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TAIKAMODO posted on Jul 15, 2015 at 10:21AM
I basically threw Norse Mythology and Midieval culture in a blender with my own imagination, so excuse any inconsistencies from either side.

PLOT: 10,000 years ago, the world was erased from existence. The titans, revived and led by the traitorous god Loki, ravaged both Midguard and Asgard, decimating the human population, and managing to kill many of the gods as well before Loki's eventual death by the hands of Thor and Odin. On top of the earth destroying war between the titans and the gods, Loki's sons-Fenrir and Serpent, join in the fight as well, killing both Odin and thor, though they sequentially die themselves.

In the midst of this war, the servant of the demon god Ragnarok, Tälwark, managed to attain all of the required items to summon the great beast(Thor's hammer Mjonir, Odin's Eye and spear, and Loki's staff). Ragnarok, the great terror, began devouring world after world, pushing the entirety of the universe to extinction. However, the remaining Gods managed to draw on the power of the Universal tree Yggdrasil, creating the sealing box Pandora, locking away the demon after it had devoured seven of the nine worlds. However, they were unaware of the consequences that followed drawing on Yggdrasil's power.

In order to seal Ragnarok away, it's power had to be divided into it's seven purest forms so that it's soul was left too weak to break out of Pandora, the seven deadly sins of humanity. These seven forms, since they contained too much power to seal, were imbued(once more with Yggdrasil's power) into the surviving humans, but because of Yggdrasil's curse, humanity was given the burden on reincarnating the seven sins every generation, along with the fallen gods being reincarnated as well. In the present day, the tales of the war, Ragnarok's destruction, and Pandora's curse have been reduced to nothing but myth. However, there is one man, who goes by the name 'Prophet', who is-along with his ten 'disciples'-attempting to find Pandora, and all of the items to ressurect Ragnarok once again, which were scattered across the earth(with the exception of Odin's eye, which was inherited by Odin's reincarnation).

SETTING: A midieval, Knights and Wizards type setting for earth. There are seven large kingdoms, one for each continent on earth. Knights are the equivelant of 'ninja' in Naruto, and while Combat magic is pretty common among Knights, it's usually the responsibility of Mages to use healing/support magic. A Kingdom is ruled by three major figures(thought he king has the final word). The Wizard, who represents the Mage Population, the Paladin, who represents the Knights, and of course, the king that rules the civilian side, and basically everything else. I'll go into more detail later. As Yggrasil's destroyed worlds were rebuilt, the races of those worlds(Elves, Trolls, Leprachauns, fairies, dragons, cyclopses, etc.) returned as well, so other races besided humans and gods exist, just on other worlds.

The story will primarily take place in the kingdom of Baoill(bay-ole), the kingdom of the third continent.

Pandora' seven Sins:



Sloth: (BanetteGhosneir)





Reincarnated Gods:

Loki: (killer24)

Thor: (mcterra)


The prophet:

The ten disciples:

The hierarchy of the kingdom(if nobody wants to be any of them, their npc's and free to be controlled by anyone).



Prince/Princess: (TAIKAMODO)

Wizard: (killer24)


Character Template








Extra(Sin, God, Disciple, etc.):
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(I mean, she can do everything else, so why not try?)

He wobbled as she shook him, he regained the colour in his face and shook his head a little before flexing his fingers and legs so to stretch... He was finally back to normal, or as normal as one could be after all that.

"Yeahhh... I'm finnneee." His words were slightly off like he was speaking them first thing in the morning and they were slow. He felt a little sick but didn't want to worry her, she was clearly very worried about him... It kinda made him happy, no one had shown him such a feeling since he was with his master years ago.

"That, that was... A thing." He smiled at her, though he did look tired a little. He wondered why she was so panicked, did she really not know what would happen? Quite the curiosity she had, he just hoped he wasn't her cat.

"Does this always happen? It felt like my brain was being burnt, and I couldn't feel much, then your mind restarts?" He looked at her confused, but he felt like he already knew the answer.... Humans weren't compatible with Elven ways, and although he seemed to survive it would take it's toll every time they tried it again.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim shook her head
"Fahliil kiir... Fahliil children at first find Gol Golgaaz to tingle, but use Gol Golgaaz many times per day, affect not effect so much after few uses... Ike really ok?"

she sort of waved her hand infront of Ike's eyes, like a researcher testing a subject, her eyes had a strange mix of curiosity and worry mixed, magic was apparently toxic to humans, so perhaps the addition of a new category of magic had a new effect... this 'new' effect was either worse for humans, or better.

"does Ike know new spell now? did Gol Golgaaz work?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
He was right, this didn't normally happen, then again it wasn't normally done on humans. How anyone could do this multiple times a day astounded him, he was exhausted already... He felt drained of all his energy, he knew that they'd been awake for a few hours but not long enough to get so tired, yet it was a different feeling to using up a lot of mana, he wasn't sure how to describe it.

"Yeah, I'm really fine Anim... See?" He stood up to prove to her that he was alright, he couldn't let her worry, and he did have his pride though it wasn't often he cared, he just wanted to be a good test subject for her like she was for him.

I paused to think of the spell, though he hadn't practised it, or even got told the basics of it he still knew it. 'Yuvon Yol' or 'Golden Fire'... It actually confused him as to how he knew that, but somehow he did.

"Yeah, let me try it out." Anim had mentioned that this type of magic didn't need to be spoken or cast, that all he had to do was think about it. So he did, he imagined a little flame on his hand, he put all his concentration into this little flame to test if it would work.

At first nothing happened but then suddenly it sparked to life in his palm, he had cast a spell, had used magic without learning about it, without using a incantation either.
"Look, I can do it! I've learnt your spellll....." Before he finished the word the flame flickered and went out, it was at this moment Ike realised his was falling... he was collapsing, in the brief moment he was excited and now in less than a second he was confused... Then he lost all consciousness....

(I won't let his brain explode, but I will fry it!)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim was excited when Ike begun to cast the spell, but her face turned to dread as she watched his mana flow, all of it seeped into the tiny white flame... all except the slither of white mana inside him, Anim tried to catch Ike as he collapsed but she wasn't able to.


she got on her knees and began to shake Ike... humans were Manaless to begin with yes? he thought he would be fine if he ran out of mana.... but she didn't want to take the chance... but she also didn't want to kill him on accident... she could do the same thing she did in the library, with a Relic...

she shuffled a little away from Ike... considering using healing magic on him... she sat at the couch opposite of Ike, thinking carefully over what to do next...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike was still unconscious and looking pale, he was barely breathing. Humans didn't have mana naturally, that is why they don't die when they run out of mana, however they are still left in a weakened coma like state; this is due to the fact that when embedding mana into them it intertwines with their soul even if in a Frankenstein like way.

When he drained all his mana into this new spell it was only natural for him to pass out, the spell was Elven in nature and origin so it would require more mana than any human had. Though he now had a new small slither of mana left, it wasn't enough to keep him stable.

While unconscious Ike's mind wondered, he couldn't understand what was going on in the real world, nor did he know what was happening in the real world... It was like he was in some sort of limbo between consciousness and unconsciousness.
He thought of the past view days, hearing the voice in his head, summoning the Elf Anim, teaching her about his world, and watching her do the impossible. He still couldn't understand anything about her, she defied all logic and reason at times, he began to think about what would happen if he didn't wake up, would she be alright on her own?

No, he had to wake up, not only because he would feel guilty at being another to abandoning her; but he was the one who brought her to this unknown world, he was responsible for her safety and her actions while here... He couldn't let her get hurt and seek revenge on this world, with her mana she could completely wipe out his world.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Heal him?... maybe, but he has no injuries, it wouldn't do anyway... she would have to restore his mana again... but she couldn't do it with her own, she might bloat him full of her own mana...

after a few more moments of considering her options, Anim finally decided to use a Relic again...

from her usual little pocket she pulled out a Relic, a strange crown with a white holy glow, it pulsed at her touch, her own mana began to seep into it. she needed to work quickly, she moved over to Ike, and carefully placed the Relic on his head... she waited a few moments... Blue Mana begun to seep from the crown into Ike, quite slowly though... she also noticed the small bits of her own green Mana seeped into Ike... would that be ok? would Ike feel alright? she knew the White Mana was too much for Ike, so her own would be...


she hoped it wouldn't be to bad... she hoped.
 Heal him?... maybe, but he has no injuries, it wouldn't do anyway... she would have to restore his ma
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike who was still unconscious began to look less pale, the colour in his face returning, though there still wasn't any indication as to if he might awake. His breathing had also one back to normal, but something seemed a little off.
Humans had adapted a way of embedding mana into themselves, a forceful connection to their life force and weak mana in the world. However it was a small path, mana would be slow to return to a mage who had expended what they could, this is why it couldn't be judged how long a mage would stay in this coma like state. But Anim was using the relic to forcefully push mana into Ike, while it would speed his recovery they would be draw backs.

Ike began to twitch and move, now he was no longer in a coma like state but rather a deep sleep. His mind also changed to fit his body's state, now instead of limbo like it was more akin to dreaming. Though he wanted to wake, mana wasn't the solution.

Ike's veins once pulsed with blood and infused mana glowing a light blueish green had also changed, when his mana left him they grew dark and dimmed like normal human veins, but when Anim placed the relic on him and stated forcefully pouring mana into him they glowed once again, this time a mixture of colours... A little bit of what, blue, and a hint of green. Ike could feel the mixture of mana in his body, though he wasn't awake he felt his body get more and more corrupted by mana, the new mana mixing in his body like paint blending.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
once Ike began to twitch and his veins changed colour she quickly but carefully slapped the crown off of his head... he had mana in him now, but something was off... she looked over to the relic she had used... and put it back into her pocket world. she sat back on the couch and kept an eye on Ike, and his mana...

now she was considering pulling her mana out of him... but doing that might... hurt him...

she would have to teach Ike how to move his own mana.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike slowly began to wake up after a little while, thanks to the mana injection he hadn't fallen into a mana coma but he still felt disorientated and groggy like he was just pulled from a deep sleep. His body still felt heavy and his mana was all out of balance to him, he couldn't tell how though, he just felt it was different somehow.
He sat up and wobbled again, he felt very dizzy for some reason and his head hurt at little but that was probably because he fell onto the floor.

"What?" He looked around and finally at Anim, he looked at her questioningly and confused. She was sitting there staring at him, he had many questions for her but right now he didn't have the strength to talk to much. He felt strange, he could tell his mana wasn't like it was before, something was different, he wanted to ask what she saw, or if she knew what the change might have been... Or even simply what happened.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim didn't respond when Ike woke back up. she stayed seated on the couch, arms around her knees. and kept her stare at Ike. through her own eyes her Mana inside him was brighter than his regular humans mana, but it was... thinning itself out, trying to spread and mix itself into his other bits of Mana, but not like Anim has.

Anim's mana is like a perfect rainbow... what Ike's was doing was... mixing colours until you get that weird shade of brown.. though in this case his usual blue mana was still quite blue, only a tiny smudge green aswell... meanwhilst the white Mana kept separate? it appears that Human bodies has a strange sort of 'system' for mana.

Anim simply tilted her head to Ike, giving him her usual expression of confusion... but still a glimmer of her curiosity... perhaps it's the method of transfer?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike was even more confused as to why she hadn't replied and only kept staring at him, was something that wrong or was she just as confused as he was? He couldn't dwell on that thought he needed, wanted to get off the floor, it's not that it was dirty just that it was uncomfortable and all this had drained him so something comfy would be good.

"Anim, what happened?" He asked again, this time he had got himself onto another chair and sat their exhausted. He wanted answers, or at least conformation that she too didn't know, it unsettled him, this Elven magic was too new to him and simply learning it had taken a toll on him as it was.
He looked at her as she tilted her had once again, she seemed to do that quite a bit, he assumed it was out of confusion like a dog does, but he couldn't be sure with her.... What worried him was her eyes, while her face showed confusion her eyes screamed curious.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim put her hand into the air, and it disappeared, assumingly back into her pocket, she pulled out the crown from before, and held it infront of Ike, waiting for him to take it.

the crown itself to Anim wasn't much of an impressive relic, it gave the user the ability to see Mana and it slowed down the world to whomever was wearing it. this 'relic' was sometimes used as a training tool for elven children who hadn't learnt how to see Mana yet.

it also now occurred to Anim that perhaps Ike needed better control over his own mana... and alot more mana, before they start messing around with Elf spells.

"Ike... fall... Anim put crown on Ike, try to give Mana to Ike. crown worked?.... Ike start shaking, so Anim take crown off... Anim mana, tiny bit of mana... mixed with Ike mana... Anim can take mana back, but might hurt Ike... so Anim want to try something"

she shook the crown a little, motioning as if she wants Ike to take it.
"Crown make user see Mana... Anim try teach Ike how to control Ike mana... separate Ike mana from Anim mana... and then teach Ike to cast Yuvon Yol using just colourless mana... not Ike Mana... Ike understand?"

she thought she might have been moving too quickly with this testing and experimenting, but if they stopped now, progress may be lost.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike was lost for words, while he did seem to understand what had happened, about him passing out and loosing mana. The crown she was holding looked basic but still impressive, apparently it was and Elven version of his glasses, how it would work is beyond him after all a crown wouldn't cover his eyes.

He took it and looked it over, she had said something which confused him, 'colourless mana'? What did that mean, is there something in him that was new? He certainly felt something different but he assumed that it was her mana in him, how she had mana in him was another mystery, it must have been from the learning spell.

"Colourless mana? Does that mean I have another form of mana in me? Other than mine and somehow yours?" He glanced down at his veins, they weren't his ordinary colour, this confused him the most. Mages veins glowed and changed colour based upon their mana, it was another deformity that separated mages from the normal populace, they were considered less than human or un-pure, but their magic made them fearful so they weren't bothered.

"Controlling mana? I know some of the basics, but mana and magic is a thing of nature though not natural to humans we know that controlling it is difficult." Humans have tried but it didn't end well, in fact compared to the stories of the Elves human mages and magiks was a deformed basic type.

(Think about it like a steampunk version of magic... Something like that.)
BanetteGhosneir commented…
salt water and normal water? Vor mehr als einem Jahr
killer24 commented…
Huh? Where'd water come from?) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
BanetteGhosneir commented…
when imaging the difference in their mana, I was imagining density and intensity. normal water isn't very Dense if not in large amounts, whilst Salt water is denser, and the taste is Mehr intense. hence why a cup of water compared to an ocean of salt water Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim waited for Ike to put on the crown, to allow him to see Mana. then, she pointed her finger at the chair Ike was sitting on. with mana eyes you could see the Chair was void of mana, it had no magical properties. in a moment, like a very smooth river but quick as lightning, green mana flowed out of Anim and into the couch.

she flicked her finger back towards herself, and the mana left the chair and back into Anim.

"Control Mana. is not hard once used to it. Ike should do too?"

Anim closed her eyes, tilted her head and tapped her temple with her finger, clearly in thought of how to teach Ike to control his mana...

"Try focus Mana... Ike has 3 Mana in Ike now. Ike has Ike's mana, Ike has Anim's mana, and Ike has Colourless Mana... Ike's NEW mana... Ike's mana is like cup of water, Anim's mana... ocean?... colourless Mana is Ike's mana too... it now Ike's mana, but Colourless Mana not water... Colourless Mana is... ocean water in cup. more strong than normal Ike mana. If Ike focus, Ike can find Colourless Mana... try move Colourless Mana around Ike's body. Ike understand?"

her metaphors seemed as if she was trying hard not to insult Ike, but still give an accurate idea.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike watched as she demonstrated, he didn't think mana could be controlled like that. Still using her analogy he, and basically every mage on his planet thought mana as a strong river, you could redirect it but stopping it was impossible. You wouldn't so much control it as let it flow while aiming it.

He began to think, how could one direct mana without casting it, without a incantation? Could his and so many others idea of mana and magic be off, that rather than it being a force of nature it comes from within or oneself? If what Anim was saying was true the humans weren't meant for mana, they didn't hold any in them naturally, that is why they used such methods to forcefully inject it into themselves.

"I have three types of mana in me? Mine, yours, and my new?" He couldn't quite understand, how did he get this new mana? Was it a by product from the spell, or was it something he gained when the crown was on him? Her talk about cups and water confused him slightly, though he understood what she meant... He too would agree that she was an ocean of water.

"Focus, easier said than done... This is out of the realm of sense and logic." He needed to focus on finding this mana within him, he didn't know how, should he just try to imagine himself as a cup?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim still didn't know how to fully explain... without using a Gol Golgaaz again... but this was something new for her too so it was good. teaching without a Gol Golgaaz.

she tried to think of more ways to explain the new mana.

"Ike's mana is... Mana that Ike's body used to. new Mana is more pure... stronger, Ike cast magic using Ike's mana, but if Ike know how to change which Mana is used, Ike can use Colourless Mana, instead of normal Mana."

she tilted her head again...

"Think of new Mana like buying new sword. Ike still using old sword, but Ike should also use new sword,
Ike can learn to use both old and new Mana. Ike need to feel difference in Mana, and once Ike know difference, Ike can direct

she thought maybe showing an example would work. she put her hand in the air again, her arm faded away into her pocket. and out of it she pulled another relic, this time it was a small golden orb, with constantly black changing patterns over it's surface, the relic inside had a similar mana to the 'colourless' mana in Ike.

Anim held the orb infront of her, and sort of like an overflowing dam her own mana begun to seep into the orb... this happened for a little while before Anim's green mana flowed back into herself, but the white mana from the orb followed, flowing into Anim.

the Orb seemed to have lost half of it's mana at this point, Anim put the orb down next to her. next, the colourless mana flowing alongside Anim's mana begun to move as if by force, Anim pointed towards Ike.. and the colourless mana flowed to her fingertip

unlike before when she cast a spell, her mana didn't become rainbow, her green mana stayed the same, and instead the colourless mana at her fingertips formed into the Golden Fire spell.

"Can Ike see? Anim use Orb's mana, not Anim's mana to cast Yuvon Yol. can Ike try? try to use Colourless Mana, feel difference in colourless mana to Ike's Mana, and use only new mana"
 Anim still didn't know how to fully explain... without using a Gol Golgaaz again... but this was some
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike understood better at what she wanted him to do, though how to do it was a mystery, other than focus and think about it really really hard. He thought he best try, his only hesitation due to the previous time he cast this spell, but first he needed to isolate this new type of mana within him.

He began to think about his body, like a cup with three different liquid inside. He wanted to use this new mana so first he would need to locate it, and then try to control it. He concentrated hard, looking to suck up this colourless mana to control it and move it to his hand like she had done with her.

Ike could feel it move, he had found it and tried moving it, though he didn't actually know the science behind it. Something that was often frowned upon in the magical side of his world, if you didn't understand something, or if you didn't know much about it using it or casting the spell could have disastrous consequences... Even death.

"Is it moving? I'm trying to move it to my hand like you showed." Just speaking alone made him loose his concentration, he quickly focused on whether the results were visible than finishing the task, in one sense his own curiosity got the better of him, in another he wanted to know if what he was doing was actually working.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim carefully observed his mana... his body was clearly being stressed but there was progress, the colourless mana slowly seeped along his veins towards his hands... perhaps that was another problem? the mana being constricted to small pathways? no, focus on the current problem.

another strange thing, the Mana that was Anims that was mixed in, seemed to be separating now, like a centrifuge with separating liquids, Anim's mana and Ike's mana became separate, though Anim's Mana was still in his veins he had separated them. good start.

"mmhmmm, Colourless mana is moving! and Ike has separated Anim's mana from Ike's mana! Ike is doing good!"

her tone changed to a more bright feeling.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike was relieved to hear that he was making progress, his mind, body, and soul at this point were taxed heavily; today hadn't been a good day. He was thankful that they were learning new things, he just didn't think his body or mind would be the first to be tested by her, his mana sure.
He was surprised that he had separated both their mana, he was just focused on the colourless one... Perhaps a subconscious thought?

"I'm glad I'm doing well, are you learning anything interesting?" He didn't want to know that his suffering was in vein, but he had to ask, it's be a shame if he did all of this with no good results. With that asked he went back to concentrating, it was getting more and more difficult; his body had never used mana so much in one day, before he'd have collapsed into a mana coma but she had recharged him... the strain on his body was becoming more and more clear, he himself felt that his veins were pumping melted lead at this point, but he wanted to continue to sate both their curiosities.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim nodded, accompanied by a 'mmhmmm'

"Mun's mana is... caged, in Mun's veins... Muns are afraid of Mana, or... long ago Muns taught other muns mana is bad... Anim and Ike also know now that Muns can cast Fahliil magic!... now Anim thinks... Muns can also cast Dilfahliil magic!"

Anim didn't know that many Dilfahliil magic.
Anim's attention shifted to Ike's face... he was quite clearly in Pain.

"Ike?... If Ike is pained-"
Anim yawned... the elven day and night cycle must be kicking in
"-Ike is pained, Ike can stop, take rest"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike didn't understand what 'Difahliil' was, he know Fahliil, that was Anim, or Elves. So casting their magic might be a step too far, in fact the idea straight up worried him, could she want him to try today? That might end up killing him.
He was even more curious when she posed her theory about humans and magic, it certainly was possible but it wasn't likely, humans have seen first hand on how magic is poisonous to humans. As for the mana being caged to his veins, that part confused him, didn't her mana go through her veins as well?

"Sounds like you're tired, I'm still alright for now, nothing to worry about." When she yawned it reminded him of when she first fell asleep, he was quite worried when she didn't wake up after so long that he wondered if being in this world had depleted her mana, and that she entered a mana coma... Fortunately he now understood that Elves tend to sleep longer than humans, and at his rate he might need to sleep for an equal amount of time after this, just to heal.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
((with the mana eyes on, Anim's entire body is the Mana, her whole being is Mana, her silhouette is Mana.))

Anim nodded her head
"Anim is sleepy... uhhmmm... Anim thinks Muns will find Dilfahliil magic more... familiar... Dilfahliil were smart, very smart, Dilfahliil made the sky boats, and Dilfahliil made many machines. Anim can show Ike Dilfahliil spell"

Anim pointed with a sort of lazy arm toward an empty space in the middle of the room... after a few short seconds a small glow begun to take shape, the glow dimmed into an armless metallic figure, a being seemingly made from gears and mechanized contraptions... the being stood still, staring at the being that summoned it.

meanwhilst, Anim's mana seemly didn't deplete... in the slightest...
 ((with the mana eyes on, Anim's entire body is the Mana, her whole being is Mana, her silhouette is M
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(So she's a Goddess right? Or mana incarnate then? Anim is just a mystery, she's so powerful.... No wonder why Ike keeps asking her if she's a Goddess.)

Ike was once again shocked, she just created something from nothing, technically they had already been over this, but he still couldn't get over it... Let alone get used to it.
"You just created something from nothing, and a mechanical creation too. I didn't even see your mana fluctuate!" He really couldn't understand her, she was a being from another world that broke all the laws of his world, like they were nothing...

Ike at this point was also drawing his limit, well technically he had passed his limit and was only conscious right now because he was stubborn, and the mana injection she did. He wanted to pass out then and there, perhaps experimenting with Anim should be put on hold for now, rest is needed for them both.

"I think it might be a good idea to take a break, we both need to rest for a while... Teaching and learning can be put on hold until we're both in better condition... At least in my case, but you seem quite tired as well." With that he wobbly got to his feet and began to sluggishly make his way to his room, he doubt he'd even make it he was staggering so much...
BanetteGhosneir commented…
nonno, remember when she sagte elves ARE magic, all elves mana-wise look similar. their silhouettes ARE mana. it just seems humans constrict it to their veins Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim nodded, agreeing that sleep would be good... the Golem summoned by Anim wasn't sure what it was to do, it had been summoned without orders. as Anim drifted to sleep apon the couch, the Golem begun to move, it was machine but it could feel the summoner's base wish... the Golem begun to move, leaving the 'magical apartment' of Ike's, it walked outside... an armless automaton, moved down the street...

and out of the city.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(You're letting the Golem run wild?)

Ike collapsed on his bed, his mind didn't think about anything once he got there, he just instantly fell asleep. His body ached and pained him, his mind following suit, today had been one of many breakthroughs in Anim's research that he was happy to help in... It was just unfortunate that it taxed him so. But both could rest now, he would move her to his bed later once he woke up, sleeping on the couch wasn't a good idea and her room wasn't finished fully; but for now he slept.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
((Yep, that Golem, being a 'Dilfahliil' summoned being has a few unique tricks of it's own :)... by the by Spoiler Alert Dilfahliil translate into 'Dwarf' ))

The Golem once out of town began to wander around the land, looking for a very specific thing... a VERY specific place...

((Should we timeskip? I want the Golem's action to only be found out in the morning :) ))
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(Huh, I had a feeling it would be something like Dwarf, though it was close to the word you use for Elf so I was leaning towards Dark Elf. Yeah we can timeskip if you wish... Though I'm hesitant, I have a bad feeling about your ominous sounding words...)

Ike slowly woke from his sleep, he did feel refreshed but also quite sore too. He didn't want to do those things again, but he felt like he would have no choice, after all this was a mutually agreed study; he got to study her, and in turn she got to study him... It might only get worse the more experiments done.
"Ouch, I'm going to feel that for a little while." He felt his head and the veins in his arms, while everything seemed fine and settled now, he hoped it would stay that way.

He made his way over to the couch, Anim was still sleeping peacefully. He remembered how she had said her kind slept longer than his, it shocked him when she didn't wake up the first time... this time he had gotten used to it and decided to carry her to his bed, he had slept on a couch before it wasn't that comfortable for long periods of time. With her settled in there he went to work making some breakfast, nothing with the use of mana though, he was just thankful he knew a few types of meals that could ease soreness and help mana.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
a strange sort of mechanical clicking could be heard from behind the door Anim had spawned to be her room... the doors began to open, and out stepped the Golem Anim had summoned yesterday.

somehow, without arms, the Golem had opened Anim's doors, and shut them behind itself. the Golem turned around, and stared directly at the master's companion. it tilted it's head, but the motion didn't feel as if to show confusion... perhaps curiosity?

the Golem kept still in front of the doors. it's head clicked back into an upright position with a eerie sound of gears and metal clicking and ticking together. it kept it's curious stare on Ike.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike paused when he felt eyes on him, he turned to see Anim's little Golem, he had completely forgotten about it... Well more spacifically he thought it was part of his dream. He stopped what he was doing and slowly walked over to it, he too was curious at the new being, what was it, how did it work, and other questions.

"What are you then? I thought I dreamt you up last night, Anim really did it didn't she, another item create from nothing." He sighed their gap in power really was clear, but she clearly thought differently as well. This new creature had just come out of her room, while he wasn't going to question how it could open and close doors, he learnt to just accept minor details by now, he was curious as to it's thought process.

"Hello there, you're looking for Anim right?" He decided to talk to it, he didn't know if it could talk back or even understand what he was saying but it's face seemed human-like so he thought he'd give it a try.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
the Golem kept its eyes on Ike as he approached, clicking and ticking all the while.
it opened it's mouth to respond... but said nothing for a few seconds, shut it's mouth again... then it opened its mouth to talk.

"Hi̵ dreh n͟i̢ ti͟nvaa̡k ̸Fahļi̕il̴uv, ̴fòs ̡zurun̡ ̡zey͠mahz҉in͜ w̵a͞h̵ l͝ost͟.
͞Zu҉'u͟ ̕l̀òs jah̡ri͢i áhm͘i͜in do ͠k͠òl̀os d͞ii̸ ̢I̡n̶ l͝o̸s, ͝ul͝f͠ah.̡"

It's voice sounded fabricated, as if someone was somehow making words by hitting a steel drum, the Golem then seemly turned it's head without turning it's body, if the Golem was a normal person they would've snapped their neck, but the Golem's head was staring through the wall directly to where you'd assume Ike's bedroom... and Anim, is.

then her head continued to turn the same direction, making a full 360° as it returns to staring at Ike.

"t̴i͟nvaak ̨do͘,͘ ̛fos̴ ̡e͡yl͞ok̛ ͡d̀o̶ zur̛un ̕be͘l ̸s̨íva̶a҉s͟ l̢o̶s h̴ì?͞ ̡ "
It tilted its head, as if waiting for a response to the question.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike tried to decipher the language it was speaking, he hadn't learnt a lot of Anim's admittedly but he thought he would have picked somethings up, unfortunately he understood none of what the Golem was saying... The voice alone already sent shivers up his spine, it was quite creepy.

The creepy sentiment was only reinforced when it spun its head around, he felt sick having just watched that, it wasn't normal by any living means, but this was an automation after all, it wasn't living. He guessed it already knew where Anim was, it did just looked in her general direction.
"Anim is asleep, she's resting... Elf's... Fahliil' require longer amounts than humans yes?" He tried to guess at what the creature was saying again, but couldn't make heads or tails of the words.... He'd just have to wait for Anim to wake in order to interpret.

(Still using that other language... I still can't decipher it myself, ain't any language I've seen written before...)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
((That's a good thing :D it makes the language all that more unique :3 I can also speak Afrikaans (<- Mother Tongue) ))

the Golem seemed a little slow to respond to his question, after a few more clicks and ticking of gears and other mechanics the Golem nodded to the companion.


the Golem had opened it's mouth and responded with a single phrase, the phrase didn't seem like some random noise it would make... perhaps it was a confirmation?

the Golem turned it's head without it's body once again, whilst it's back was still to the doors of Anim's room, its head was staring at the bookshelf... the bookshelf begun to lightly move, till a single book popped out of the bookshelf, it was floating. the book floated over to the Golem... it was a book about art. the Golem's head now straightened to match it's body, the book following in front of its head, the Golem's eyes begun to move, it was clearly reading... how did it understand the human language? or is it simply pretending to read?

Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(Wait, so is it an actual language?! It's unfortunate that I can only speak English.)

Ike continued to watch the Golem, it was a strange creature one that he hoped to learn more about. Once again he felt a little sick when its head spun, but he was starting to get used to its voice... Even if he had no idea what it was saying.

He could try to interpret things to understand but that was still merely guessing. When it started to read and when it replied to him he could understand that it understood him, perhaps it was because its summoner knew his language? It didn't bother him that he couldn't understand, he hadn't any questions for it yet, its creator on the other hand he had lots for. How did she create it, its purpose, so on and so fourth.

After studying the creature a little longer he went back to his task, preparing a meal for himself; there was a part of him that thought he should do some for Anim and the Golem, but without knowing anything about the thing it could be dangerous, assuming it can eat... Anim on the other hand wouldn't wake anytime soon anyway.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
The Golem, after it had finished reading the book, let it hover back into it's place on the bookshelf. then, a few short seconds of rigorous ticking, whirring and clicking began, some gears that was visible between the plates of the Golem's exterior were vigorously spinning and grinding.

then the sounds returned to it's usual ticking and clicking.

the Golem's head then snapped back to Ike, and kept it's usual blank stare.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike would occasionally shoot back side glances as he went about his things, the thing did give of this creepy feeling, something familiar yet completely alien. He of course was referring to the face, it looked slightly human... It just emphasised how creepy the rest is.

He went about making sure the house was clean, after yesterdays theatrics the living room was a mess, it must have been him when he fell. He remembered what she had said about controlling his mana, to channel this new type to his hand... He wanted to try again, even if his arms and veins overall felt sore.

"Guess I can't really do much while she's asleep, I would like to go shopping for different food items, but I'm sure she'd love to tag along." He smiled and shook his head, was this what having a significant other or family member was like? It was an odd feeling of reliance that he wasn't used to feeling, not even with his master, though in that case he doubted he would feel it....
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
the doors behind the Golem shook a little. the Golem chimed a sort of... light happy tune, before falling silent... then it's ticking and clicking started up again, this time the golem turned it's body around...

the doors opened... Anim's room was wide open for all to see.
inside, the once empty white floor was now dirt, all of it was just dirt. the walls had a strange sort of illusionary effect, making it appear as if there were no walls, as if you were standing in a vast empty plane of grass, with mountains in the distance... though the square of brown dirt among the illusion of grass seemed weird... and the roof, the ceiling was 'missing'... well, it was there, you could feel it, but it had the same illusion as the walls, only it showed a beautiful day sky.

if it wasn't for the square of real brown dirt you'd only be able to assume this was a door to another world.

the Golem... exhaled? a sort of satisfied sigh.
it moved out of the way of the door, and turned to face the walkway through the door, like a butler greeting guests coming in.

it's head snapped once again to Ike... it seemed to be waiting for something.
 the doors behind the Golem shook a little. the Golem chimed a sort of... light happy tune, before fal
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(...Created life and a world... *cough* -Goddess- *cough* Sorry I seem to have a cough...)

Ike focused on the machine as it became active, he was curious about it, what was it doing? Then he saw her door open, normally it was poor manners for a man to intrude on a ladies room while she was away... Or anyone's room while they were away, but as he looked he began to disbelieve his own eyes.

He stood and slowly approached the Golem and door way, through it seemed a completely different room, it's not like it was impossible or anything, after all that is what his whole house was. But this was just absurd, it was incredibly vast and the illusions were almost real, least he hoped they were illusions, he doubt he would cope if it was a real world beyond the door.

"Your master has no limits does she? She really is something special." He said to the Golem, though he didn't look at it, between the sight before him and the creepiness of it no one could blame him... Did she really want a room like this? It seemed so big and full of life, yet empty and lonely, or did to him at least.
BanetteGhosneir commented…
the world is illusionary and the 'life' is an automaton >_> Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
the Golem gave the companion a confused look, tilting it's head. it shook its head.
the Golem quickly left Anim's room, running to Ike's room... Anim's body began to float, and followed the Golem. the Golem quickly returned to the room, with Anim floating in tow.

once the Golem had returned, it carefully floated Anim into the centre of the room, and placed her on the dirt floor... Anim at first mumbled and squirmed a little, but after a few moments she looked comfortable once again... the Golem moved over to Anim, standing over her, then looked to the Companion. a blueish mana stream came out from the Golem's head, and like a strange sort of tentacle, slithered it's way over to Ike's head.

a voice, soft, smooth and almost angelic, rang aloud in his head

T͏h̶is r͏o̧o̸m...̵
́T̡h͠i͞s̸ pl̛a͞c͠e.̸.̛.
This͟ d͢ir̀t..̸.̡
T͝hi̶s ̕farse̶.͢.̀.
̕My̵ ͟do̸ing.́..̸
She dr̨e͘a͟ms.̢..
A̸ val̵l̡eỳ.̢.͡.
͘A ͡wor̀ld̷.̷.͠.
Wo͜r͡l̀ds ͝s͞p̴in..̨.
Spira͘lĺi͝n͏g̀ ̵ins̡ide..̀.
͠Her͏ m̨in͜d.͠..̧
A̶ s̕tǫr͟m ̡o͟f̴ ͡thou̶gh.̢.̨.҉
̧Bu҉t̵ ̨sti̸ll̴.҉.̕.͜
̡A pla͜ce ͝ca̶l̷m̧.̶..̨
A̢ pla͢c͝e̶ q͟uiet.͞.͡.͝
N̴o҉ ̛h̵a̕te...
Ņo͢ re͘g͏ret.̧.́.̧
N͞ǫ ̸gr͘e͠e̸d́..͞.
͟I̧n҉f̧iņi͘t̷ę c̡urios͡i͟ty̨..͘.
I͢ hea̷r̷.͟..
̷I ̴knòw.̢.̨.
I o̸b̴e̢y.̛..
͏I̶ a҉m̀ K̡roni̸m̸aáŗ.͠
̕I was̡ D̵i̡lfah̸li͝il̢.͜
̵Ti̴me ͜o̶ve̛r ̀s̡oo̕ǹ.̕.̕.
́A͠sk y̕our qưestion̸.̨.̴.
Ma̡kȩ ha̡ste.̀.. L͘o͢ķi...

The Clicking and Ticking of the Golem now sounded like a million hammers apon anvils, countless beings constantly in equilibrium of creating, and destroying. this 'Golem' was much more than it seemed.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike could only watch in amazement and confusion as the Golem floated Anim passed him and into her room, was letting her sleep on the ground really alright, isn't it uncomfortable? What also started to confuse him was the way the creature was acting, more and more it acted less robotic and more human...

He instinctively tried to dodge the blue mana stream from the Golem, how could a Golem even cast magic?! Then the voice spoke inside his head, he wasn't sure if he was starting to get accustomed to voices in his head or if his mind was truly fried.

He understood what it was saying, he grasped that the Golem had finished the room for Anim, that its name was 'Kronimaar' and it was something called a 'Dilfahliil' Anim had mentioned them briefly before they went to sleep but that was it. Was it telling him he could only ask one question? But what sent shivers down his spine and catch his breath was the name it had called him by 'Loki' He didn't have no connection to the name, but he had heard it somewhere before, in an old book perhaps... He didn't know why it caused him to freeze either...

He struggled to think of only one question to ask, should he ask about Anim, the creature, or why it called him Loki? He wasn't sure what it could answer either, if he wasted his only question on something it couldn't answer he'd be kicking himself for days... Then it popped into his head, something that he wanted to know but thought the answer would probably be even more complex than the mystery behind it.
He had decided and took a deep breath before asking...

"What is Anim? She's even admitted that she's abnormal for a 'Fahliil'."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
The Golem did not respond at first... one of it's gears fell out of it, landing on the ground and fading away.

A͞ ̕m̢i͠st̛a͠k̀e..͘.̡
̕A͡ test̡.͡..
͝A̢n ͏e̶r̨r̛o̵r̨..̡.̶
̀A͜ ̵prob̢l҉em͝...͘
A so͡l̶ùt͞i̴o̸n̵...̧
Fàh͡l͡iil a̢r͟e s͞t́ro͞n͜g..͘.
Fa͘hli̵il͟ àrè empty̸.̸.̢.̶
̢Fahl͘i̷i̵l͜ ͝are ̶a͞lo͝ne.̶.̵.
̴F̷ah͡lii̷l ́a͘r̀e af̕r̵aid...͟
͏P͜o͘w̕er gi̢v̸e̵n̴ ̴to̶ ͘t̴h͘e ma̕d̶.̕.́.
P͟ow͞ȩr͟ g̨iv̛en t̀o th͠e͢ ͢Fahl͞i̢il.̧..́
B̨ut̸ ̛s̴he͠...͞
̸P͞owér̢ ҉i͘s̢ g͡iv̷en̕ ̧t͏o͏ ͠her҉.҉.͜.҉
͜Powe̶r ҉i͞s g̴i̕ve͠ņ ̀t̸o th͟o͡sȩ who͠ ͝d̵on̴'͠t w͝ant i̷t...
̡F̸àhl͡i̷iļ n͟eede͜d̨ ҉f̛re͠e̶d͜o͝m..͏.
F͟ah͝lii͏l w͏ànte͞d ͠cr̨e͝at̵ion..̛.̶
̡F͜a̵hli̧il càn̕not ̛i͟m̶a̵g̨in̵e ͢f͡r̡eedǫm̛...
̀Fahli̕il can͏n͝o͏t̀ ̀fa҉thom ͏crea͜t̷iơn͟.̨..
Fa̷hl͝iil͏ ͡is Orde̡r..̕.͟
B̧ut͏ ͞s҉he ̧is̢ ̶in̶de͝ed F͝a̵h͡li͝i͜l͡..͏.
Bùt ̴sh͠ę ̢i̛s͏ n̨ot͡ ̨F̸aḩĺi̢i̸l ͜o̢f͡ mìnd͝.́..̸
A̷ m͏ưn ̡c̛a̴me͜..̶.͡.
̶A͏ ͝h̴um͘a̕n͠ ͡came...
͢T̵h͏ȩỳ t͡ook ̶hi̡m.͟.̵.
T͝h̨e҉y ki͢l̀led̛ ҉him...
͡Th̕ey̷ ҉tr͞ap̴p͘ed͡ ͞hi͞m҉.͏..
̸When͟ ͘sh̷e w̛as ͏s͟mal͜l.̶.͟.̕
̶S͡h̵e ẁa̧s ̀Fa̡hl͠iiĺ o͞f̡ min҉d͝.͡..
̀H͜e͟ ͞ga̧ve҉ ̶h̕eŕ ̵mo̴r͜e..̨.̡
҉H̛e ̷g̷a̧ve̢ hér͘ Cu̵ri̡ośit҉y..̶.̶
́He̢ ̀gav̢e͏ ̀h҉er ̢I̵ma͞g͟i͠nat̛i̛on..͜.
He ̨g̛avę h̛er̨ ̢Fręedom..҉.
͞H̴e ͠g͏av̴e her ͢Cr͞e̸at͞io͟n..͡.͟
S͞he i͘ş ̴no͠ l̢onger ̛F̸ah̕lii̛l͟ of̴ mi҉nd..̢.
̴S͠h͠e҉ ̀is ̸Fahl̢i͡il̕..́.̕
Sh͘e̕ is ̷Di̸l̵fàhlii̛l͡ ͠of ͞M҉in̢d.̴..
͟She ͝is w̶h͢a҉t ͠Mu̶n͜s͏ ͝can̸ ͠b҉e͡..͠.̕
̀Sh͢e̡ ͡ìs̛ ͠t҉he las͜t͏ D̢i͟lf͡a̵h͝l͡i̡iĺ.̡..͘

As the Golem kept speaking, more and more of it fell apart, fading away, gears, springs, plates, small pieces kept falling out, the Golem was crumbling away, it's crown lay on the floor, slowly fading, as it spoke it's last word.

S̀ḩe̢ is̷ ̧Di̸l͞f̢ah͢lìil.͢.̴.

The crown faded away, the blue stream of Mana faded away... it was now just Anim and Ike in the room.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike stared at the Golem as it slowly faded away, the answers that it was giving although didn't explain everything neatly, he still understood it. He had his hunches but nothing really concrete, until now... She was a hybrid, 'Fahliil' body and a 'Dilfahliil' mind, with a human's personality mixed in... Why had they done this, was their race dying?

He wasn't sure what to think, though it didn't tell him much, it did remind him that she was a unique being... Even more of a reason to look after her and teach her.

"Thank you 'Kronimaar', until next we meet good bye." He watched as it fully faded, it was certainly another unique creature. He glanced at Anim, he doubted she was aware of her real heritage, and he would try to keep it that way, at least he wouldn't tell her what he just learnt.. Not yet.

He got her a blanket and placed it on her in case she got cold then left and shut her doors, she would be confused in the morning but he'll do his best to explain once she wakes. There was just one thing on his mind now, one thing he could be sure of...

"I'm starting to dislike these 'Fahliil' more and more, if I ever meet them, we will disagree on a few things..."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
((should I wake Anim up? or if you'd like for her to sleep still, you can go outside and find the blind girl I made, the one that also sees mana :D (it'd be interesting for her to find out Ike has green and white mana, since normally Mana is blue, and besides, she's already trying to find the source of the intense green mana) ))

Anim mumbled a little, sounded as if she was singing something. she started shuffling around in her sleep... she seemed comfortable enough with the dirt floor.


the Mana trail was still so strong! it'd been here for the past 3 days, the blind girl continued to follow....

the trail lead to the magical apartment complex... this was going to be a problem... she could see the rooms, floating among the sky, but the green trail ended here... presumably the owner of the trail is in one of these rooms now...

the blind girl slammed into something?
"hey! are you ok?"
a woman called out to her, the blind girl recovered her balance, staring ahead into whatever she slammed into.
"y-yes... could you please lead me to somewhere to sit?"
"oh-ok... are you sure you're ok?"
the lady took the blind girl by the shoulders and led her over to a bench, making sure the blind girl was seated.
"I'll be nearby, if you need more help, please just call for assistance"
"Ok, I will... thank you ma'am"

the woman that had assisted wasn't a magician... she had no mana...
the blind girl decided to sit and wait for the owner f the green mana to come out.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
(I completely forgot about the other characters... Sure I'd love to involve another of your characters, try not to get confused between them... I might laugh.)

Ike was restless now, he couldn't sit still and wait for her to wake, even if he could should he? After what he just found out perhaps some research was in order, it's not much of a lead but looking into ancient myths about the different races and old Gods might give him some incite, certainly now that they seemed to be coming to life.

He made sure to write a brief little note for Anim, not that she'd need it if he got back before she woke, but just in case he lost track of time or something he'd need to let her know. He'll just have to bare her disappointment or possible anger when he got back, he could only assume that she'd want to come.
"Sorry Anim, you rest while I do a little extra research, if this works then you won't have to explain every little thing to me... Mostly anyway."

With that done and said he left the apartment heading for the local library. Thankfully this was the capital so there were a few mixed around, and if they failed to give him any information then he always has the archives to delve into, though if he did that he might not return before she woke...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
it wasn't that hard to see it.

ALL mana is blue... but there was something strange...
among the blackness, she could spy the blue mana of others, but what stood out was that green... and she had found the owner.

a magician had come out of their room, and thir mana was... strange.
among their blue mana, they had the green mana! she had found it... but something else too, there was a slither of white mana? more new mana? she had decided to tail them.

it wasn't difficult to tail the owner, she needed only to copy their exact footsteps, and she couldn't lose them around corners, since she couldn't see anyway.

she did bump into a few people and corners every now and then, but she kept trailing the owner... but there was something strange... the owner no longer created a strong magical trail, and the white mana didn't even create a trail... an untraceable mana source?

either the owner was a Genius or a Villain...
she had every intent to find out.

they were at a library, she assumed from the lack of loud noises and rustling of paper and books...
she still kept an eye on the owner... they seemed distracted, plagued with thought... and maybe fatigue? though that was almost understandable, this green mana must have the owner doing tonnes of research... she was getting very curious about what experiments the owner was doing.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike was too lost in thought to notice he was being tailed, while he did have a feeling he was being watched it wasn't important after all mages are the freaks of his world, though they aren't tormented, they're feared. He wanted to find out more about these myths, but so far of what little he found and there wasn't much it only talked about this rainbow bridge.. Even the Ancient Gods were only briefly mentioned. Could it be that the stories were so old they were almost forgotten?

He sighed not knowing what to do, he'd been searching for awhile now only coming up with the bare basics, it frustrated him. When researching any and all information might be useful, but in this case there was a lack of information and while some research require experiments to gain more information, he couldn't do any more than what he was already doing with Anim...

"Perhaps it all really is being forgotten." He whispered aloud on the final book he had picked up in this library, through all the books he's looked at in all the libraries he's visited today he had found next to nothing. He started to really get irritated, and all the while that nagging feeling that he was being watched didn't help, he would need to take his mind off this or he might find out if he really was getting watched and explode upon them...

"I wonder what she dreams of, a fantasy world that only she knows? Or the pain she has gone through?" He just remembered, he should probably pick somethings up before heading home, perhaps a little cake to celebrate her room being completed and her transition to this world finalised.... Would she eat cake?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
the owner seemed more and more agitated, their mana showed plenty of emotion.
the girl decided to confront him now. she had worked up the courage... or the curiosity.

she moved closer, overhearing something
"I wonder what she dreams of, a fantasy world that only she knows? Or the pain she has gone through?"

someone is in pain? is it related to the green mana?... more questions
the blind girl came closer, and tapped the waist of the owner.
"excuse me"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike turned and looked at the person who tapped him to get his attention, he was surprised to see a little girl, and by the looks of it she was blind. What did she want with him? She couldn't have been a beggar they don't enter establishments to beg, could she work here and he was distracting the other costumers in his own frustration.

"May I help you miss?" He was curious but cautious, no one would willingly come up to a mage, not unless there was specific reason... Could she be thinking that he could heal her eyes? While there was magic that would help it wouldn't fix the eyes, and even if there was he didn't know of it, personally he would avoid human contact to an extent that studying anything that might need or lead to it he'd avoid too.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
she was extremely close now, the Green mana was very close, she stared at the owner's arm, the green mana was slithering around there.
"Why... do you have Green Mana?"
she asked... pointing at the owner's shoulder.

her attention also turned to the white mana.
"And white mana too... you are the owner of the amazing green mana trail outside no? why has the trail stopped? who are you?"
she looked directly at the owner's face, as if she could see normally. it was clear this little girl was smart.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr killer24 said…
Ike froze, he had heard about a girl who while blind could see mana, she scared him most now that Anim had came to this world, how could he have been so stupid as to forget or think of precautions against her. It was too late he couldn't deny his mana, she who could only see it has seen it, what were his other options? Tell her about Anim, would she believe him, well the green mana everywhere even in him would be proof. He couldn't get away from her either, not now that she had her eyes set on him....
A scary thought flashed through his mind, what if he killed her? Got rid of the body and that who suspected him, would it be that easy? No he instantly thought, while he needed to protect Anim taking this girls life isn't the answer.

He didn't reply, he couldn't what would he say, this was one situation which wouldn't be easy to deal with. Could he lie and say he had no idea about it, that he was with some other master mage would she buy that though?

"Green and White mana? What are you talking about miss, there isn't any such things mana is only blue... Don't tell me you've been talking to that crazed hermit mage Lux, I swear the old man keeps prattling on about this nonsense." He decided to pretend to know nothing about it, that he had been in contact with a crazy mage who was behind the different mana... Not technically a lie.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BanetteGhosneir said…
the girl had no response at first...

after staring at him, her hand moved, lifting the blindfold over her eyes. then she opened them.

for the first time in 3 years, she looked at the world with her own eyes open...
they had a unique colour and pattern, looking like the stars
the scarring images she remembers from long past return... but she needed the help.

the spirits once again visible to her eyes, they were also crowded around the owner, they all showed varying emotions. Panic, Anger, Joy, Interest... lust? that's a strange spirit.

with her eyes open she saw even more detail... she was the 'magic tracking dog' for a reason afterall...

what the Owner said was true, the Green mana had a different source, it did not belong to him... the white mana though, was clearly his own.

she closed her eyes again, but did not put the blindfold back on... she could still see the spirits and the parts of the world that weren't here... but she didn't need to worry right now.

"The green mana certainly isn't yours... but Lux does not hold this green mana either, it does not belong to him, he has blue mana... sir, are you aware I'm the Magic Tracker?... every mage has a unique feel to their mana, the Green feels... other-worldly, Godlike even... and the White mana in you does belong to you... but it's more... 'dense'? more pure?... the trail left by the Green Mana inside you right now is weaker than the one left from yesterday....."

even with her eyes closed, you could tell she was looking at the owner suspiciously...

"Someone you know... someone who is a foreigner from another land..."

her face looking somewhat serious... then suddenly

"is amazing!"

her face lit up with an expression of joy.

"Their mana is so dense and strong! I can literally taste it!"

LITERALLY taste it
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 the girl had no response at first... after staring at him, her hand moved, lifting the blindfold o