found what would the people do? It was the same for if they found away to travel between the worlds, more land, people who aren't human, it'd be a horrific. But now he was afraid of what would happen if she ever went rouge, how much damage could she do? Would she spare anyone?

Ike shook his head again, wanting the thoughts to leave, it wasn't going to happen. He looked back at her, realising while lost in thought he missed the end of what she was saying. "Erm.......... I'm sorry I haven't finished giving you the full tour have I?." He smiled at her, right now his only job was to try and teach her about his world, only then could they avoid any danger from her. His next goal was to protect her from anyone wanting to do harm, for now she was very important and too valuable to be hurt. Ike quickly got up and looked around on where to start, she'd have many questions probably about everything....
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
((my god i'm so tired, i've been waking at 4, going to work at 6, come home at 4PM, doing some house remodeling, then sleeping at 11, for this entire past week.))

"Where do muns learn? of world, and of Magic? do Mun Children learn somewhere? or home? can Anim see a blacksmith?"
her face was clearly displaying joy, wanting to get on the 'full tour', but to her that mean't Ike's world.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(Wow that's one busy week, good luck with all that. I'd die of exhaustion on the second day hahaha)

He wasn't sure what to say, that's not entirely what he had meant. "Well there are schools that children go to in the cities, there they learn about most things, about the world, about how to live in the world, how to count and talk." Her questions were simple and easy to answer, though he wasn't sure where the blacksmith one came from, seemed a little out of place but that didn't matter.

"Don't over excite yourself, there is plenty of time to see and learn everything this world has to offer. Like I said you can't learn a whole know world and culture in a day or two, it does take time, perhaps even a few years to learn everything." He smiled at her, once her initial learning was done with, she'd be able to survive this world probably, and if the old myths were true she have so much time to learn about the world, even longer than a human life-time.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim nodded
"ok, Anim will take time, learn Mun world... what did Ike want Anim to 'tour'?"
she asked, her ran her hand through her hair, some strands of darker green fell out of her hair, then faded to white. Anim didn't notice since that was normal for her, she continued to look to Ike with an intrigued expression.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
(So there's like two seperate stories going on. Anim and Ike's story, then Aiden and Nexus's. It's actually kinda cool.)

Aiden yawned and stretched out as he woke up in the splintered wooden crater he'd been left in. His body was sore all over, but he was a farm boy, so that wasn't too unfamiliar a feeling. Groaning, he rose to a standing position, surveying the messed up room. He guessed the Inn-keeper was scared of that jerkface Knight, otherwise he'd have probably thrown the boy out in his sleep.

Deciding not to take any chances, Aiden walked over to the open window, leaping out of it like a frog. "I gotta get home! Grandpa's probably worried sick!"
BanetteGhosneir commented…
a farmboy and knight, living in the same city as a mythical legend and they don't even know it yet :3 Vor mehr als einem Jahr
TAIKAMODO commented…
When ya put it that way, it sounds pretty forshadowy. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike smiled. "Well I originally I was going to give you the full tour of the house, and get your own room built. Just so you have a location were you can rest and take a breather between learning everything. I thank you for taking your time learning, I couldn't keep up with you to help you learn if you shot ahead."

He eyed her hair falling, he wondered why, but perhaps it was rude to just ask.... He'll keep an eye on her, perhaps her body is going to fall apart in this world. "So I'll give you a tour here first, answer any questions you have, and then I'll set up your new room. Does that sound good?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim nodded
"ok, Anim will follow Ike"
Anim was excited to learn about human's homes. since they were quite different from elven homes, Elven homes were white and gold, with occasional blue glows from magic, but the human's homes were more colourful, asortments of browns, greens, reds and various other colours.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike looked around, he'd have to start with the essentials then move onto anything else. She was bound to have loads of questions, he hoped he could answer them. "Okay, I'll start with the kitchen, since you've already seen it slightly. Oh, and don't hesitate with any questions you have, this is going to be your home-base of sorts....... To start you adventure in learning my world, and it's culture."

He walked over to the kitchen, he needed to clean up yesterdays dinner. He'll do that after the tour, while she's settling into her room..... Thankfully they start of with the basics like a bed, that's pretty much it.
Now that it occurred to him, wouldn't she need clothes and stuff? For now she could borrow some of his, but she'll certainly need her own......... That can't be hard right, gender shouldn't factor into these things, so it'd be like getting himself clothes, with minor differences.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim followed Ike over, she already knew humans used tools instead to cook things.
"What're these for?"
Anim pointed to one of the cupboards, they looked like mini door places, were there rooms behind them?
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"Huh? Those are cupboards, they store things things." He opened one for her to see inside. "It's to keep things tidy, and out the way." He looked at her, waiting for any question. These things are natural, simple and common to him, yet for her a completely new thing. He wasn't sure what things she'd ask about, it seemed a relative idea that she'd instantly understand.