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TAIKAMODO posted on Jul 15, 2015 at 10:21AM
I basically threw Norse Mythology and Midieval culture in a blender with my own imagination, so excuse any inconsistencies from either side.

PLOT: 10,000 years ago, the world was erased from existence. The titans, revived and led by the traitorous god Loki, ravaged both Midguard and Asgard, decimating the human population, and managing to kill many of the gods as well before Loki's eventual death by the hands of Thor and Odin. On top of the earth destroying war between the titans and the gods, Loki's sons-Fenrir and Serpent, join in the fight as well, killing both Odin and thor, though they sequentially die themselves.

In the midst of this war, the servant of the demon god Ragnarok, Tälwark, managed to attain all of the required items to summon the great beast(Thor's hammer Mjonir, Odin's Eye and spear, and Loki's staff). Ragnarok, the great terror, began devouring world after world, pushing the entirety of the universe to extinction. However, the remaining Gods managed to draw on the power of the Universal tree Yggdrasil, creating the sealing box Pandora, locking away the demon after it had devoured seven of the nine worlds. However, they were unaware of the consequences that followed drawing on Yggdrasil's power.

In order to seal Ragnarok away, it's power had to be divided into it's seven purest forms so that it's soul was left too weak to break out of Pandora, the seven deadly sins of humanity. These seven forms, since they contained too much power to seal, were imbued(once more with Yggdrasil's power) into the surviving humans, but because of Yggdrasil's curse, humanity was given the burden on reincarnating the seven sins every generation, along with the fallen gods being reincarnated as well. In the present day, the tales of the war, Ragnarok's destruction, and Pandora's curse have been reduced to nothing but myth. However, there is one man, who goes by the name 'Prophet', who is-along with his ten 'disciples'-attempting to find Pandora, and all of the items to ressurect Ragnarok once again, which were scattered across the earth(with the exception of Odin's eye, which was inherited by Odin's reincarnation).

SETTING: A midieval, Knights and Wizards type setting for earth. There are seven large kingdoms, one for each continent on earth. Knights are the equivelant of 'ninja' in Naruto, and while Combat magic is pretty common among Knights, it's usually the responsibility of Mages to use healing/support magic. A Kingdom is ruled by three major figures(thought he king has the final word). The Wizard, who represents the Mage Population, the Paladin, who represents the Knights, and of course, the king that rules the civilian side, and basically everything else. I'll go into more detail later. As Yggrasil's destroyed worlds were rebuilt, the races of those worlds(Elves, Trolls, Leprachauns, fairies, dragons, cyclopses, etc.) returned as well, so other races besided humans and gods exist, just on other worlds.

The story will primarily take place in the kingdom of Baoill(bay-ole), the kingdom of the third continent.

Pandora' seven Sins:



Sloth: (BanetteGhosneir)





Reincarnated Gods:

Loki: (killer24)

Thor: (mcterra)


The prophet:

The ten disciples:

The hierarchy of the kingdom(if nobody wants to be any of them, their npc's and free to be controlled by anyone).



Prince/Princess: (TAIKAMODO)

Wizard: (killer24)


Character Template








Extra(Sin, God, Disciple, etc.):
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"okay then. Perhaps if we do find this rainbow bridge, you'll have to show me your world though your language might be a bit too difficult for a Mun." After all her talking about her world, it was clear it certainly was like his. It interested him.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
"Grrrr...." Aiden growled, his fists clenching tightly and his eyes flashing red, "shut your mouth!" He jumped to his feet, the floor splintering beneath him, and the only window the room had cracking. "If I'm so unfit...to be a Knight....then how about you prove it?! Fight me!" He glared at Nexus, his eyes flashing fro, red to black constantly, and for a brief moment, a black W appeared on his head, before immediately fading away only a moment after.

"I'll be a Knight, you can bet on it!"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mcterra said…
Nexus stared at the boy for a moment in silence. He didn't seem surprised by the visible changes in Aiden's eye color and the strange W appearing on his forehead. He remained where he was, unperturbed too by the splintering floor and the cracking window. His expression remained stoic, his eyes levelled on Aiden.
Without a word, Nexus attacked.
He moved with amazing, almost inhuman swiftness. His arms shot forward like lightning-fast whips. He grabbed Aiden by the neck and arm and wrenched, lifting the boy off his feet with ease and throwing him off the ground. As Aiden was still in mid-air, Nexus grabbed him by the neck again and yanked downward, slamming him so hard on the ground that the already splintered floor splintered even more. "No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to beat me. You just chose the wrong knight to challenge."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim wondered for a bit, but her thoughts returned to her growling stomach.
"We should eat soon" she responded
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Hades_Shadow said…
[[ is it too late to join? dont know if I want to be Pride or Odin ... ]]
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He snapped out of his thoughts at her stomach. "Certainly are noisy, you're right we should sorry for getting distracted." He looked around, he wasn't sure on where any restaurants were in the city. He sighed and shook his head, surely he should have thought of this early before even talking to her, his life couldn't have just been his studies.

(I'm not sure, I guess but I'm not in charge here.)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"Anim smells something this way"
Anim quickly moved down the streets, and stopped at what seemed to be a bakery.
"bakry? is Anim saying it correctly? Bakry?"
she tilted her head a little, before quickly snapping her head straight up again, and moving her hair to cover her ears again, she needs to be more careful with her ears
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He caught up to her, although he didn't smell anything at first as he got closer he finally understood what had caught her. Freshly baked things always smelt good, he wondered if anything like that was in her world.
"A bakery?, the bake bread and pastries. Did you get caught by the fresh smell?" He laughed, though she looked around his age she was like a child in this world......then again she might be a child, Elves might age differently than humans.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"Bread? Pastries? what are those?" she asked
"this place has a pleasant smell."
as Anim looked back up at the sign of the bakery, she noticed the human world's sun....
"a single red sun?" she asked herself
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"They're a type of food, very nice and soft to eat. The freshly made ones give of that smell. Would you like to try some?" He thought for a moment, what would an Elf enjoy most from a bakery? Or what would they try first?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim turned to Ike, and nodded
"Anim would like to try some bread."
she then waited for Ike to enter first.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He entered and held the door for her. Perhaps just some normal bread would be best first to see if she like it or can eat it, but it was her choice to begin with.
"See anything you like?, some might look the same but are very different."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim entered, and begun to look curiously around the room. the Mun's had some non-decorated and brownish wood furniture in here, much like their library, she stopped at a mun staring at the green-haired shoeless girl spinning in circle looking around his shop. Anim quickly moved her hair in case it moved out of the way during her spinning, the owner coughed, covering his mouth with a fist, before putting his hands on the counter table.

"Whaddya want lil' lady?" he asked
Anim waited for Ike, because she didn't know how to respond to the mun.
"Ike, could Anim try some bread?"
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"Well just have some bread please." He walked up to the counter. There seemed to be many choices here for her, though he doubted she'd want to try everything.
"I'm sure you'll like it, most things go well wi bread." He waited and then paid the man.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim nodded to Ike, then she watched as the man begun took the money, and took out some fresh and warm bread, Anim could smell it, Wheat and Flour, warmed? Humans seemed to cook well, they're alot more....
barbaric?.... but in a good way.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He took the bead and handed it to her. "Here you go, try it. It's bread." He watched her carefully, he wasn't sure if Elves liked bread. However if she asked him how it was made, he didn't really know that much about it.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim took a bite from it, it was quite delicious.
"it tastes good" she said after she had finished chewing, it was certainly a product of nature that she could enjoy, without her ancestors crawling in their graves atleast... her family line have never ate meat, except for her that is.
"it's a great creation of nature Ike, Anim likes it." she continued to eat it.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He laughed at her reaction. Though what she meant by 'creation of nature' was beyond him, probably some Elf thing.
"I'm glad you like it, I had a feeling you might."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"mm-mm! mu- People of this land sure have interesting food"
she had almost said Mun with the baker mun nearby, she was also being careful for her ears, Ike did say to be careful if anyone finds out she's an elf.
"do the men of this land make more delicious foods?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"There are a lot more types of food, I'm not sure if they're all delicious though..." He shrugged at her. "I guess there is only one way to find out though."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"is Anim and Ike going to try out more foods?"
she asked, her eyes showing her excitement of trying out more Mun foods
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…

"Grrrr....." Aiden's voice came out gargled as he seemed to completely abandon sanity. He grabbed Nexus's wrist, whatever cursed power flooding through him allowing him to squeeze down on the limb, ignoring the blood that escaped his mouth when he coughed. "Wanna bet?" He asked, tone demonic as the entire room began to tremble and crack, the temperature rising several degrees. The blood trailing down his mouth evaporated, and hot wind began blowing around him. Then all of a sudden he passed out again, going limp and returning to normal.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(Sorry, I've not been able to get on.....well obviously you kew that already.)
He nodded at her, she seemed happy and excited so why not try more. They'll also learn more about what an Elf likes, dislikes, or can even eat.
"Sure, they're a lot more types and kinds so don't think we'll get round to them all anytime soon." Though he wondered of she'd get sick from some, he wouldn't know how to help her.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim nodded
"more food types? such as what?"
the humans interested her deeply, they seemed focused apon luxury, but still had time for other things, war, science, philosophy, humans are amazing.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He thought for a moment. "It's hard to just say some, but like meat, fish, milk, fruit and all that..." He prattled of a few things more before assuming she got the idea. Sure she's another creature from another world but he couldn't have thought they'd be 'that' different from each other, they did look similar somewhat as well.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"Anim has read of Mun Fish, in Alfheim, Elf Fish are dangerous to catch, too much a risk for too little reward, Anim has milk, Anim likes Milk... Fruit are used only when Elf is missing Mana that won't return, Elf Fruit restore Mana, Anim has never needed eating Fruit"

she took another chomp out of her bread, she was almost finished with it.

"Anim has tried Meat, closest to Mun Meat is Snake, Boar and Bird, Anim has not tried Mun 'sweets', Elves have no time for pointless creations"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"I'm starting to get a pretty clear picture of what your worlds like, no wonder why you wanted to leave." He muttered the last part under his breath. Sure he did the logical thing and thought things through first but her world seemed so pure, it almost made him sick thinking about it, no passion, no emotion, just like a pure White canvass.
"Seems she was the only colour they had, now even that's gone." He rolled his eyes not meaning to speak the last part being caught up in thought.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"Anim, once had a friend."
Anim said, moving towards the exit of the bakery
"Anim's friend wore a mask, and his feet were always on fire, Anim's friend always liked to draw, and create, but the other elves didn't like him, so they banished him away into a crystal"
Anim finished eating her bread, and waited for Ike by the door.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mcterra said…
Nexus sighed in annoyance. The kid was seriously pissing him off, being so loud and going berserk one moment, then passing out the next.
Nexus looked down at his wrist. It made no doubt that it was broken. The kid possessed strength that was clearly inhuman. Nexus let go of Aiden's neck and lifted his limp wrist. He looked at it with the same stoic look he always had, like he didn't feel any pain at all. He took hold of the broken wrist, and in one fluid movement, he wrenched the bone back in place. He then grabbed some of the bandages that were on the table and wrapped the wrist. He clenched and unclenched the fist a couple of times.
The door opened and the innkeeper got in. He stopped in his tracks and looked at the wrecked room in awe. Before he could say a word, Nexus dropped a pouch of gold in his hand.
"This is for the food, the room and everything else. It'll be more than enough. As for the boy....kick him out as soon as he wakes up."
With that, Nexus left the room and the inn.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He felt sorrow for her, it sounded like this world of hers is a terrible place. He followed her to the door. "I'm sorry for your loss, perhaps one day they can be freed from their prison." Of course he had no idea how to even traverse worlds, so they couldn't help her friend at least not yet or maybe not them altogether but someone else.
"Anyway, still hungry? Bread didn't fill you up too much?" He smiled at her, perhaps it was because he felt sad for her or guilty for asking so many things about a horrid place in her eyes, that he wanted make sure she saw the joys in live from her plain world.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim nodded
"Anim is indeed hungry, Anim wants to try Mun fish"
she said, finishing her last bit of bread.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He thought for a moment. Fish, it might take awhile to cook, they'd need to buy one then prepare it first. Perhaps there was a spell to speed up the cooking, it's not like he knew that much on cooking anyway, but he might have a book on cooking magic.
"Okay then, lets go get some fish. Though it may take awhile, but I think I have a spell book on cooking magic." He'd pick it up after they got the fish, wouldn't want to risk them selling out. "Be warned though, they don't smell that pleasant until cooked."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim nodded
"that's allright! it'll be a new smell for Anim to smell!, but is it toxic? Elves can't eat a kind of leaf shaped like half a star, with 3 points, it's toxic to us"

Anim tried to draw it out in the air. she tried to draw what looked alot like a maple leaf.
"anything like that?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike thought for a moment, its true that he didn't know all forms of fauna and faunas in his world but the plant she was talking about sounded like a maple leaf. They weren't rare this far south, but not exactly common. He'd heard a roumor that someone had used the sap from it's tree to make something but it wasn't sure what.

"If it's just eating it that'll be toxic then we should be safe, there aren't many around. If you know of anything else that might cause harm to your kind, then please say."
He looked at her seriously, she his only source of information on another world, plus she'd helped him in the libery earlier. He owed her, not just for those two things but also because even though with all his studying and learning deep inside he kind felt bored and restless.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim thought for a moment.
"Elves have a mineral called Sphalerite, we can't breathe in Sphalerite dust, uhm... Sphalerite looks like, uhm.. human shaped thing like so"

Anim drew a triangle in the air

"alot of them"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike paused for a brief moment, unsure of what she meant. "You're saying that triangles make you sick?" he looked atbher confused, he wasn't sure what she could mean minerals could take any shape when cut right, so it could be anything.
"Well I'm sure that there shouldn't be any of this near the harbour so I think you'll be safe while we buy some fish." He'd have to keep an eye out, it could be anything.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim perked up when Ike mentioned Harbour
"do Mun's keep Su veysun in their Harbours?"
Anim then remembered Ike doesn't know what that means
"Su is Air, and Veysun is Ship, do Mun's have Air Ships?"
Anim liked Airships, though other elves didn't when she would steal them for joy rides
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike started walking down the road, it wasn't far to the docks just a little clustered with workers and people he expected.
He tried to deduce what she was on about, but all he could think of was boats or ships, perhaps fish. That was until she translated and he stopped to look back at her. "I'm sorry, your English must not be that good yet. Did you say 'Air-ship'?" He'd been on plenty of ships to verious places, and often thought of what it would be like if they flew like some powerful wind mages could. But the sciences' wouldn't allow that, not matter how hard he theorised the end was the same either the ship would need to be small with a lot of wind mages, or it wouldn't raise of the ground.

"Ships that fly in the air, the sky?" He getrued up. "That's not possible, they're too heavy. Some barely manage to float in the water." He knew that it couldn't be done. But in the back of his mind he hoped she was telling the truth, she wasn't from this world; that in her world, they really could fly.... He'd certainly need, or rather want to travel to her world. Just thinking like that brought an unconscious smile to his face, like a little child inside him giddy with the idea.

(Sorry for the lateness.)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim when arriving at the docks was a little dumbfounded that their ships floated apon the water. then turning to Ike to answer his questions.
"Anim was going to say, Ships are too heavy to float on water, but your ships do! it is stunning to Anim, they are made of wood? is that what allows them to float?

and yes, Fahliil ships fly, uhm.... Anim knows of 2 ship types, Luhaal and Kronimaar.
Luhaal is Magical, though many Fahliil are needed to keep these flying, since Fahliil use Magic
Kronimaar is Machine, made by the extinct Dilfahliil, ships made of light metal, that use big spinning lines of metal and alot of what the Dilfahliil called 'Hydrogen'.

Anim could make Mun ships fly if Ike wanted, Anim is very strong

she pointed towards a ship, laying still on the water, where sailors were loading and unloading cargo. the ship rose a tiny bit out of the water, creaking as it did so, the sailors becoming a bit wary.

"ARR! what be goin' on? the ship's haunted!"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He was taken back by this new information, it almost blew his mind, their worlds were different. But with all their magic and different technology she was still treated as an outcast, it was a small thought that appeard the back of his mind; though this time not from sympathy but rather curiosity, why was she? Did she do something so terrible? Was it something she believed in? Or her looks, though in legend Elves were said to be elegant and pretty, but she certainly fit that bill. So why?
lost in his thoughts he didn't here her saying she could lift the ship until she was already doing so, which snapped him out of his thought instantly placing his hand on her arm.

"Even strong wind-mages can't do that single handedly, and there aren't any around. I think it's best if you stop before you're caught, we can't lie our way-out if you are." Although he said that his eyes never left the ship in amazement, and he was grinning with his heart leaping for joy seeing the sight just like when she first appear. Ever since they first started talking to each other he knew that it was going to get exciting and interesting, not just from the knowledge and information but from expirances like meeting other creatures or going other places.
He eventually looked at her, though she was around the same hight if not slightly taller due to her being an Elf, and was a beautiful woman who looked human apart from the ears. She was also the key to another world, both figuratively and literally. She was the one who knocked from the other side first before opening that door, though he was teaching her and helping her get new experiences like eating different foods, he doubted he could repay her for what she had done.

(Did we already say who was taller? Or something?)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
(i dunno :P let's assume she's a little taller cause of being an Elf, also you forgot that the whites of regular people's eyes, for her is black :3)

Anim nodded
"ok Ike"
she put her hand back by her side, as the ship dropped back into the water
"it really just floats there! what makes it float? Fahliil ships are made from Stone or Metal, so they sink in water, but what makes Mun ships float?"

she asked, moving a little away from Ike, standing on the edge of the stone path and the deep water below, looking down at the water, as if it was going to answer her question.
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killer24 commented…
Her eyes? Was that a thing? Sorry I must have forgotten, let's hope no one looks her in the eyes then might be difficult to get out of that. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
BanetteGhosneir commented…
>:D Vor mehr als einem Jahr
killer24 commented…
don't get cocky kid. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike thought for a moment, why didn't that think of wood? Was it the fact they're closer to nature like they are magic?
"They're buoyant, they float because wood is lighter and doesn't absorb the water, the shape is meant to balance out the forces pulling down and lifting up the ship. So if it's too heavy on one side it'll tip and capsize, because it needs to sway to adjust to the waves." He wasn't sure how detailed he should go for now, like most things if you wish to know how something truly worked you'd take your time and learn it carefully which would take far longer than a short lecture.
For now though it was best to get some fish, before they sell out. "I have some books at home, you can read them while I'm cooking the fish if you'd like. I can't explain it that well, I'm not teacher nor sailor. But be careful not to fall in, it's not that deep but still enough and there might be crabs or something in the darkness."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim was happy with the idea of reading more books.
"Anim would love to read more! it's fun to take time and learn something, rather than instantly gain knowledge of it, Anim would also like to watch you cook the fish, but what are 'crabs'?"
she asked, kneeling down closer to the water to try and see the 'crabs' Ike spoke of.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
"They're amphibians, crustations that can be eaten if cooked right. Physically they have hard shells and pincers with six legs." He realised that some questions she might ask him in the future, he simply couldn't answer either because he doesn't know or more likely doesn't know how to answer.
He'll need to figure out a way to answer her on questions which might just be such common knowledge that every would know, yet cannot explain.

"We agree on our love to read, and view point of how to learn. But I'm not sure I'm worth watching while I cook, what I do know is basic level and might just need the use of cook books or in the worst case spell books."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim quickly stood back up, and looked to Ike with an excited gleam in her eyes
"there are spells for creation of food?!"
she seemed overly interested, tilting her upper body towards Ike in excited suspense at the answer
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He was taken back, she changed from normal questioning to overly interested in seconds. He had to take a step back from her, surprised. "Well not exactly full on creation, more like if you have the ingredients it just puts them together and handles the rest." He tried to explain as best he could, but magic is never an easy thing to explain even individual spells that might be simple.
"It wont make the meal from nothing, but it'll still help out greatly. Sorry to disappoint." He shrugged and thought for a moment. "I should have some cooking spells, might help us when you want to try various foods."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
a little disappointed she returned to her regular pose
"aww, Anim wanted to learn new creation spells. well, let's go then! Anim wants to try mun fish!"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He sighed a thought for a second. Creation spells? Aren't they impossible? To create something out of nothing is impossible, the closest would be already having what makes up the thing you wish to create, like having eggs, flour, sugar, butter, and milk a spell can combine them into a cake.

"Creation magic? I'm sorry, but that's impossible. It defies the laws of physics." He wasn't sure if he should tell her, but could it be that it's just a translation error? She has just started speaking the language, but she does seem very good at it. He was confused and deep in thought as they continued to get fish.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
"Anim doesn't know how it works, Anim knows Anim just thinks when casting it, like so"
Anim clapped her hands together, and apon her hands leaving eachother, something fell down to the ground, Anim picked it up, it was a small ornate cube, about the size of a copper coin, and held it for Ike to see, though without them noticing, some rocks on the ground had disappeared.

"Anim can make simple things like this, but complex things, like a Tiid Funiik, uhm... Time Teller? a Clock? take more time, and Anim needs to know how it works first"

the Cube's little ornate bits felt warm, and seemed to be made from an unknown metal to humans, the cube also seemed to be made from smaller cubes.
 "[i]Anim doesn't know how it works, Anim knows Anim just thinks when casting it, like so[/i]" Anim c